Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


23. I Scream

A body nudges mine, followed by a soft snore and a groan.

“Oh god Soph,” A voice mutters as a hand grips my chest possessively.

Wait, what?

Last night’s activities rush onto me like a bomb, making me sit up rapidly and push the hand off. The abrupt movement sends Harry and Louis tumbling down on the floor.

“What the heck?!” Harry grunts, rubbing his butt.

“Talk about a brutal wake up,” Louis grumbles, clutching some sheets to his naked form.

“Yeah well. Talk about a brutal night,” I can’t help snapping back, bringing the comforter around my naked body as Harry and Louis get back inside the bed.

“Oh shush. You enjoyed it. You were practically screaming moans,” Harry replies huskily while snuggling back into the sheets, imitated by Louis.

“No I wasn’t,” I mumble.

“Yes, you were,” Harry argues.

“No I―”

“Whatever,” Louis sighs sleepily, digging his face into a pillow.

“Where are Liam and Zayn?” I ask after a couple seconds.

“I think they’re sleeping in your pod,” Harry yawns.

“I hope that there wasn’t any Ziam sex that went on in there last night.... That sleeping area is supposed to be my sex-free space,” I say a-matter-of-factly.

Louis and Harry burst out laughing, waking Liam and Zayn. These last two groan loudly in exhaustion, making Harry and Louis laugh even louder.

Zayn and Liam’s tired heads peek out of my sleeping pod.

“What the hell man?” Zayn complains, getting up groggily. “Some people wanna sleep!” he bleats, shooting Harry and Louis dark looks before heading to his room.

“Yeah. Well. Umm. Since I’m up, I’ll go make breakfast,” Liam says sleepily. Not completely awake, Liam stands up and walks straight into the doorframe.

“Ouch. I’m so sorry,” he says to the frame, rubbing his head where it collided with the wood.

This time, I join Harry and Louis in their fits of laughter, highly amused by Liam’s clumsiness.

The brown-eyed boy gives us a friendly middle finger, and sighs, also chuckling at his gaucheness. I notice his eyes dart to my alarm clock.

“I think I’ll be making lunch instead. It’s almost noon already,” he remarks before leaving the room.

I fully process what he just said, slowing my giggling. Shit! I’m gonna be late for my get-together with Alana! I realize.

I curse and scramble off the bed, before being caught by Harry by the waist. He brings me closer to him, nuzzling into my neck.

“What’s the hurry sweet cheeks?” he mumbles. My breathing gets caught in my throat as Harry's and Louis's hands graze my thighs under the sheets.

“I have my date with Alana today remember? I have to be there in an hour!” I explain hurriedly, trying to get back off the bed. This time, Louis grabs me and brings me back down on the bed.

“You sure you don’t wanna have Larry sex before going?” he asks, eyebrows wriggling suggestively.

I make a gagging sound, annoying the both of them.

“Does that mean yes?” Harry asks, His fingers going higher up my thighs.

“No! I have to wash, dry and dress myself, as well as eat a bite or two, in a maximum of 45 minutes! And I wouldn’t have sex willingly with you two even if I would have the time!” I explode, struggling out of Louis’s grasp. I manage myself off the bed, leaving with the comforter to cover my body.

“We all know that’s not true!” Harry sing-songs cockily. I roll my eyes and grab clothes from my drawers.

“You two can have gay sex if you want though while I shower! I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t done before!” I smirk. Both of them throw me a pillow which I easily duck, before skipping to the bathroom with the bed sheet tightly clutched around my waist.

I lock myself in the bathroom and quickly wash my hair and any trace of yesterday’s activities.

In a record time, I manage to finish showering, braid my hair, dress myself and even add a little make-up to hide the dark purple hickeys the boys did last night.

Smiling a bit, I get out of the bathroom and back into my room, half-expecting to see Harry and Louis in a full make-out session. But my room is empty, my bed done.

“Wow boys, I’m impressed,” I chuckle softly. My eyes lay on my TV, thoughts drifting to my lost dad. One thought leading to another, I think of Ashley. Has she replied??? Can I make it out?

I get excited and make sure my door is locked, before pulling the laptop out of under my mattress and logging onto Facebook.

2 New Messages.

2? Interrogations fly through my mind as I click on the button. The first one is from Ash:


Hey little cousin! Of course you can come over! It’d be my pleasure to spend the rest of summer with you, but You’ll have some explaining to do on why you’re in London alone! I have to warn you also: My family is gonna be spending sometime at my house two for a couple of days so don’t be surprised!

I’m always at home by four o’clock and I’ve already prepared the guest room for you!

I don’t have a car, but I’m pretty sure you can take the bus to my address: 1345 Horan Street.

Hope to see you really soon!

Ash –xoxoxo-


Horan Street? How ironic, I think, but rapidly push Niall out of my head and start making a plan for evasion. So now that Ashley’s expecting me, maybe I can figure something out with Alana, I conclude mentally. I move on to the second message. It’s from Emily, one of my childhood friends that used to live next door before she moved to Mullingar. References to Niall seem to be popping out everywhere, but I start reading anyways.


Hey Soph! It’s Em! I know it’s been awhile, but I’ve wanted to talk to you! I’ve had this crazy dream where you were gonna go to school in Mullingar Anyways I know that’s unlikely but I wanted to talk to you anyways J It’s been a while huh? How’s life?

Love ya and tell me some news,



I’m left astounded, but I reply anyways:


Wow. Emily, you totally caught me off guard. Weirdly, you are right; I might be going to school in Mullingar... Just maybe. I’m in London right now. But I’ll let you know when it’s confirmed though okay? Its nice talking to you again Em... I really missed you.



I click send and sigh, putting the laptop away. I glance at my alarm clock and curse. I only have five minutes to grab a bite! I speed down the stairs, leaving all the boys gaping.

“What got your knickers in a twist, sugar plum?” Louis asks calmly, munching on a sandwich.

“Hurry your asses you lazy boys! I’m gonna be late!” I say, stuffing food into my mouth.

“You’re the one that took an eternity in your room,” Zayn points out, taking a sip of milk.

“Because I was―” I stop myself from telling them what I was really doing.

“You were what?” Harry asks, curious.

“Never mind,” I grumble, filling my mouth with more food.

“I know what you were doing!” Curly exclaims, anger flashing into his green orbs.

“Wh-wh-what?” I babble stopping in my feeding frenzy, a terrorized expression on my face.

“You were touching yourself! With none of us to watch you!” he scolds.

I exhale in relief.

“Right,” I say starkly, rolling my eyes. “So today’s pleasuring session is done with.”

“No, no, no. You’ll have to do it again sometime later,” Niall protests. “And I’ll be the one watching.”

“Fine,” I shrug, not in the mood for debating. “Now hurry! Or I’m gonna be late!” I say running to the entrance after grabbing a muffin.

“God women!” Zayn whines. The boys grunt in acknowledgement.

“Hey! I heard that!” I object, tapping my foot.

“Whatever. Get in the car,” Harry groans, not wanting more complaining.

“Which one? You guys have five!”

“Get in mine,” Louis proposes, grabbing my arm and pushing me to the passenger seat. The four other boys get inside Liam’s car as I buckle my seat belt.

“Will I get a blowjob?” Louis pleads, starting the engine.

“No way José,” I protest, rolling my eyes.


“My mother taught me not to put small things into my mouth,” I retort cheekily.

“Yeah right, the mother that sold you,” Louis replies dryly. That hits home. I rub my arms, uneasy. “I’m sorry. That was uncalled for,” he says after a couple minutes of driving. “I’m just really crabby right now. Got this weird gut feeling in the pit of my stomach and it’s unnerving.”

“Nah it’s alright...” I reply softly. “I deserved your retort. I know for a fact what I said about your... ummm...size, isn’t exactly true.” I continue carefully, red flaming my cheeks in embarrassment.

His face lightens up at my ‘compliment’.

“You think so? Am I like really big for you or―”

“Now don’t get cocky Tomlinson,” I scold, cheeks flushing redder. “It’s not like I have an experience in dick sizes. You guys took my virginity remember,” I respond with as much indifference as I can muster.

He chuckles and sighs, shaking his head.

“Can you stop with the ‘I don’t care’ act? We all know we marked you psychologically when we took that sweet thing of yours,” Louis says, parking his car next to the ice cream shop that was decided as a meeting place by Alana and I.

The other car parks beside us, and all heads turn to look at me expectantly when the engines shut off.

“Look I don’t know how you’re planning to do this exactly, but I wanna be alone with Alana,” I say, emphasizing on the word ‘alone’.

“Don’t worry sweet cheeks. Go in first, we’ll follow after,”  Harry says smugly.

“Awww come on! Alone!” I press, pouting my lip.

They’re about to give in but Liam brings them back to order.

“Stop whining and do as we say!” He snaps suddenly. “I swear you’re the luckiest ‘kidnapped’ person alive! I can’t even believe were doing this for you! After all your clumsiness with information at yesterday’s supper.”

“Alright alright! No need to get tetchy,” I say, backing up a little. “But no I’m not the luckiest person kidnapped because I’m stuck with you assholes...” I mumble the last word, heading for the door.

“What was that?” Harry questions with a harsh tone.

“Thank you so much guys for letting me do this! I love you sooo much!” I reply sarcastically in a sickly-sweet voice.

“Enough! Get your perky ass in that shop now, or you’re not going at all,” Zayn silences.

“Or else what?” I challenge, ignoring his last statement.

“Soph,” Niall’s sexy Irish voice starts. Wait sexy? He punished you yesterday! But he was sweet and loving and it felt sooo... Ok. Shut the fuck up brain.

“Or else it won’t be your ass that’s gonna be going somewhere, it’s something that’s going to go in it,” Zayn finishes, his voice taking a dangerous edge, his amber eyes glinting with untamed lust.

I’m about to retort something cheeky, but Louis interrupts me.

“Guys we shouldn’t even let her do this, there’s something about her today that doesn’t feel right,” he starts.

“I’m as innocent as a lamb, and I’m going in right now. Are you happy now?” I say, turning to the entrance of the building.

“Oh babe you’re far from innocent...” Harry chuckles behind me. I spin around furiously.

“Go fu―”

“Choose your next words carefully,” the curly-headed boy suggests with a lopsided grin. Fuck you Styles.

I want to smack his dimpled-grin off, but after wisely deciding that I’ve pushed my limits far enough, I enter the ice cream shop, a bell announcing my entry. I immediately spot Alana in a booth against the window, near the door. She has two ice creams bowls, coated with chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry.

 I rapidly head over to her. “Hey!” I sigh, sitting down in front of her.

“Hi! I ordered already, hope you don’t mind. How’s it―”

“Look! We don’t have time for unnecessary talking. I don’t have much time to explain, but One Direction are gonna come here in less than a minute, and I don’t want them to hear what I’m about to say to you, or they’ll punish me whatsoever. So we’ll have to have a normal girl-to-girl conversation, but we’ll talk about real things through pen and paper. We’ll pass notes under the table to avoid attention. Do you have two pens and a piece of paper?” I practically word vomit on the poor girl.

I’m nervous and fidgety as she fumbles in her purse for what I had demanded.

“Ummm... Ye-yeah. Wait a sec, here ya go,” she blunders, handing me the objects.

“Thanks,” I say picking them up. “You don’t like One Direction do you?” I ask her, making sure that there wouldn’t be any superfluous fan girling.

“Should I? I mean, you make them sound like they’re bad,” she says carefully, biting her lip.

“They are. I swear. They are just a bunch of horny, perverted boys.”

“Why would you say that?” She asks, digging her spoon into the ice cream.

“Because they are practically―”A bell tinkles and the familiar cologne of the boys fill my nostrils.

Harry grazes my arm whilst he passes near us, his closeness making me jump. My eyes lock on their backs as they sit in the booth right next to ours, into direct hearing range.

“So what are you gonna do this week-end?” I ask, starting a conversation while I write on the paper:

They bought me. They’re using me for their own entertainment.

I pass her the note, keeping an eye on the boys’ heads in front of me. I watch with a small pang of jealousy, an overly exposed waitress taking the boys orders. Their wandering eyes kept silhouetting the outside of her body and her cleavage with appreciation. They’re deliberately flirting. And for an unknown reason; it irritates me that she gets some kind of attention from my boys. Wait what? My boys? Soph, you just went nuts.

Alana’s eyes widen as she reads, before she starts scribbling while answering my question.

“Nothing much. Just working I guess. And you?” she answers, passing me the note as I take a nip out of the ice cream, keeping an eye on the boys as they get their own orders.

I look down on the paper.

Oh my God! Is it weird that I believe you? You should call the cops like, now!!!!

“Nothing much also...but the boys are organizing a party in two weeks, would you like to come?” I improvise. From the corner of my eye, I see them stiffen, stealing quick glances at me. I snigger at their looks, and write something on the sheet.

No! No cops because if ever they find out, I’d be men meat, literally. No, I have a plan to escape, and I’m putting it in action in two weeks (Party). Are you willing to help me?

“I’d be glad to come!” she exclaims as I pass her the piece of paper. “What time shall I arrive? And what’s the address?” she demands, lowering her head to read the note. She nods her head furiously before jotting a few words.

Yes. I’m gonna help you.

I sigh in contentment. “2913 Belvedere Road,” I say, recalling the address. “Be there at eight,” I smile at her appreciatively, and finish eating my ice cream, ignoring the boy’s faces.

After a few minutes of innocent chitchatting about clothes and stuff, the boys take me away from Alana, the latter giving me a sympathetic smile before I’m forced to leave. 

“Now, what’s about that party you organized?” Louis asks once we’re back in his car and driving.

“I just thought it’d be nice to have company. You guys could invite friends also. It could be fun,” I reply as innocently as possible.

“I think we shouldn’t allow you to attend such a thing,” he says.

“Pretty please?” I beg, pouting my lower lip.

He hums and his fingers strum on the steering wheel rhythmically to the music as he tries figuring my intentions out.

“Ok fine. It’ll take place, only if you’re a good girl and have no escape or suicide attempts ‘till then. Understood?”

“Yay!” I exclaim.

“Now can I get a blowjob?” he pipes up.

“Ugh no,” I retort, already feeling demoralised by their perverted side.

“Why not? I’ve given you something you want, you should be grateful and return the favour. That’s how one and one go.”

“You’re unbelievable, smartass.”

“But you love that ass right?” he replies cockily, wriggling his eyebrows seductively. “Of course you do,” he chuckles lightly, seeing my face flushing pink.

“So are you gonna explain our agreement to the boys?” I ask timidly.

“Of course. It’s all gonna be taken care of,” he reassures, driving the curve to the driveway.

Soon enough, we all pile inside the boys’ home, everyone except Louis arguing against the party I had just initiated. Louis calmly explains them the deal and all, and finally manages to get a grunt of agreement from the lads.

The rest of the day ends up to be pretty lifeless; the boys not letting me set foot outside under any circumstance and  one of them always having their eye on me.

I’m glad when I’m finally sent to sleep, nobody realising that I hadn’t had my daily dose of self-pleasuring.

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