Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


22. For Your Entertainment

I stay motionless for two minutes until I decide to do something about what’ about to happen.

“If they wanna take me, I might as well make it hard for them,” I mutter, standing up with newfound confidence. Rummaging through multiple drawers and my closet, I pick out five sets of clothes. I take off my evening dress, shoes and necklace and wriggle the nightdress over my body. First layer done. After sliding it on, I put the striped tank top with the mini-shorts, shoving the nightdress inside the mini shorts to hide it. I feel stuffed, but I keep putting layers on, grabbing the other set which consisted of a loose t-shirt and a skirt long enough to cover my shorts. Sighing loudly, I struggle into red jeans and a checkered top, before grabbing the last piece of all my layers, a onesie to wrap it all up.

Pulling my hair into a messy ponytail, I huff, already feeling excessively warm. Unzipping the onesie a little to let some air in, I walk and check outside the window, just to make sure it still is absolutely impossible for me to escape. I gaze down at the three story building. Yep. Still impossible. I think while eyeing the distance wearily, before closing the lights getting inside my bed and into the sheets, despite the suffocating heat.

After a couple minutes, there’s a soft knock at the door, but I don’t get out of the bed to answer. If what Harry said this morning about every one of them having the key to every lock is true, then they can open it themselves. Unfortunately for me, Harry’s right and the doorknob turns after a clear click of the lock. I shudder and snuggle deeper into my covers, heart beating fast in my chest. The door creaks open to reveal a shirtless Niall. A sigh of relief escapes my lips, but I stay frozen as Niall comes into the bed with me, not long after closing the door behind him.

He hugs me closer to him, but pulls back almost immediately.

“Sophie, why in the world are you dressed like an Eskimo at such a humid temperature?” he asks dumbfounded.

It’s almost like I’m shivering as I talk and he rubs my back. “Niall... The o-other boys’ a-all s-said that they w-would c—”

I’m cut by my door opening again. The lights open. Both our heads whip towards the door, eyes blinded by the light for a few seconds.

“Sophie, would you care to explain?” Zayn asks motioning me and Niall, arms crossed on his tattooed chest. I don’t have the time to answer as the three other boys also tumble into my room half naked, in the middle of an argument.

“She said it was me tonight!” Louis argues, pointing himself.

“No! She told me!” Liam contests.             

“Wrong! I’m supposed to finish what I started this morning!” Harry protests.

“Me too!” Zayn cuts in, entering the argument.

“I never said that! You all invited yourselves here after I kissed you!” I object, but they ignore me completely.

“I didn’t even get my turn in the plane!” Louis complains.

“And I never got the chance to be inside her!” Zayn adds.

Niall gives me a reproachful look, as if he was blaming me for all this.

“Enough!” Niall cuts, getting out of the bed while I try hiding myself inside the sheets. “Sophie made a mistake that is all. She was simply doing last night’s dare and got carried away.” Come on Niall. Convince them to leave.

“I’ve been waiting all night for this. I’m not turning my back on it simply because it was a game," Zayn denies.

They argue some more, but suddenly, Louis comes up with something.

 “What if we all share her?” he proposes, making me flinch. Sooo not what I wanted to hear.

“As in group sex?” Harry asks.

“I’m in,” Zayn approves. They all acknowledge the idea, except Niall. He doesn’t say a thing. Niall, I love you.

“Niall?” Liam questions the younger boy.

“M’ not sure...”

“Come on Nialler!” Louis pressures. “You can’t say she doesn’t deserve a little punishment after what happened during dinner. She flirted with the waiter and almost spilled about us to our mothers...” Shut the fuck up Louis.

“I don’t want her get too hurt...” Niall continues. No Niall please! Don’t give in! I beg internally. But what he says next destroys me a little. “But you’re right. She does deserve some kind of punishment. For flirting with that Jeremy guy,” he concludes. I hate you Niall. You’re jealous and that’s all.

“Sophie.... Come on out now!” Harry sing songs.

“Fuck you Harry,” I mumble loud enough for him to hear. “Fuck all of you,” I mutter.

I can almost feel them circling around the bed. I’m sweating madly in fear.

“Soph. Did you know that it isn’t very lady-like to swear?” Liam reprimands as all their weight sinks into the bed’s mattress.

“Did you know that I don’t give a shit anymore?” I retort, still hiding under the bed sheets. They chuckle and I gulp, clutching the sheets in my fingers tightly to prevent them from taking them off me. Of course, it’s pointless and the boys tear it off me. I curl into a ball.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Is the first thing Louis says. I don’t reply, shutting my eyes firmly.

“Doesn’t matter,” Harry shrugs. “Let’s just take it off.” He continues, hands on me to try to un-curl me. “Guys?!” he says, needing their help.

Suddenly, multiple prying hands are on my arms and legs, each pulling until my muscles ache. I start struggling, kicking and punching anything I can but Harry, Niall, Liam and Zayn rapidly immobilize me, anger burning into their eyes. I fight against them again, newfound adrenaline giving me strength and they start struggling to control me.

“Louis!” Liam calls out. “Could you hurry and undress her please? She’s getting restless!” I wonder why!

 Immediately, Louis starts going on me but I manage to lift my knee up and out of Liam’s grasp, hitting Louis straight into the stomach. He grunts and falls backwards, clutching his stomach in pain.

“Come on Soph... Stop being... Difficult! You’ll end up liking it anyways!” Harry fumes, struggling with my left arm.

“I don’t want to like it!” I reply, thrashing some more.

“Louis, grab her right arm!” Niall says. “I’ll undress her!”

Louis does as asked; almost cutting off the blood circulation of my arm once he clutches it between his fingers.

I whimper in complaint and try to pull it away without success. Niall comes over me, straddling my hips. I ignore him, not really knowing but hoping he wouldn’t hurt me. His mouth suddenly descends on mine, kissing me. The kiss’ tenderness is so foreign in contrast to the lust around me that I moan, all resistance gone. The boys sigh and relax their grip, seeing as Niall had full control over me with a single kiss. Not normal. Soph, regain control. But I can’t, dazed by Niall’s sweet but rough kiss, his tongue already pressing on my lower lip to gain entrance. I find myself granting it, and suddenly feel Niall shaft hardening against me.

The Irish boy’s lips still latched with mine, Niall’s hands descend to the onesie’s zipper, pulling it downwards slowly. The closeness of his hands with my chest makes me moan and arch my back.

 Carefully, each boy pulls my limbs out of the onesie, and they all gasp when they realise I have more clothes on.

“Love, you are making this so hard,” Zayn remarks. This shakes me out of my trance.

“That’s the point!” I retort angrily, breaking the kiss with Niall. The blonde tries to kiss me again, but I start struggling once more, obliging the boys to tighten their hold.

“Niall, take my place!” Liam says, grasping my right leg. The two boys switch places, but this time, I don’t give in so easily to Liam. I shake my head left and right, not wanting to be kissed.

“Sophie,” Louis warns, catching my attention.

Liam takes me completely by surprise. As soon as my head is turned towards Louis, his lips attach onto the sweet spot in my collar line, causing me freeze, before moaning in delight. My thoughts are a jumbled mess as his hands trail down my body, groping my breasts ever so lightly. His naked torso pressed against my clothed one arouses me slightly, rendering me vulnerable to his touch.

 The brunette softly nips the inside of my neck, making me groan and buck my hips in appreciation. He grunts, grinding his hips into mine before unbuttoning my top and undoing my pants. The instant they’re untied, the boys pull them off excitedly, only to be met with another set of clothes. They groan and I manage push Liam off me in their moment of weakness, only for the boys to catch me again, this time Zayn on top of me.

“Shit Soph... How many layers did you put on?” Harry asks, holding me down roughly. I don’t answer, but Zayn pokes through my clothes.

“She has three more sets of clothes, including this one,” Zayn informs. They inhale in surprise.

I huff and pull against the Harry’s, Louis’s, Niall’s and Liam’s grips without great accomplishment.

“Take them off already!” Louis grunts. Zayn nods but somehow, I manage to wrench my body around, making him fall off. I’m about to crawl my way up to the head of the bed, but Niall and Louis pull me back down on my back roughly.

Zayn gets back on me, anger fresh on his features. He pinches my thighs, making me wince and jump. I whine.

“You have no idea how excited I am to be inside that gorgeous body of yours...” he grunts, rolling his hips into mine. Every single one of my muscles is aching from me straining against their grips. I’m too worn out to fight as they pull the skirt and shirt off my body. “Oh where’s you feistiness?” Zayn frowns.

I shake my head, my body quivering.

I jolt sideways once more as he attempts to latch his lips with mine.

I whimper in pain as nails dig into the scars on my wrists.

“Lads not too harsh on her wrists,” Niall stresses. They oblige as Louis replaces Zayn over me. His hands skim my shorts and I see his intentions clearly.

“St-stop,” I plead. “Just take the clothes off, don’t touch me there.”

Something flashes in his eyes.

“For now,” the blue-eyed boy agrees, sighing reluctantly, before pulling his fingers away. “But I’m still removing these.” The striped tank top and shorts are off in a matter of seconds, leaving me in the silky nightdress.

It’s now Harry’s turn to undress me after Louis gets off. Curly straddles my hips, playing with the hem of the dress. I look at him challengingly, daring him to continue.

“Gave up fighting?” Harry coos, his hand brushing some strands of hair out of my face. The boys are all alert on what I might do next, but the thing is, I do nothing. I keep glaring at Harry, not wanting to admit my defeat. I may have lost a battle, but not the war.

 His cold hands slide under the dress, running up my thighs and to my stomach, a satisfied smirk on his lips as he pulls my panties downwards and throws them God knows where. His probing hands head higher and lightly grope my chest, causing me to shiver in displeasure at the coldness on his fingertips on my nipples. His breathing gets huskier as he plays with them under the silk fabric, the nipples perking up and hardening at the treatment.

My eyes close without my permission, head lolling backwards in bliss. I find myself unable to prevent Harry from lifting my last piece of clothing off my body with his teeth, lost in the pleasure of his continuous pinching and pressing on my breasts.

Louis is the one who take the clothing completely off, while Harry licks slowly in between the valley of my breasts, making me writhe. The boys all reflexively immobilize me, but release their holds as soon as they realise I’m squirming in pleasure.

Harry’s tongue leaves a wet trail down to my navel, then back up to my neck, before Harry lifts himself up to kiss me passionately. My lips respond to the kiss, automatically letting him explore my mouth with his tongue. He groans and presses himself hard against me, wanting to leave no space between our bodies.

Harry pulls back from the kiss a few seconds, admiring my body.

Irritated, I bring my arms up to my chest, but he’s faster, and he catches both wrists easily in one hand. He holds them over my head, and his gaze never leaves mine as his mouth descends on my right nipple. I purse my lips in a hard line, holding in a moan as he sucks intensely. His eyes are laughing at mine when he sees I actually enjoy the effect his mouth has on my insatiable body.

His lust coated gaze lingers as he worked his magic on the other nipple. This time, I bite my lip hard to avoid moaning out loud.  Leaving my breasts alone, Harry leans over to my face, and kisses me hard and forceful, his tongue tracing the outside of my lower lip before French kissing the life out of me. But damn he’s a good kisser, I think reluctantly, fighting against myself to just giving in. He kisses me some more, before pulling away, his beautiful lips swollen.

“She’s ready,” Harry informs.

His breathing is irregular as he gives his place to Zayn.

I start struggling between the transitions of the two, but Zayn rapidly holds the back of my head and slams me into the bed. Keeping my eyes open, I try pushing his body away from mine, but he and his stupid strength don’t budge. 

Instead, he grabs my right leg and brings it around his hip possessively.

Refusing to give in to lust, I tear my lips away from his and try shoving him away again. His lips go down to my earlobe, butterfly kissing his way down the nape of my neck.

“Come on darling. You enjoy this don’t you…” he trails on lowly, his voice oozing sex.

I close my eyes and moan. He smirks on my sensitive skin, nipping slightly. Eyes still shut tight, I stop struggling completely as Zayn nuzzles and sucks my neckline, pressing his leant body harder against mine.

I moan again, my body betraying me.

His kisses go lower, heading towards my breasts just like Harry had previously done.

Realizing I actually let him play with me without protest; I re-open my eyes and continue struggling, angry after my aroused body. He holds me down easily, removes his pants and boxers and takes his erection in his hands, rubbing it against my swollen clit teasingly.

“You better relax now, or it may really hurt,” he advises, pressing the head in. I start thrashing in protest, but he pushes himself in fully, kissing me as he does so. Groaning, I concentrate on the kiss to forget the pain, blending in passion and rage together as one. Zayn flips us around so I’m on top, his hands digging into my waist. I’m not in pain, but I’m not exactly enjoying the whole ordeal either. Especially not the four other pairs of eyes ogling my body.

“Move,” he orders. I tentatively start rolling my hips onto him, his hands guiding my movements. He starts groaning and I know I’m doing the right thing.

“My turn,” I hear Louis say from behind me.

I moan loudly when his index finger enters me slowly, scissoring its way into my ass.

“Please, not there!” I beg, clutching Zayn’s built shoulders.

Louis smirks and presses another finger in, ignoring me completely. 

He inserts another finger, then a fourth, tapping into higher speed and force.

“Come on, love. Cum with my name on your lips...” Louis groans, his fingers bruising my insides.

“N-n-no! I-I-I don’t wa-wa-nna,” I try protesting but it’s useless as Zayn lifts himself up to suckle a nipple.

That’s all it takes. “LOUIS!!” I scream his name so hard; he has to cover my mouth with his free hand. I can’t stop panting after the overwhelming experience.

 “There’s my girl,” he says cockily, “Now, relax,” he purrs beside my ear, compelling me to slow my breathing, and brace myself for what would happen next. He enters me from behind carefully and stops, letting me adjust to his size.

I gulp nervously, while he penetrates painstakingly into my small body, pain overtaking the pleasure.

I’m gripping the sheets so solidly my knuckles turn white. But Louis starts kissing my back, from the bottom of my shoulder blades to the nape of my neck, calming me lightly.

“Move,” Zayn demands, his hands back on my waist. Obliged to do so, I start rolling my hips into Zayn’s, feeling Louis shift with extra care.

 After only a couple seconds of my slow thrusting, the boys aren’t able to hold back any longer and they roughly ram themselves in and out of me at a bruising pace. My eyes close and I moan loudly, my moaning mixing with the two boys’ grunts and groans of pleasure. I can’t even hold myself up anymore.

“Zouis,” I whimper, feeling on edge already. Their pace fastens and I lose focus, spots dancing all over my vision as I’m taken to seventh heaven and back.

“Sophie!” They both utter, shoving themselves as deep as possible before emptying inside my body.

Louis’s and Zayn’s thrusts slow to a stop, before they pull out. My eyes close in fatigue.

“Oh no. You are not going to sleep right now,” Niall objects, putting a can of something against my lips, urging me to drink. The taste of Red Bull fills my mouth I have the strong desire to spit it out.

“Oh no you don’t,” Liam says, clamping his hand over my mouth.

I refuse to swallow and start breathing out of my nose, but Harry plucks it with his thumb and forefinger, blocking all oxygen supply.

“Now swallow. We all wanna have a go since you all told us this morning that it would be okay to come tonight,” Harry says.

I hold my breath for as long as I can but give up, the energy drink going down my throat as I gasp for air.

“I’m tired!” I complain. “Just let me go to sleep and you can finish abusing me tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry; the energy drink will kick in a few seconds,” Liam shrugs.

“But I’m not even aroused anymore! It’ll hurt!” I complain.

“We’ll make sure to arouse you again beforehand,” Niall reassures, getting over me. I shut my eyes, desperately wanting to fall asleep right now. But before I know it, my heart beat quickens, the energy drink kicking in.

I get ready to push Niall off me, but once again, his kiss leaves me destabilized and powerless.

“Niall... Why. Are. You. Doing this to me?” I manage to say between feverous kisses. He groans.

“Stop talking and enjoy. I’m just taking you and making you mine,” he shushes silently before kissing me again, hands resting peacefully on my body.

“No!” I try shoving him away, but he overpowers me like he always does. “I-I-I, oh God!” I babble uncontrollably as Harry takes place in-between my legs, his rough tongue taking a rapid swipe at my clit. I make an effort to shut my thighs together, but Harry holds them firmly in place, taking another long lick. The action makes me moan on Niall’s mouth, squirming to get them both off me. Liam’s hands on my waist prevent me from doing so, his fingers lightly digging into them. Keeping his lips attached to mine, the blonde boy moves to the side, leaving some space for Liam to join the trio.

I hear a moan that comes from none of the three and I turn my head on the right, Niall’s adventurous mouth heading on my neck, to see Zayn and Louis stroking themselves back to life at the erotic show the other three boys were currently offering.

Liam’s mouth on my left nipple brings me vividly back to the three that were presently on me, the sensation eliciting a moan out of my tightly closed lips. I cry out again and feel juices run down my thigh as Harry’s skilful tongue probes all around my vaginal lips, before swiftly entering it.

I whimper as he starts eating me up, and I try pulling away from him. The curly-haired boy growls and drags me back harshly, making vibrations against my clit that sent me in a sudden moaning frenzy, boosted by having Niall making hickeys on my neck and Liam sucking and groping my chest.

“Harry.... Stop!” I plead without much conviction. “Gosh please!” I groan, Harry’s tongue taking a slow swipe.

“Please what Soph, I’m confused?” he says cheekily, flicking my nub softly. “Do you want me to continue doing this?” he starts, thrusting his tongue inside me roughly, earning an animalistic moan. He pulls out.

“Or do you want Niall to stop kissing you?” he asks licking his lips, his fingers ghosting my clit.

At the mention of his name, Niall had brought me closer to his body, kissing the inside of my neck at that particular sweet spot, groaning lowly.

“Or do you want Liam to stop playing with your gorgeous pair of breasts?” Harry continues, his digits still shadowing my lower regions teasingly.

Zayn’s and Louis pants are getting louder by the minute, the duo wanking themselves at a rapid pace.

“Or maybe you want us to stop altogether?” Harry finishes, before abruptly shoving two fingers inside me.

An inhuman moan makes way out of my lips and I cum hard on Harry’s fingers, my hands tangling into Niall’s and Liam’s hair. The boys smirk at my loud outburst.

“So your body clearly wants more, what does your mouth say?” Harry asks cockily, licking his fingertips provocatively.

“Choose wisely,” Liam adds.                 

“I fucking hate you Harry Edward Styles, for being able to make me feel so damn good all the time. And I fucking hate all of you for being so damn hot. But that doesn’t mean I’m your personal slut so go fuck yourselves instead, and leave me alone in my miserable world.” That’s exactly what I wanted to say. Like a boss. But what I really say is: “I’m not gonna let you take me without resistance. I’ll be fighting by the time you manage to put your dirty dicks inside me,” I spew heatedly, pushing every one of them as far away from my aroused body as possible. Not surprisingly, I don’t end up far, their five pair of arms all bringing me back to the bed.

“Wrong answer Sophie,” Zayn scolds while he and Louis grab an arm and splay me like an animal in front of the three other boys.

“Sophie? Why in the world can’t you behave properly? That just cost you another week to your stay with us,” Louis says as I fight against their iron grip.

“And I swear that if we don’t manage to finish this tonight, you won’t be meeting your friend tomorrow,” Harry seethes. That makes me stop struggling.

“That’s not fair!” I protest.

“Life isn’t fair. And we own you, so technically we shouldn’t even be having this discussion,” Liam points out. “But were nice enough to negotiate.”

“Wow. Massive thank you to you perverts,” I mumble, squirming in Louis’s and Zayn’s grasp.

“Look love; let’s just get this over with, and it’ll be all over,” Niall says, getting himself out of his pants. His fingers graze my entrance before he guides himself in.

I gasp in surprise as his girth fills me, but there’s no trace of pain.

He shuts his eyes in bliss, biting his lip before looking down at me.

“You okay?” he questions.

“Just….Just do something,” I get out, my eyes avoiding his.

He sighs, pulling out briefly before sliding back in. My eyes roll to the back of my head. For once. Just for once, someone is not trying to bruise my insides.

My head rolls on the pillow as he builds up a pace.

“Niall. Oh god Niall,” I whimper as my eyes close, his thrusts getting deeper. The effect this boy has on me is like a curse. I can’t bring myself to hate him even when he’s doing this without my complete consent.

Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet
'Ya thought an angel swept ya off your feet
Well I'm about to turn up the heat
I'm here for your entertainment


Using the headboard to propel himself harder into me, Niall groans and pants lowly in my ear, whispering sweet things for my ears only. You’re so pretty love. So freaking pretty. I’m sorry. I barely catch the last one as he releases inside me.

Panting, he grunts and kisses me, before pulling out and putting his trousers back on.

“Mate? Where ya going?” Louis asks.

“To my bedroom. There’s nothing left to do here, I’ve proved my point,” he explains simply, leaving my room without another glance.

The boys shrug and return their attention on me. I must admit that the fact that Niall isn’t there anymore, scares me. I bite my lip in nervousness and Harry groans.

“Don’t do that. You can’t simply sit there and bite your lip like that,” he whines, digging his hands into his hair.

“Sorry,” I mumble, looking down.

“Just let Liam finish alright? I think he has trouble with his hard-on,” Harry cuts dryly, prying my legs open.

“Just Liam?” I frown, taken aback. “Not that I’m complaining.”

“Yes just Liam. Just give me a good show,” he instructs. What? Harry Styles gives up on fucking someone? To have a show?

Liam immediately gets on the job, taking his boxers off and placing his head at my swollen entrance. He swiftly pushes in and he groans at the contact while I whimper at the sudden stretching.

I numb everything out. I forget I’m even naked in front of four boys. I forget I’ve just been used by five. I just zone out and wait for the whole thing to finish.

“Hey focus,” Liam purrs in my ear, giving my chest a squeeze.

I’m confused as Liam rapidly picks up a fast pace, planting kisses down my neckline and in the valley of my breasts. My head tosses to the side to notice Harry’s rubbing himself, his face concentrated on Liam and I.

 Harry covers his hand in cum as soon as Liam and I reach our summits, whimpers mixing with grunts and groans. Drained of all energy, I close my eyes and feel somebody tuck me into the sheets, as well as four kisses on the forehead.

No escaping when I start
Once I'm in

I own your heart
There's no way you'll ring the alarm
So hold on until it's over

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