Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


6. Games

 “Where the heck were you?!?” Harry’s grip on my arm is so hard I know for sure it will leave bruises. He shakes me a little. “You aren’t allowed out of our sight under any, and I repeat, any circumstances!”

Niall had dragged me back to Harry’s backstage room barely a minute ago, only to find Louis’ worried face, Liam’s and Zayn’s careless ones and Harry’s angry one. He had grabbed me and slammed me into the wall as soon as we had entered.

 “You didn’t answer my question Sophie: where the fuck were you?!?” Harry fumes. His grip gets tighter, almost cutting the blood circulation of my poor arm.

 “Ouch Harry! You’re hurting me! Let go of me!” I reply, trying to struggle out of his grip. I turn to Niall who’s standing not far away from me, giving him a pleading look that clearly begged for some help. He could at least give me that after backstabbing me.

“Harry, it’s my fault. I had asked her to come to my room after the concert. She only did what I had asked her to do...” Niall explains finally, trying to loosen up Harry's mood. Thank you God,

Apparently, Harry had wanted a good fuck after the concert and since I wasn’t there to satisfy his urges, he had become very pissed. He also thought I had escaped, which I would’ve successfully done if it wasn’t for bumping into Niall.

Harry shoots me an inquisitive look that clearly asks if what Niall is saying was true. I nod my head in approval.

 Harry brings his body closer to mine and makes a disgusted sound.

“What?!?” I snap, pushing him away again.

“You smell like sex.”

“I wonder why.” I huff sarcastically, crossing my arms over my chest. “It’s not like I’ve been used like a sex toy for the last two days, but that’s about it.”

“You need to wash,” He says, ignoring my previous comment. “We’re going to a bar afterwards and there’s no way you’re going smelling and looking like a whore.” He continued, pulling the zipper of my hoodie a little higher. “Come on, we’ll go shower.” Harry fusses, pulling me with him.

Suddenly, the door opens and we all freeze. A head appears in the doorway.

“Harry, you’re wanted outside. The fans are hollering your name and are menacing to put fire to the building if they can’t have the chance to see you once more,” a lady states, eyeing the green-eyed boy strictly. Harry sighs, annoyed.

“Can’t you just tell them I’m busy?” he responds, giving me a sideways glance.

“Tried already. They don’t care.”

“I’ll go shower with her,” Niall proposed, inching towards me. I shoot him a dirty look and inch closer to Harry.

“No.” Harry responds a little too roughly, hugging me to himself. I look at his features, jealousy written all over his face. I’m gloating inside. Jealous Harry? Really?

“I’ll do it mate,” Louis bumps in. Harry hesitates lightly, before handing me over to Louis. The blue-eyed boy grabs my hips softly, hugging my body to his, like Harry had previously done.

I see Harry give Niall and Louis a stern look, before heading out with the lady. Louis picks me up bridal-style and leads us to a small bathroom.

As I timidly look around, Louis deposits me on the countertop, placing himself in-between my thighs. He looks at me straight in the eyes, concerned.

“Are you all right sweet cheeks? You seem, deranged, by something.” He says, cutting out his words carefully.

 Damn these boys can interpret my thoughts quickly. Goosebumps appear on my skin as his thumb pads run up and down my thighs, going higher each time.

“I’m frustrated,” I let out.

“What kind of frustration? Is it sexual frustration? Because if it is, I’ll gladly help you with that,” he purrs.

“No! It’s not that!” I snap back a little harshly. “Sex is definitely not going to brighten my mood right now.”  I breathe out, sighing exasperatingly.

“Then do explain the source of your frustration love,” he cocks his eyebrow up, curious.

“I let Niall do... umm. Some things... to me. Earlier. But then, he double-crossed me.” I carry on angrily, choosing my words with care.

“Hmm.” Louis looks totally uninterested about what I just said, fully concentrated on my lower body.

“Can I have some time alone? Please? I’d like to shower in peace.” I say, suddenly aware of his naughty intentions judging by how restrained he appears in the confines of his chinos.

“Ugh. No. Not gonna happen,” he groans, closing his eyes slightly when my knee accidently rubs his bulge.  “Harry doesn’t want you out of our sight remember. Even if it’s for a shower.”

 I huff, infuriated.

“Can I at least wash by myself?” I beg.

“As long as I stay in this room, fine by me.” He agrees. Louis stares at me intently, waiting for me to undress.

“Could you, at any rate, turn around,” I puff, motioning for him to look away.

“Why? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before. I was inside you, remember?” He responds cockily, his face inching dangerously close to mine.

My body clenches in arousal due to his dirty words and my lack of underwear doesn’t help me hide it at all, much to Louis visual pleasure.

I gulp when I notice his raging hard-on.

 His hand trails up and down my thighs again, but this time, they go inside my shorts, brushing slightly against my clit. 

“You know, when I was filling you up just like that.” Louis continues, before thrusting one finger inside me. “Deep and passionate,” he whispers lustfully, making me moan.

 He shifts to remove his fingers and thrust another one in, but I spring off the counter and back away from him. My fingers lightly touch the curtains of the shower.

“I want you to turn around,” I say, voice shaking slightly. “Please.” He obeys me with a sigh, and I hurry to undress and get into the shower behind me. “Okay. You can look now.” I say, turning the shower faucet to hot. As soon as the water hits my skin, I breathe out a sigh, and undo my ponytail, wanting to wash my hair thoroughly.

“Oh come on Soph! You can let me in,” Louis whines behind the curtains. I ignore him, and untangle my hair in the soothing hot water. I hear him shuffle a little and mutter incomprehensible things on the other side, and I decide to tease him to keep his erection hard while he’s still dressed.

“Oh God!” I moan out as lustfully as I can.

It doesn’t take him long to react. He jumps inside the shower, somehow already undressed.

“Do that again,” he hisses, pressing our naked bodies together. “But moan my name instead.”

“No!” I try pushing him away, with no success. “You weren’t supposed to come inside!” I say, frustrated. “You were supposed to be fully clothed, not ready to fuck me!” I utter without thinking.

“You naughty little minx! You wanted to tease me? I’m the only one allowed to do the teasing darling. But you’ll learn that soon enough,” the blue-eyed boy says heatedly, pushing me against the shower wall with a lustful kiss. The steamy water cascades on our forms, making the scene ten times more erotic. I somewhat answer to the kiss, knitting my fingers into his drenched hair. His hand lightly brushes my clit, making me moan and recoil from his touch.

“I’m supposed to wash away the sex, not accentuate it!” I struggle to say while Louis nips at a particular spot on my neck.

“Who said anything about sex?” He whispers in my neck, stopping his mouthy assaults. His hands ghosts painfully slowly down my thighs, igniting a trail of fire on my sensitive skin. “This is all about very, very, hot teasing,” he groans, rubbing our wet bodies together. “I say, the first one to cum loses?”

“And what’s the prize?” I find myself responding with a scowl on my face.

“If you win, you get a little gift...” Louis starts, but the look I give him makes him add “And I personally won’t touch you provocatively for the rest of the evening.” He kisses me softly, and pushes away wet strands of hair from my face. “But if I win, I get to sex you up right now, with none of your whiny protests,” Louis sing-songs, voice dripping with so much desire I almost climax there.

“Ok. Fine,” I answer bluntly, before grabbing his erection, taking him by surprise. He lets out a low animalistic growl, his head lolling backwards in ecstasy. He groans loudly as my hands travel up and down his shaft. The water drips down his chiseled chest, making him look like an Adonis. Louis bites his lower lip, trying not to cum. I’m about to touch him more roughly in order to bring him to the edge but he slaps my hand away.

“My turn,” he grunts, pushing me once again on the shower wall. His soft lips automatically latch onto my neck, suckling on my sweet spot. I closed my eyes and whimper as his hands trail up and down my body, giving my breasts an occasional squeeze. I can already feeling my orgasm building.

I try to slide my hand down back to his erection, but he catches it easily and holds it against the wall. His other hand though, starts playing furiously with my clit, rubbing and flicking it with his skillful fingers.

My knees weaken slightly as a result of his actions, but Louis’s strong grip holds me flushed against him. I’m panting madly, my climax nearing faster than ever. It takes me all I have to clutch his cock with my free hand, and finish my hand job.

“Louis!” I moan out very loudly, his hands suddenly being too much to handle. He nuzzles in my neck, a cums all over my hand with a groan. I orgasm right after, the release so pleasurable it takes me to heaven and back. I can’t help grinning stupidly once I’ve stopped shaking. I won his challenge.

The dripping of water and our very heavy panting are all that can be heard for a couple minutes, before Louis steadies himself, grabs the soap and begins washing my body. His movements are slow, but he makes no move to arouse me once more. Sated and satisfied of my small victory, I wash my hair, and then soaped his body.

“That hand job you did,” he starts as we finish up. “It makes me doubt the fact that you we’re a virgin last night,” he laughs.

“Yeah well I was,” I respond quietly, suddenly disgusted of my actions.

After washing ourselves thoroughly, Louis steps out of the shower, and hands me a towel. I grasp it, and roll it around myself like a dress. Louis ties another one around his waist and shakes his head like a dog trying to rid himself of water. I eye him and take my earlier clothes from the floor.

“You aren’t going to get back into these clothes, right?” Louis asks abruptly.

“Why not?”

“We’re going to a club Soph. You need a dress. A nice dress,” he explains, clearly judging the towel. He grabs my right arm and pulls me out of the bathroom. He opens the door slowly and I almost smirk at the view I see outside the bathroom. The couch was directly in front of the door and there sat Niall, with Zayn and Liam. Their pants all open, their erections sticking out. All of them rubbing themselves off with their eyes closed.

Louis chuckles in amusement and their eyes all snap open to look at us in surprise.

“I think that they were listening to our little game,” Louis whispers in my ear. I look at a flushed, yet angry Niall. I can’t help notice that he can’t stop looking at Louis’ arms on mine.

“Why did ya stop teasing each other?!?” Zayn whines. “It was such a turn on,” he continues, rubbing himself harder.

“Because she needs to get ready.” Louis cuts before I can answer.

“Can I get her ready?” Liam asks, looking predatorily at my almost naked form.

“No. Harry gave her to me; let me enjoy her while I can.” Louis protests, pulling me closer to him.

“Yeah. Just to remind you that “she” is right here.” I say.  “And ‘she’ is not an object.”

“Come on, let’s get you ready,” Louis persists, bringing me to the room in front of the bathroom. He opens it and I gasp, looking inside the huge walkthrough closet.

He pushes me inside, places me in front of a huge mirror and goes to the back of the room.

I look at all the clothes, some weirder than others. There even was a special area for accessories, and another for makeup. “Where does all of this come from?”

“We ask our managers to provide our backstage rooms with big closets, in order to store in all of the bands clothing and accessories in a single room,” his British accent reverberates faintly, muffled by clothing. “We get bored of wearing the same stuff over and over again.

“Who knew you were all such girls?” I giggle. His chuckle echoes from the back, but then he comes back dressed with chinos and a jean jacket.  He hands me a black polka-dotted dress with a red ribbon at the waist.

“Here. Put this on.” He gives me the dress, and heads into the accessories section.

“How come are there girls’ clothes though?” I ask, curious.

“That’s very recent. Harry ordered some clothing for you while you were sleeping in the van. He asked it to be brought here as soon as possible. Never been used.” He says from somewhere in the room.

I eye the black dress in my hands appreciatively, but notice something’s missing. Again.

“Umm, Louis? Can I have some underwear?” I ask, unzipping the dress.

“Nope. We don’t want you to wear any. We didn’t buy some,” his voice chuckles from between racks. I huff an annoyed sigh, let the towel fall down on the floor and get in the dress. I look at myself in the mirror, and turn around to inspect the dress’s details.

“Breathtaking, as always,” Louis breaks me out of my reverie, before handing me a pair of black flats, a red scarf, a heart-shaped necklace, earrings and a bracelet on which was written TAKEN. I roll my eyes.

“I already know I’m yours.”

“But others don’t, and we don’t want anybody to touch our Sophie,” Louis elaborates, helping me put on the necklace.

“How ironic. It’s the name of one of your songs.”  I remark, looking at the piece of jewelry. He winks, and then takes a couple steps away from me. His stare is calculative.

“You know what? I had my doubts about that dress but it isn’t so bad after all,” Louis concludes. “I like it.” He claps happily. I play with a wet strand of hair, trying to make him notice that I didn’t do my hair. “Your hair will be left untied, and it’ll dry eventually,” he adds with a playful smile.

“Don’t I get to wear make-up?” I ask, not very content of his decisions.

“You don’t need make-up to cover up.” He sings, and I roll my eyes again.

“I get it.” I huff.

“Good.” Louis leads me back into the main room where Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam are waiting.

“Hey beautiful. You look perfect.” Harry said, opening his arms. I look at Louis and he presses me into Harry’s arms. Harry kisses me, and then hooks our arms together.

“On we go.” He says. We walk out, closely followed by the other four boys.

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