Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


17. Friendship level?

I blink once, then twice, before taking soft breaths, fully waking up.

I look around my surroundings carefully; my arms are numb from their painful position and the rest of my body is sore from last night. I manage to twist myself around to look left, expecting Harry’s body but finding nobody. I swivel to the other side, and see Niall playing with his phone, sitting on the edge of the sleeping pod.

“Ni... all. Niall,” I whine inelegantly.

His head snaps in my direction and he throws his phone behind him, before coming to cradle me lovingly.  He sits on the side of the bed, placing me almost fully on him. I wince as his hands brush some bruises and a single sob escapes my lips.

“Harry—he was too harsh—and it hurts— ”

“Shhh. I know and I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” he mumbles in my hair. “I got so worried last night after Harry shut me out.”

“I don’t know... I feel numb all over,” I reply, voice slightly hoarse.

“It’s because of that weird position you slept in.” He kisses the top of my head, rubbing my shoulders sympathetically. His hands retire from me and he pats around in his pockets. They come back out with a key, and Niall reaches to un-handcuff me.

My arms feel weighty as soon as they’re free, falling heavily on my pillows. I have difficulty moving my numb and rope-burned arms as I bring them to hug myself, cuddling up to Niall at the same time. He brings the sheets up to cover my naked body.

My lower lip’s quivering and I feel that I’m on the verge of tears, though I refuse to let it out, wanting to feel strong about all that happened yesterday.

Niall’s hand combs through my hair affectionately, but notices I’m holding back tears.

“Let it all out Soph.... You can cry...” he speaks soothingly in my ear.

I shake my head no, but give in anyways and start sobbing, clutching his shirt like a life jacket while he plants sweet kisses on the top of my head.

“You’ll be alright love... It’s over...” he keeps saying softly, his chin resting on the top of my head.

“No its not...” I sob. “Harry’ll keep doing this to me.” I continue, my flow of tears slowing a little to look into his blue orbs. “I hate this. I hate how he makes me feel. I hate feeling like a vulgar object he can use! Where did he even disappear to this morning?” I ask.

“You woke up not long after he left. He went downstairs in the living room where we all sat and he said he couldn’t bare facing your tears this morning, so he sent me up instead.”

“Coward,” I mumble under my breath.

I dry up my tears, and realise something’s wrong. I squirm a little and feel the object Harry had put in me yesterday rub my inner walls. Then I feel it move again as I try huddling closer to Niall.

“Niall?” I ask, cheeks flushing burgundy. I exhale loudly, not believing I’m actually gonna ask this to him.

“Hmm?” He hums in response, playing with strands of my hair.

“Yesterday night, Harry put uhh... An object in me. I would take it out myself, but I don’t feel my arms.” I look down as I finish my sentence.

“Right. He told me about that. How do... uhh.... How do you umm...want me to do this?” He replies nervously, cheeks flaming red. I can tell he’s as embarrassed as me about the situation.

“Any way you want, as long as it’s out,” I mumble, digging my face into his chest.

His free hand hugs me closer to him while his other snakes under the duvet covers, his fingers searching their way to the desired destination.

I nuzzle deeper in his chest when I hear him gulp, his digits silhouetting my clit. He inhales loudly, before his fingers enter me to retrieve the object.

I gasp as I feel him probing around, and shut my eyes tightly when he finally gets the object and pulls it out painfully slowly.

My panting is heavy and uncontrolled when it finally gets out. Niall pulls it from under the covers, and puts it on the shelf behind him, his eyes widening slightly at the view of the object. His hand rubs his temples, as if he didn’t actually believe what Harry had put in me.

“What was it?” I can’t help demanding. He hesitates, looking at me straight in the eyes, silently asking if I really wanted to know. I edge him on.

“Look. He put a giant dildo inside you,” he gives up, looking away. Dildo? What the fuck is dildo? My eyes must’ve betrayed my questionings because Niall continues.

“I forgot you were that innocent. TO put it simply, a dildo is a play dick,” he responds, looking everywhere but at me. I shudder at the thought.


We resume our cuddling position, saying nothing and enjoying each other’s presence. I slowly feel the numbness of my arms leaving just as my stomach growls. I sigh.

“I think I’m hungry.”

“I think so too. Come on, let’s dress you up and go get you some breakfast,” he chirps, getting off the bed.  I try doing the same, but I end up falling on the floor in a heap of sheets instead. He laughs lightly, but a look of worry crosses his cerulean eyes as I try standing up, but fail miserably. A very strong ache fills my thigh, making the movement intolerable.

“Niall.... I-I-I can’t!” I start to panic, but Niall shushes me, a soft finger on my lips.

“Look. Why don’t you spend the day in bed today.... I think that’s what you need. A day of rest,” he says, gazing into my eyes again. I nod vigorously, tears on the verge of escaping.

“It’ll be fine okay love? I’ll keep you company for an hour or two, then I’ll rotate with the other boys,” he soothes, picking me up with the bed sheets and depositing me back on the bed. “I’ll get you some clothes, then I’ll get the others to bring you breakfast.”

“Not Harry. Please. I don’t wanna see him,” I beg, clutching the duvet tightly between my fingers.

“Harry especially. He’ll wanna apologize...” Niall tries to resonate, but I look away, shaking my head no. He sighs, mumbling something sounding like stubborn girl, before leaving the room.

He comes back a few seconds later, helping me getting inside some clothes, which turn out to be comfy pyjamas. He even gives me the carrot slippers Louis bought me at the airport.

Once he finishes, he walks back out my room.

“I’m getting breakfast” he yells, before closing the door.

I have the strong will to get up and lock the door, but my body rigorously protests, leaving me stuck on my bed. I snuggle inside the sheets, arranging the pillow behind my back to make myself comfortable. I hear my clock ticking as I look dreamily out the window, imagining what could’ve happened if I would’ve managed to escape.

After a couple minutes of twiddling thumbs, there are three soft knocks at my door.

“Come in,” I say without much enthusiasm.

Louis smiling face peeks in the doorway.

“Good morning sunshine!” He suddenly bursts in the door with a tray of food, closely followed by Niall, Liam, Zayn and last but not least Harry. I don’t even look at him.

The boys circle my bed and Louis places the tray with the steaming breakfast on my lap. I look at it doubtfully, keeping one eye on Harry’s slouched form.

“Now Sophie, the least you can do, is eat,” Niall tries, sitting beside me. I cuddle up to him and see Harry’s features hardening from the corner of my eye.

“Sophie,” The green-eyed boy starts.

“I don’t wanna talk to you Harry.” I retort.

“Look. What happened yesterday was your fault!” He fumes. My mouth falls agape, and I feel Niall stiffening by my side.

“My fault? How could’ve it been my fault?” I respond angrily. “Right, I’m glued to a bed because I’m the one who bruised up my thighs huh?! Harry, you were too harsh last night!” I yell back, on the brink of tears.

“We warned you about trying to escape. You deserved what you got…”

Louis scoots closer to me, hugging me as an attempt to console me. Even Zayn and Liam shoot Harry looks.

Harry sighs exasperatedly, shuffling his hand into his hair as I shakily grab the fork on the tray, and poke through the food.

They stop talking as I carefully jab a piece of pancake, and put it in my mouth. The boys all look at me expectantly as I munch on it, letting the taste linger in my mouth for a few seconds, before swallowing.

“So?” Liam questions.

“It’s good,” I shrug, taking another bite.

The boys keep looking at me as I finish the tray, making small talk here and there.

I finish eating the contents of the tray soon after, licking my lips in appreciation.

“Sophie, can I talk to you alone?” Harry enquires. “In my room?” he adds.

“I’m not leaving this bed today Harry. I can’t walk remember, dumbass?” I mumble the last word, but Niall and Louis hear it, coughing back a snigger.

“Fine. Lads, get out,” Harry abandons.

Niall hugs me to him. “I’ll be by the door if anything happens, you yell my name okay?” he whispers in my ear, before kissing the top of my head and leaving me alone with the curly-haired devil.

The door closes and Harry sighs, turning his watchful gaze on me.

 I find myself falling deep into his lush green eyes for a second, before shaking myself out of the trance.

“Now, what do you want?” I snap angrily, crossing my arms over my chest.

“I want to apologize for being so callous yesterday,” he says balancing his words, advancing slowly towards me till his hands are on each side of my legs, his face inches from mine. My breathing is ragged and uncontrolled as he continues, his closeness bothering me.

“You did deserve some kind of punishment, but it shouldn’t have been as harsh. I’m sorry for losing control over my actions,” he finishes, his eyes drifting down to my lips for mere seconds.

I search his green orbs for any kind of mockery, but find none.

“Apology accepted,” I huff.

He leans in to kiss me, but I turn my head at the last moment, making him kiss my right cheek instead. He pulls back.

“Get out please,” I demand, looking everywhere but him.

“No, no,” he chastises. “I want a reconciliation kiss,” he says, leaning in again.

“You can kiss my ass,” I spew irritated, pushing him away from me.

His face shifts from playful to annoyed way to quickly for my taste.

“Niall!” I yell. My Irish saviour bounces into the room.

“Harry, I your times up.... She’s been nice enough to let you talk to her alone, so please leave,” he says, calmly, pulling Harry off me. Harry shrugs him off, and leaves the room fuming, slamming the door with a bang. Niall shakes his head in disbelief, before getting back in the sheets with me.

“Thanks Niall,” I mutter, hugging him to my chest. “I owe you.”

He kisses the top of my head. “Does that mean we’re on the friend level now?” He asks, getting hopeful.

I laugh softly and nod. “Yeah. I guess it does.”

“So, what da ya wanna do today love?”

“I dunno... Sit around, watch TV. Talk, play board games, that kind of stuff.”

“Great! I’ll go get some of those things,” he replies. “Here,” he adds, passing me the remote control for my TV. “Surf some channels while I do that. It’ll only take a minute or two,” he finishes, kissing my nose.

I keep my eyes locked on him as he saunters out of my room for the third time today, whistling a tune. I sigh before opening the TV and flipping through channels.

Nothing catches my attention so I end up putting the Aquarium Channel, which automatically makes me think about my dad. The colourful fish swimming on the screen brings me back a few years ago, when he, my mom and I would sit in the living room, looking at them with adoration. I remember my dad’s voice in my ear, promising that he and I would go swim with colourful fish like those on the screen one day. But then came a horrid day when he had to leave for Australia for some kind of reason and he never came back. No messages, no calls, no nothing. He had completely shut me out of his world, leaving me alone with my mom who apparently couldn’t love me since she sold me out to a pompous boyband...

I feel the tears stinging my eyes lightly as they begin to fall silently down my face. I grab a pillow, stuffing my face into it, trying to forget how much pain that had caused me. That’s why I had built a shell around myself; to avoid being hurt again. But Niall came along and broke it into pieces...

“Niall, why are you so sweet?” I mumble, sobbing loudly into the pillow. I sniff, and shut the television, wiping my face off with my sleeve.

Niall comes in seconds later, carrying an array of board games. He places them on the bed.

“Are you okay love?” He asks, lifting my chin up to look at him straight in the eyes.

“I don’t wanna talk about it.”

“Okay then.... So what do you wanna play?” He asks again, motioning the games.

“Hmm. What about the Game of Life?” I propose. “That way I can create a fake life for myself. One that is never bound to happen with UNI and a happy marriage and children and an actual job―”

“Soph are you sure you’re alright?” Niall persists, frowning as he pulls the game out.

“I’m fine.”

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