Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


27. Cravings

I wake up screaming, in a cold sweat.

“What’s wrong?!? Are you all right?” It’s neither Niall’s nor Harry’s voice. It’s Liam’s.

I start crying, remembering my dream. Or should I say, nightmare.

“No I’m not alright...” I sob, my face in my hands. And then Liam does the weirdest thing ever. He gets in the bed and hugs me. Coming from him, it was surreal.

“What was it Soph...? What scared you?” he questions as my head drops on his shoulder.

 I cry some more, my face digging in the crook of his neck.

“Shhh... it was just a nightmare love... It’s not for real,” he tries, making me sob more.

“That’s the thing Liam... it was real! Zayn really raped me!” I cry out.

“I know I know... Look, let’s change these nasty ideas ok? I have just the perfect thing for you...Lemme go get it,” he says pulling away from me.

“Where are the other boys?” I can’t help asking before his hand reaches the doorknob of my bedroom door.

“They had to do some recording at the studio, but I decided to stay over and watch over you instead. I’ll just catch up with them another time,” he shrugs.


Liam leaves my room, and I take that time to stretch fully and dry my tears, shuddering as I recall the vivacity of the nightmare. Suddenly feeling overheated, I toss my sheets aside and gasp. There’s blood on the fabric near my legs. Wait a second...

I rapidly find the source as I look at the date. It was bound to happen any moment now unless I was pregnant, the blood confirming just the opposite. Thank God, I was a little worried that the pills wouldn’t work.

“Liam!” I yell. “I’m bleeding!”

He comes bursting in.

“What? Where? How?” Liam shoots the three questions simultaneously, all while holding something behind his back. He eyes my body warily. “Where?” he repeats.

“Calm down. I’m only on my period,” I sigh, motioning the blood on the sheets. “So I’m gonna need some stuff.”

He nods. “Fine, I’ll text Harry to get some on the way home.” Liam sits on the edge of my bed, his hands still behind his back. “So.... I bought you this, like three days ago as an apology for my roughness, but I didn’t want to give it to you until now,” he says, pulling out a cute stuffed turtle from his back. He hands it to me. “He’ll protect you from nightmares.”

I squeal in delight, hugging the stuffed creature with lots of affection.

“Thank you Liam!” I exclaim happily. I stare at its big eyes full of wonder. Full of wisdom.

“Can I use your phone for a sec?” I ask Liam. “I need to find a name that suits him. Something cute that means with wisdom,” I add.

He nods, staying close to me as I tap away on his phone, searching for the perfect name.

“I’m calling him Padgett,” I decide finally.

“Why did you want a name that means wisdom?” The brunette asks once I've given him his phone back.

“Turtles live a long time. And I think that with time, one gains wisdom. So it's fitting,” I explain. “I'll tell him everything. Absolutely everything. And with his wisdom, he’ll tell me what to do,” I continue.

“That’s a bit of an exaggeration don’t you think? It’s a stuffed turtle, it won’t understand you,” he chuckles.

“Doesn't really matter right? I need something to talk to, even if it's inanimate.“

“Why can't you talk to us?”

“Because you guys don't deserve to know everything that's going through my head.”

“That's fair.” He nods his understanding.

“So.... This little fella was an apology for what you said?” I ask after a couple silent seconds where I had mindlessly played with Padgett’s legs.

“My lustful attitude towards you. I’m usually not this rough but I’ve had these strong cravings to be dominant recently and I’ve taken them all out on you. I’m sorry,” he apologizes, a small grin on his face.

“Well thank you for giving me a companion with whom I can share these happenings with, whether they are joyful or not.” I say quietly, giving him a warm smile and sitting the turtle on one of the shelves.

“But all this amiability doesn’t signify that I’m not mean enough to punish you when you deserve it. Because sometimes, you really do deserve to be put back into your place,” His tone takes a more severe edge, but he softens a bit. “Although, you’ve been quite good recently... I think it’s been a total of five days since you’ve tried to escape. Glad we made it clear that it didn’t do you any good to try to run away,” Liam finishes, giving me a playful tap on the shoulder before pulling his cell phone out from his back pocket once more. The brown-haired boy starts typing as I watch him, not sure about his objective with me yet.

Out of the blue, curiosity gets the best of me.

“Who are you texting?”

“Harry,” he shows me the screen. “I’m asking him and the other boys to stop by the pharmacy to get girl stuff on their way home from the recording,” he replies, before pressing send.

“I don’t even know how they will read that!” I exclaim. “There wasn’t one complete word in that!” I remark with a giggle.

“They’ll understand... They always do! My typing is not that bad!” he laughs.


Suddenly, my stomach screams hunger, making us chuckle in unison.

“You’re worse than Niall,” he sighs, shaking his head. “Why don’t you get dressed and meet me downstairs for lunch?” he suggests, looking at the time before standing up from my bed.

“Houston, I do believe I have a problem,” I say stopping him.

“What is it?”

“Ummm... I’ll bloody other clothes if I get dressed now. I would really prefer just reddening my current attire, and not all of them. What would Louis say?” I say the end dramatically, putting a hand over my mouth.

“You don’t have anything? Like, absolutely nothing while we wait for Harry?” The brown-eyed boy questions, unease creased on his forehead.

“Well I did have some stuff in the sling bag I carried the day of my kidnapping, but nothing for more than a day.”

“Great! I’ll go get it for you!!!”

What?!?!? They kept the bag I had that day? And I thought it was lost forever.... Maybe I could get my cell phone and a couple bucks. But crap. We’re in Europe. The money isn’t worth the same thing.... Oh how I miss Canada.

Liam comes back in my room with my bag, shuffling a little through it. He sighs, handing it to me.

“I don’t know what you need exactly, but take what is an essential requirement for your girl situation and leave the rest in the bag,.” he says, watching my every move carefully. I want to grab my cell phone. So bad. But I reluctantly leave it in the bag, handing it back to Liam after taking my ‘necessities’. He smiles.

“I’ll be waiting downstairs. Call if you need anything,” he says. “And Padgett,” he adds looking at my stuffed turtle pointedly, “No funny stuff with the lady. She’s ours,” he says in a very serious voice before exiting my room.

I start laughing at his outburst, but then I sigh depressingly, almost regretting the fact that I didn’t grab my cell phone in the bag. Almost. But who would I have called anyways? Maybe Ash? Nah...I’ll have to check for any recent e-mails sometime today though.

Exhaling loudly, I grab some clothes and my girl stuff, and head in the washroom.

After taking a short but refreshing shower, I clothe myself, tie my hair into a side ponytail and head downstairs, grabbing Padgett on the way.

“Hey! So... What’s for lunch?” I ask Liam, bursting into the kitchen.

“Nothing too complicated,” he replies, handing me a freshly made club sandwich.  Thanking him, I grab it and sit down, before digging into the food with appetite. He does the same with his, taking his time though.

“Wanna watch a movie?” he asks as we finish washing the plates, about half an hour later.

“Sure. Why not?”

“You can go pick one. There’s a box filled with them in the living room,” he informs, finishing the dishes.

Grabbing Padgett by the leg, I go on a hunt for a good movie with turtles. I finally settle on Nemo, and Liam joins me on the couch after I install it.

As the movie goes, I get cramps. Painful ones. I cuddle Liam as an attempt to get more comfortable, but my lower abdomen keeps screaming in pain. I groan at a particularly painful jerk of my ovaries, hugging Padgett.

“Are you alright?” Liam whispers.

“I just have cramps,” I mumble.

“Would you let me help you?”

Without waiting for an answer, he lays me with my back flat on the couch, his hands immediately lifting the hem of my green shirt.

“Li-Liam... I don’t wanna do this,” I say shakingly, clutching the stuffed turtle. He isn’t gonna rape me.... Please don’t rape me....

“Shhh...” he silences, his thumb pads skimming my abdomen. They stop over my ovaries.

With slow, precise movements, he starts massaging them. His fingers press in, making soothing circular forms onto my skin.

“Does that make it better?” he asks lowly.

I nod, my eyes closing as the cramps leave slowly. His thumbs press a little harder into my skin.

“Are the cramps gone now?” he questions, his hot breath on my stomach tickling me lightly.

“Yes. Thank you Liam,” I exhale sitting back up nervously, grabbing Padgett and hugging him tightly as we resume the movie.

Towards the end of the movie, I notice Liam start to fidget nervously, his gaze going down my body hungrily every once in a while.

“Liam... Are you okay?” I question carefully.

“I-I-I just need...You. Oh God,” his hands cover his crotch as he no doubly gets aroused.

“I think I’m gonna go to my room,” I state nervously, standing up.

“No no no,” he objects, grabbing me and sitting me on his restricted growing erection. I wince. “I have to finish myself off before. You feel so good on me right now...” he moans.

“Let me go,” I plead. He doesn’t release his grip.

I want to get away, but his grasp is firm on my hips as I struggle to get free. He seems in a daze, licking his lips occasionally.

“Liam! Please!” I beg again, tears stinging my eyes at the thought of being raped again. Slowly, Liam starts rolling his hips into mine, getting him even harder.

It is at that exact moment that the four other boys burst in through the front door.

“So! Little Sophie has girl probs! No worries, superman is here!” Louis shouts, strolling in the living room. “What the fuck Liam?” He stops dead in his tracks when he sees me crying and writhing on Liam’s lap. The other three boys come in the living room, hearing Louis swearing.

“Liam!” Harry snaps.

The brown-eyed boy immediately releases his grasp on my tender hips, as if released from his trance. I jump away from him and go nestle in Niall’s arms, clutching Padgett tightly the whole time.

“I’m so sorry Sophie. I-I-I really don’t know what took over me,” he babbles uncomfortably before getting up and into the kitchen.

“I’ll go see him,” Zayn sighs. So the things amongst the boys have been arranged...

Harry coughs awkwardly as I hug Niall, the latter rubbing my back relaxingly.

“I’ve got your stuff...” the curly-haired boy says, handing me a plastic bag. 

I shuffle a bit through it.

“I didn’t know what you needed exactly so I went a little randomly,” he explains.

“Thank you Harry. For yesterday and today,” I say gratefully. He smiles.

“No problem. You see, when you behave, you make us happy, which makes us wanna make you happy also.”

“We like to pleasure you in all the possible ways,” Louis adds with a lust glazed expression. I cower in fear in Niall’s arms.

“Louis...” Harry warns.

“Too early?” Louis questions.

I nod rapidly as the same time as Niall and Harry.

“I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay with that again,” I mumble.

“You will... Don’t worry. We’ll make you like it again,” Harry replies confidently. I feel myself whitening in fright, shaking my head no repeatedly, traumatized by his comment. The horrific memory with Zayn comes flooding back, goosebumps rising on my arms.

Niall rubs them up and down, trying to warm me up a little.

“So who’s that little lass?” Niall asks suddenly while looking at my stuffed turtle, pulling us out of the tricky subject.

“Padgett,” I respond quietly. “Means wisdom.”

“He’s cute,” Louis remarks, as Niall and Harry nod their approvals.

“Liam gave it to you right?” Harry enquires. I nod. “He didn’t do anything before we arrived yeah?” he questions some more.

“No no... He was sweet, consoled me when I woke up from my nightmare, made me lunch. But then, as soon as he finished riding me of my cramps, he went all lust craving suddenly... And then you guys arrived.”

“What did he do exactly to rid you of your abdomen pain?” It’s Louis turn to be curious.

“Massaged me where it hurt...” I edge on. They’re about to ask more questions but I stop them. “Can I bring this upstairs?” I ask awkwardly, motioning the bag of pads and tampons I had in my hands.

“Sure! Go ahead love,” the green-eyed boy approves.

“Wanna me to come with you?” Niall butts in.

I shake my head no. “Padgett’ll come with me,” I say, pulling away from Niall’s warmth.

“Is it weird I envy a stuffed turtle right now?” Louis asks the boys as I walk upstairs.

 I shake my head in disbelief as I go into my room and lock my door, throwing Padgett on my bed as well as the plastic bag. I take a few deep breaths, calming myself a bit. They won’t do anything like what Zayn did to me again.... They won’t do anything like what Zayn did to me again.... They won’t do anything like what Zayn did to me again....

I keep repeating the sentence like a mantra in my head as I pull out my laptop from under the mattress. I open it and log onto Facebook, seeing with disappointment that I have no new messages. I huff, and hear my door lock click open. Panicking, I don’t manage to hide my computer in time. I don’t even close my Facebook window on the browser.

Harry’s head pokes in the door.

“Soph, I’m sorry for unlocking the door but—” He halts brusquely in his steps as soon as he sees my laptop, open on Facebook.

“What the fuck Sophie?!?” he rages, his previous joyful mood turning to a fuming one. With a few quick strides, he grabs the laptop before I can stop him. He rapidly scans the recent messages I exchanged with people. I swear he turns purple when he sees Ashley’s message.

“You were planning an escape! Again!” Harry throws the laptop on the ground, that last one shattering into bits and pieces on my floor. I whimper in surprise and fear. “Just when I thought we had something going on...Some kind of chemistry, you ruin it all!” he fumes, advancing on me.

“We had no chemistry at all Harry!” I retort boldly, tears stinging my eyes in terror. “All you did was play with me! You don’t care for me at all!” I yell.

Hearing the whole commotion, the other four boys make way into my room, but make no move to disrupt the argument between Harry and me.

“I didn’t care for you? Then why did I let you meet your friend? Why did I defend you when Zayn raped you? Why did I sing you to sleep? Why did I start developing feelings for you?!” he demands, his voice rising at each statement.

“I don’t know!” I cry. “But maybe if you didn’t do all the other things, I would’ve realized you weren’t a complete dick! But you are!” My vision blurs from all the tears that have accumulated in my eyes.

Niall stands in front of me as Harry takes a menacing step forwards.

Harry pushes him off roughly, but the blonde stands on his ground.

 “Calm down before you do something you might regret.”

Harry exhales loudly, anger still burning like coal through his eyes.

“You are so lucky right now Sophie, of being on your period. Because if you weren’t, I think that I would’ve raped you right now!” the curly haired boy snaps at me.

His words are venom to my ears and I bite my lip to prevent sobbing, but the tears still fall down my cheeks.

“You, because you were planning an escape, are not getting out of this room for the whole week. The only time you’ll be able to exit, is to go to the bathroom. Nothing more, nothing less.” Harry ends. “And you’ll be fed the portion of food you deserve each day.” He finishes.

“But the party this weekend?!” I plead.

“It will all depend on you,” he seethes, leaving my room. The other boys immediately do the same, Niall shooting me a disapproving glare, Louis a desolated one, and Liam an angry one. Zayn’s was blank.

As soon as I hear them tumble downstairs, I jump into my bed and hug Padgett, crying until my body can’t produce any more tears. Wiping my face dry with my pillow, I change into pyjamas, take care of my girl stuff, and lay awake in my bed with Padgett for hours with only one thought in mind: I have to escape on Saturday.

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