Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


21. Footsie

I slip my sandals off subtly while conversations start here and there, and young waiter brings each of us a glass of water. My eyes are glued on him longer than necessary as he passes out menus. He has brown hair with a couple blonde highlights reminding me of Niall and his eyes are green, almost like Harry’s. His smile though is mischievous, a lot like Louis’s.

 Our eyes lock and he smiles timidly. I blush and look down.  

Niall notices and scoots closer to me protectively when the waiter leaves. I roll my eyes in disbelief and open my menu.

Out of the blue, Louis’s mum, whose name I learned was Johanna, asks me a question.

“Sophie, your accent doesn’t quite suit the British one, neither the American. Where are you from?” She asks, taking a sip of her water. The boys all stiffen at her interrogation, their eyes warning me to respond wisely.

“Oh, I’m Canadian. From Quebec City to be more precise. You should visit it sometime. Sightseeing is great! Especially in the winter with the carnival and all! I could give you a tour of Old Quebec if ever the boys let me go―”

The boy’s glares shoot knives.

“If they let you go? Harry, what does she mean by that?” Anne asks her son, worried.

“Well apparently, I’m their p―” I was about to say possession but Niall kicks me from under the table.

“Princess,” Niall laughs. “She’s our princess. We love her so much it’s quite hard to let her go anywhere,” Niall cuts me with a forced smile.

“And she’s barely seventeen: it would be ridiculous let her go alone anyways.” Harry approves, answering his mother’s question.

“You’re so thoughtful Hazza,” Anne replies, her worry gone as she hugs her son lovingly. “Always caring about the people around you.”

“So if you live in Quebec City, how can you speak English so fluently? Isn’t it the only French part in North America?” Johanna continues.

“Mom...” Louis groans, but I answer anyways.

“French is my motherly tongue. I just got the privilege to go to school in English and learn some Spanish,” I explain.

The five mothers nod and start another conversation with their sons.

Perfect time to start the game, I think before sliding my foot up Harry’s leg, to rest it against his thigh. He shifts uncomfortably and his disturbed eyes meet mine. I smile cheekily, pushing my foot against his crotch teasingly. I feel him hardening and smirk proudly, avoiding his gaze. I feel Harry’s hands on my ankle about to shove my foot away, but I only end up pushing harder on his hardening erection.

He groans, and every head whips towards him in surprise.

“Haz, are you okay?” Anne asks him.

“I’m fine,” he replies curtly. “I’m just really hungry,” he adds facing his mom, rubbing his stomach. I laugh silently, taking a sip of water. The hot waiter comes back, a writing pad and a pen in his hands.

My other foot starts in Louis direction, my toes taunting their way upwards on his thighs. He squirms on his seat, his eyes laying on me when realisation hits.

“May I take your orders?” The waiter asks. I look at his name tag: Jeremy.

He bites his bottom lip in concentration as he notes what everybody wants, starting with the mothers. I lose myself in a ridiculous daydream where I’d be free to flirt with him until Niall elbows me, pulling me out of my reverie.

“Ouch! What?” I snap. He nods to Jeremy.

“Miss, what will you take?” he asks, as if the third time he repeats the question.

“Whatever you suggest, Jeremy,” I reply smiling, an ounce of flirting in my voice. He smiles back and writes something in his notepad.

“Are you a fan of pasta?”

“Oh I love pasta,” I say, dragging out my words.

“And to drink?” He asks again.

“I’ll stick with water,” I respond.

“Great, I’ll bring you more whenever you tell me!” Jeremy strains to express himself properly. His face turns burgundy and I giggle lightly at his clumsiness. The boys all roll their eyes in disgust but I ignore them.

It’s now Harry’s turn to order. I press my foot harder on his crotch, rubbing lightly. His face is priceless as he struggles to get his order out without moaning. He keeps letting out gasps and he hardens even more when Jeremy finally turns to Niall.

Not to my surprise, my little leprechaun is the only one to order and an appetizer and a main plate. I chuckle in amusement but don’t say anything, my next victim being Louis.

“Do you want an appetizer?” The waiter asks Louis. The blue-eyed boy shakes his head no.

“I’ve already had mine,” he responds, flashing a cocky smile in my direction. Right. In the cab you horny bastard. You’ll be regretting that just now. I pull my tongue out at him and subtly push my foot in-between his legs, rubbing his semi-hard erection like I rubbed Harry a few seconds ago. His hand heads for his mouth to hide a grunt as I poke him a little harder under the table.

“Don’t mind his rude behavior,” I tell Jeremy who eyes Louis weirdly. “He acts like that all the time,” I explain, earning a pinch on the ankle from Louis and another one from Harry. I wince in shock, but I don’t falter to rub Harry and Louis harder consequently to what they just did.

“So what will your meal be?” Jeremy continues talking to Louis, oblivious to what was really happening. He crosses something out on his pad as Louis fights to restrain from moaning when I push harder.

“I-I’ll take th-the shrimp fettttttuccine in-nnn tomato sauc-ce,” he manages before grabbing my ankle roughly and pushing it away from his throbbing cock. “And I’ll have a coke,” he adds with more control. I snigger softly and Louis shoots me a terrifying glare. Niall elbows me again, shooting me a warning look. I ignore it, giving another little push on Harry’s now fully hard crotch. He shoves my foot away from in-between his legs just like Louis had previously done.

You’re gonna pay for this, Harry mouths while Jeremy continues to fill out his orders. I shrug unconcerned. I’m already in trouble. Might as well enjoy this right now.

“Your meals will arrive shortly,” Jeremy finishes before leaving us.

 I start inching my foot back on Harry, but he kicks my leg under the table.

“Ouch!” I gasp, my eyes glaring at Harry. He plays innocent and looks elsewhere.

“Honey are you okay?” Maura, asks me.

“I’m fine,” I smile. Harry’s eyes meet mine.

Bathroom. Now, he mouths. My insides twist.

“I think I’ll just take a fast trip to the bathroom though,” I say, scooting my chair backwards to leave the table. I feel their eyes burning hole in my back as I turn around.

“I don’t know what wrong with you guys today,” I hear Liam’s mom say. “Harry seems on edge and Louis, you look pained. And Niall, you elbowed the poor girl twice,” she continues. “I may be old, but I’m not blind.”

“Mom, you aren’t old...” Liam replies kindly. Some argument starts but I’m too far to understand its matter.

I walk some more and enter the most isolated girl’s bathroom I can find, make sure I’m the only one there, and erupt in a fit of giggles.

“Oh how sweet revenge feels good,” I say to my double in the mirror. I catch my breath for a few seconds to regain a serene attitude, and head to the door. To my surprise, it opens alone, and reveals an angry looking Harry.

“Fun’s over,” he says, while I back up, my back hitting the wall as he comes nearer. I almost wanna laugh at his massive hard-on, but I don’t, knowing it’d only anger him more. My insides coil, my breathing quickens.

“Look, I did all of that as a form of revenge okay? I’m done now. I’ll leave you alone,” I try, raising my hands in surrender. His body is too close to mine.

“I don’t think that you understand that you aren’t allowed to be the one doing the punishing. We are the ones who get to punish you when you do bad things, not the other way around,” the curly-haired boy seethes, pushing me flat against the wall. I gasp in shock as his hot hands trail from my exposed thighs to the hem of my dress.

“So now, I get to punish you,” he continues, his fingers tossing my panties aside. One of them enters me swiftly, making me whimper. He chuckles. “Look at that. You’re all wet and ready for me already. How convenient,” Harry coos, drawing his finger out. His mouth brusquely latches with mine in a heated kiss. “You make me so mad Soph,” he breathes out, his face inches away from mine as he urges me into a bathroom stall while struggling with his trousers. “So fucking mad with lust,” he groans, finally pulling his erect member out. His free hand locks the stall and moves to cup my behind. Our bodies are pressed together in the confined space, making my head spin.

“Now jump so I can give you what you deserve,” he orders, taking a generous handful of my behind.

“Harry not in here,” I shake my head, trying to get him away from my eager body instead.

“Ah, ah, ah love…I could’ve told you the exact same thing about teasing me and Lou in a restaurant with our mothers,” he replies in my ear.

I still refuse to move, glaring at him. He grunts in annoyance and lifts me in the air, using the wall as support to get me around his throbbing member.

 “Ugh Soph,” he grumbles, leaving no space in between our bodies. My breath is coming out in little pants, I feel obliged to grip Harry's shoulders in order to keep myself up without having to encircle his waist with my legs. But of course, he couldn’t have that. “Hook your legs around my waist you little minx, and let’s get shagging,” he instructs with a raspy voice, his hands holding us up on the wall.

“No,” I protest, trying to lift myself off his throbbing dick. I end up making him angrier and he slaps my thigh hard.

“Now!” he fumes.

Reluctantly, my legs surround his waist, making his length dig deeper inside me. I moan, my nails digging in his shoulders.

Harry doesn’t waste any time: he begins ramming his hips into mine, leaving a burning sensation.

I whine at a particularly harsh thrust, but he shuts me off with a feverous kiss, slamming himself even deeper. His lips leave mine and the curl-haired boy nuzzles into my neck, tossing my white bolero aside to kiss my skin. His eyes stop on my L necklace.

“Why didn’t you put the H one?” he asks gruffly.

“I didn’t find it―”

“Liar. I want the truth,” he demands.

“To make you jealous,” I whine as he nips a spot.

“I knew it!” He shoves his dick hard inside my opening, making me whimper in shock.

“I hate you Harry. I hate you,” I keep mumbling as he keeps shoving himself inside me, my back rubbing against the wall as he does so. I moan loudly as his hand reaches in between us to rub me.

“But you love the way I fuck you,” he responds panting. My eyes roll to the back of my head. For no apparent reason, Jeremy suddenly comes in my mind and his name escapes my lips.

“Shit Jeremy...” I groan without thinking. Bad move.

Harry stiffens under me, and starts thrusting in and out of me so hard I almost feel my insides ripping in pain and pleasure.

“What’s. My. Name?” He rages, tugging at my hair and forcing me to look into his eyes.

“Harry...” I whimper.

“Louder,” He demands, his thrusts never relenting.

“Harry!” I yell, the sound echoing throughout the empty bathroom. I shut my eyes.

“Now look at me!” He demands, feeling me clench around his throbbing member. His large hands grip my chin. “I want you to know who’s making you come undone! I want you to gaze into my eyes and know that I’m the one who’s giving you this, not some lowly waiter!” he demands. “I’m the one making you feel this good, love.” My eyes meet his. And brusquely, the situation becomes excessively intimate. His lips join mine.

I tip over the peak, breaking the kiss to release a series of whimpers. Harry keeps ramming himself against my numb body, attempting to reach his own release. After a few deep, passionate thrusts, he groans and empties himself inside me. My stomach churns.

I struggle for breath and hold myself on the wall as Harry pulls out and lets me stand, keeping a hand on me to steady my shaking body. I walk out of the stall and hold myself over the sink, still shaking from my high. I look at myself in the mirror, glancing at Harry behind me.

“Are you okay?” he asks, his green eyes piercing into mine in worry. My gaze drops.

I nod and wash my face off with some cold water.


“I’m fine,” I breathe out.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m as fine as I can be after getting sexed up in a bathroom Harold,” I end, shaking my head.

“You got sexed up in the bathroom this morning. You weren’t like this when I finished,” he counters.

“Like what?”

“Overwhelmed? I don’t know.”

 “I’m not overwhelmed. I won’t be teasing you in a restaurant again that’s all. Come on. I think our meals have arrived,” I ignore him, walking out of the bathroom. He’s close on my heel.  

We reach our table and indeed our meals had arrived. No one questions the fact that Harry and I arrive together. I sit down beside Niall, Harry taking his place back in front of me, nodding once in Louis’s direction at that last one’s questioning look.

Niall gives me a worried glance as I sit down, but I give him a reassuring hand-squeeze and he starts digging into his mountain of food.

“Are you okay now sweetheart?” Zayn’s mom enquires once we were all settled. “I hope you didn’t mind we sent Harry over? He was worried you’d be sick,” she continues kindly.

“I’m good,” I nod, maybe a little too enthusiastically.  “Just did something I shouldn’t have,” I reply, planting my fork into my plate of steamy raviolis. They look at me, confusion clear on their faces.  “I ate a little too much before coming here so I had a minor stomach-ache,” I explain, plopping ravioli into my mouth. They nod and also start digging into their meals, starting a conversation about the boy’s upcoming album and how proud they were and blah-blah...

Harry lifts his head from his spaghetti and flashes me a dimpled-smile before resuming his food.



Soon enough, it’s time for dessert. I don’t care for some, feeling full already. I keep silent as the boys talk about this and that, sipping calmly on my water. But then then their mothers stir the conversation back to me.

“Sophie, I haven’t heard about your parents at least once. Where are they?” Anne asks. The boys stop munching on their desserts, nervous about my answer.

“My mother is still in Canada. The boys convinced her to let me live in London for awhile. Apparently, I’m great company,” I say, taking a sip of water.

“Oh but you are,” Harry responds huskily. Anne shushes him.

“What about your father?”

My father? My father abandoned me.

I stay silent, trying not to cry in front of the boys. But it’s too late. My voice falters, and I’m on the brim of tears.

“My dad... He left us one day to go to Australia... And he never came back.... He had found a better life with another woman,” I state sadly, tears rolling down my cheeks. “He left me with a mother that doesn’t even love me in fact...” I meant to think the last part but I said it out-loud. Utensils clink on plates and gasps are heard. Staying seated, Niall pulls me into his arms and lets me cry silently on his chest as he rubs my back comfortingly.

“It’s alright love... Don’t worry... You’re okay...Shhh. Everything’s fine,” his Irish voice lulls in my ear, making me feel lots better already. “You have us now.” I cry even harder, my fingers clutching his shirt.

“Poor child!” Johanna exclaims. “Lou, what does she mean her mother doesn’t love her?”

“Her mother was simply unable to take care of her. Was ready to send her to the streets without so much as a penny. That’s why we took her here in London with us. So she could have the time to sort things out with a roof over her head and some proper clothing.”

I’m about to pull away from Niall to protest but the blonde keeps me there.

“Don’t,” he murmurs. “It’d be better if you wouldn’t,” he mumbles again, kissing the top of my head. I sigh in his chest and nod. After calming myself down, I pull away and he lets me. I face every one of them, care and concern etched on every face.

“I’m all better,” I say. “Just had to cry my emotions out. I haven’t had the happiest of childhoods and I’d never really let myself cry,” I explain, before starting to play with the hem of my dress.

The end of the meal comes, and I don’t get steered into anymore conversations, much to my pleasure.

“Here’s the note,” Jeremy’s voice nearby makes my head whip up and I smile automatically. Liam gives Jeremy his credit card, saying he’d pay for everybody. Slipping past me to go to the register, Jeremy passes me a piece of paper so subtly no one sees him.

I unfold the piece under the table to find his number with a little Call Me note followed with a smiley face. I smile and clench it into my hands hopefully.

Jeremy comes back with the receipt, hands it to Liam and winks at me before leaving us. Unfortunately, the action doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Hmm. Sophie. It seems you have an admirer,” Zayn’s mother remarks. I blush and clench the shard of paper harder, nails digging into my palms as the boys’ jealous faces find mine.

“Sophie... You seem tired. I think we should go home. Zayn, can you call the cabs?” Louis says. Zayn nods and pulls out his phone, dialing the number.

“Oh but the night is still young!” Anne protests.

“Very true! But Louis is right. We’ve had a long day and I’m emotionally drained,” I agree, noticing Louis’ intense glare in my direction. I fake a yawn.

“Well then, we’re leaving!” Louis concludes.

“It was a pleasure to meet all of you!” I say to the boys’ mothers. Not long after another round of hugs and kisses, they wave their goodbyes and Louis drags me outside. Cabs being there, he tugs me into one and Liam follows inside it. Wow. The two L’s of my necklace. What a coincidence.

Stuck between the two, I manage to fasten my seat-belt and control my breathing.

Unexpectedly, Louis starts kissing me, his hands groping my breasts as he stretches the length of his seat-belt to its fullest. Liam soon joins, moving my bolero aside to nip at the sensitive skin.

Unfortunately for them, this cab driver was more observant than our last one.

“Hey kids! Stop that! Wait to be outside before starting all your spit-sharing!” He booms. Louis rapidly jumps off me and Liam’s mouth leaves my collar line, both of them turning beet-red.

I chuckle quietly, shaking my head in disbelief. My smile drops rapidly though as I recall what is to happen tonight. They’re all coming in my room God knows what’ll happen. I tense up. Liam must’ve noticed because his fingers start rubbing slow circles in my palm.  I find the action strangely soothing. I look up at him in curiosity, but he doesn’t return my gaze..

The ride is short. The car screeches to a stop and the driver practically kicks us out.

Now back to meet my doom, I think looking at the flat. Harry and the other two boys pile out of their cab, and Harry goes and opens the door to the flat.

“Mademoiselle,” he says holding the door for me to enter. I roll my eyes and enter anyways, directly heading for my room.

“Goodnight everyone!” I yell before locking myself into my room, bracing myself for what would happen in a couple minutes. I’m trembling with fear.

I hear their noisy steps going up the stairs, and five different doors closing. They’ll all pretend they’re sleeping. Silly boys. Why hide the fact that they are coming to my room? And what surprise it’s gonna be when they’ll all show up here...

My head snaps to my alarm clock. Its 10:30. They’ll be coming any minute now, I think miserably, holding myself into my arms. I sink to the floor, back sliding against my door slowly. Shutting my eyes tightly, I dig my face into my arms and knees, on the verge of tears. But I don’t cry.

I stay motionless for two minutes until I decide to do something about what was going to happen.

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