Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


16. Consequences

“No! You can’t come in now!” I say to the boys from the other side of the door.

“It’s been five hours since you’re locked up in there. You must be finished by now!” comes Zayn’s voice from behind the door. Of course he and Liam had no idea what I had bought, so their patience was thinner than the one of the other three.

“Gimme another minute,” I demand, arranging the last details of my room.

There’s a chorus of sighs, but that’s all. I chuckle and back up, admiring my work. Exhaling, I open the door.

“Et voilà mon travail d’artiste!” I say in French, letting them in. I barely have the time to notice that they have posters of themselves in their hands before they come in like a herd of wild animals, hanging the paper versions of themselves on the wall behind my bed.

“Now it’s complete,” Harry agrees, smiling.

“No it’s not! You guys just screwed the whole thing! It was going to be the only room in the house where I wouldn’t have to worry about seeing your faces!” I sigh, discouraged to say the least. They ignore me and walk around.

“I didn’t know you could talk French so well,” Louis compliments after looking around my room.

“I lived in Quebec before you claimed me as yours. Quebec City is French so that would explain why I speak it with such ease,” I elaborate. They look captivated by my slice of life so I continue. “I know a bit of Spanish too.” Niall’s eyes light up at this statement. “But you guys wouldn’t know that since all you’ve tried doing since owning me is pleasuring yourselves,” I end dryly.

“So you’ve been raised in French?” Louis enquires. I nod. “But why do you speak English so fluently?”

“Now you’re interested about something other than my body?” I mock.

“No. Just making conversation,” he replies just as dry. I wince a little at his harsh comeback, but respond anyway.

“I did my primary in English, then the rest was done in French, but I couldn’t stop reading and writing in English”.

“Soph, I wanna know why you have two beds,” Niall enquires, looking at the two in question.

“The second one’s a sleeping pod.”

“Okay and what’s the difference?” Liam frowns.

“I can sleep alone in the sleeping pod, and only alone because it fits one.”

“It isn’t because you wanna sleep alone that we’re gonna listen to you,” Harry states.

“Whatever.” I shrug. “It is nice to have my own little private place. Now out! I’m tired and I wanna go to bed!”

“But your clothes? We bought you loads of them! Don’t you wanna put them in your closet tonight?” Louis asks, getting hopeful.

“No. It can wait.”

“I’m not leaving yet,” Harry protests. “I have to check a few things to make sure your room is acceptable,” he declares, looking around, inspecting the wardrobe, under the bed and last the window.

Shit. I forgot about hiding the window escape.

Harry looks angry as he pulls a rope from outside the window.

“I-I-I can explain,” I utter.

“Please do, because it might shorten tonight’s punishment. And believe me; I’ve got a lot planned.” Harry’s face is hard, just like the ones of the rest of the guys.

Niall’s though, is a little less harsh and has a smile inching on his lips, as if he was laughing at my attempt.

“I-I-I wanted to―” I blabber, but Harry cuts me.

“Never mind. I don’t even wanna hear what your reason is. We’ve been too nice to you recently, and you’ve forgotten some important details. I’ll be glad to remind you of them tonight.”

“Harry, not tonight. She’s been through too much already!” Niall tries to reason.

“You shut up Niall! I don’t wanna talk to you right now about her!” he retorts brusquely.

Niall’s about to argue but Louis pulls him out of the room. He only has the time to mouth I’m so sorry.

I give him a small reassuring smile, but suddenly Harry grabs me by the waist and throws me on my bed. I fight back. He pins my arms above my head with one hand while I struggle in his steel grasp.

“Zayn, Liam, could you go get the shopping bags in my closet? Some stuff I need is there,” he tells them, still fighting to get me to submit.

Oh shit. He went to that Ann Summers Shop yesterday....

“Now you,” he adds, looking at me straight in the eyes. “You’ve been messing around with our heads, making us pity your fate. You even get Niall to soften up, and I have a feeling Louis will follow soon enough.”

I kick and struggle harder, but he manages to hold me down. I whimper.

“I’ve been nice today, practically giving you this room and trusting you alone for ten minutes. For Christ’s sake, I even let you make a friend! Even after all that though, you still dare to try to escape,” Harry growls, his normally lush green eyes turning dark. “You’re not behaving like you should. We’ll add days to your stay with us.”

“Because you were actually expecting me to sit around and let you do all this to me? You’re a bunch of perverted, possessive and dominant males with no morals,” I protest, pushing against his chest with my knees. He puts them back under him.

“You know what? I believe we’ll add a full year to your stay with us. Make sure to keep you until you’re 18 actually.” I’m only half listening to him, focusing on trying to get him to release me.

At that moment, Liam and Zayn come back in my room with the demanded bags. They deposit them at the end of the bed, watching us entrancingly.

“Thanks lads, you can leave now, and say goodbye to assertive Sophie here,” Harry tells them, his attention away from me for mere seconds.

I bring my knee up in his crotch hard, making him yelp in pain. I take that as my cue to leave, and jump off the bed, trying to make my way out of my room. Liam and Zayn are distracted by Harry’s pain and don’t have the quick reflex to catch me. They start chasing me a semi-second too late.

I bound out my door and tumble down the stairs, feeling them hot on my trail. I reach in front of me and grab the doorknob that led outside. But all of a sudden, I am roughly pulled backwards by the waist, my fingers barely brushing the designated target.

“Gotcha,” a British voice whispers in my ear, pulling me against them.

I scream in shock, feeling myself being dragged upwards and back to my room by arms and waist. I try jumping down the stairs multiple times, but fingers dig into my waist, not allowing the action to be completed. I shriek and fight against their hold, keeping my legs numb to make the task of carrying my struggling body much harder.

“Lemme go! Lemme go! I don’t wanna go back with him!” I keep pleading, as Liam and Zayn throw me back inside my room. They close the door and I try to pry back it open, but something heavy is pressed against it.

I’m pushed harshly on the door. I swear I hear my back crack. I shudder as Harry’s body is suddenly flush against mine.

“You’ve got me really angry Soph. I doubt you’ll have a restful sleep tonight,” he seethes as he grabs my wrists, purposefully rubbing my cuts.

I push him with my hands, but he grabs them and ties them together with a rope. The rope that I wanted to escape with, I realize.

“I think I’ll be leaving you hanging tonight,” he declares, looking at the upper part of my door where I had previously installed hooks for towels and bathrobes.

 I catch his intention easily, but before I can initiate something, he lifts me up and hooks my arms above my head, my feet not touching the ground. I end up being the same height as him.

I whimper when I feel the ropes biting in my wrists roughly, and I struggle to get off the hook, but I only end up tiring myself.

“Look at you, all cute and inoffensive hooked up there,” Harry coos, looking at me face to face.

“Fuck you!” I spit, trying to kick him while hanging. He pushes my legs against the door, his fingers prodding deeply and painfully into my thighs.

“Be fucking you, you mean,” he retorts cockily. “Sweets, you’re really in for a long and painful evening.”

I look away, terrified. But his fingers lock on my chin, forcing me to look at him.

“Sophie, you're never going to try to escape, disobey or kick me again. Do you understand me?” His voice is stern and authoritative.

I keep my mouth shut and look back at him blankly.

“I'm waiting...” he hisses at me.

“As much as you guys like to otherwise, you are NOT in charge of me. I had every right to try and escape. And you deserved to be kicked. So fuck you.” The words explode from my mouth with no reserve. Shit Soph, you really have a death wish.

His eyes dart from my eyes, to my lips and then slowly down my body. He reaches for me and in seconds his fingers are looped around the sides of my jeans and underwear. He pulls my lower body away from the door, sliding them off, leaving my lower body naked and at his mercy.

He releases my legs and I fall back against the door. I tug desperately at the ropes above my head, but get nowhere. Harry reaches down, slowly unzipping his pants and letting them drop down his legs, never tearing his eyes from me once. He kicks off his remaining clothes and approaches me, his expression intense.

My entire body starts shaking, for many different reasons. As he reaches for my legs, I clench my thighs together as tight as I possibly can. Bad move. His hands fly between my thighs and pry them apart so roughly my muscles start aching instantly. I gasp as he grips my thighs as tight as he possibly can and he pins them back against the door, forcing himself on me. I yank frantically at the ropes, feeling my leg muscles burning from the pressure of his strength.

He releases one of my thighs and quickly slips his hand between our bodies. Grasping himself in his hand, he guides himself inside me. A low growl erupts from his lips as I struggle to get him out but he keeps pushing to the hilt.

“Harry.... it hurts!” I complain, trying to get him off me. “My wrists are burning!”

“Good,” he grunts in response.

 I let out a cry, tugging desperately at the restraints. He releases my other thigh and runs his hands up my ass as he grabs my hips firmly.

Stepping back a little, he pulls me away from the door, angling my hips upwards. In seconds, he begins plowing into me with such intensity I can barely catch my breath. Frenzied whimpers spill from my lips as he slams into me so hard it sends aching vibrations through my body.

I can feel the ropes digging deep into my wrists with every savage thrust. Something trickles down my arm and I am pretty sure it’s blood.

The sound of flesh on flesh fills the air around us. I can’t focus anymore as dizzy spells take me over. My body wants more, my mind is screaming against it. Unfortunately, my mouth listens to my body, and not to my mental protests. Moans start pouring out of my trembling lips, his member hitting the just the spot to make me feel amazing. I feel numb under the waist.

To my dismay, when the pleasure starts fully kicking in, Harry's powerful thrusts slow.

“Harry! Harry... don't stop,” I beg breathlessly, my eyes finally focusing on him. I arch my back away from the door, pushing my hips up against him in eager anticipation for him to continue.

To my horror, his pace slows even more until finally he stills inside me.

“Harry...” I’m practically begging now. “Harry please. You can’t leave me like that.”

“No more trying to escape...” he orders, digging his nails into my tender hips.

I glare at him, keeping my mouth sealed shut.

“Maybe this will make you cooperate.”

I groan my objection as I feel him pull out of me. He spins me around to face the door, the ropes intertwining above my head.

Grasping my hips steadily, he pauses, leans over the back of my body and whispers in my ear, “I'm not going to be gentle with you.”

My breath catches in my throat as I realize what he’s talking about.

“Harry...” I whimper quietly.

I inhale sharply as I feel him position himself at my ass.

“Harry.” I gasp more urgently.

He wastes no time, clamps his hand over my mouth and drives his hips forward harshly.

I choke out a muffled cry against his hand and pull wildly at the rope.

“No more trying to escape!” I give up painfully. Tears flow from my eyes as he stays immobile, body pressed against mine.

“Hmm? Repeat that for me please?” he whispers in my ear, his hands slowly sliding the length of my body.

“No more trying to escape,” I breathe out, trembling.

“And why is that?” he insists, brushing his lips lightly against my earlobe.

“Because I belong to you.”

The words tumble out of my mouth with a sour aftertaste. But at that point, I don’t care.

“Good girl,” he mumbles, his hand ghosting down my stomach before heading between my legs. My head rolls backwards and rests on his shoulder as he starts rubbing me, still immobile behind me.

“Mhmm...” I can't hold in the low moan.

Chills fly through my body as he runs his fingers up and down my wet core. My mouth trembles and I close my eyes tightly, overcome with pleasure.

“Oh god...” I say breathlessly as he slowly begins moving in and out of me, with slow but fulfilling strokes. His mouth busies itself with kisses along my neck, his hips rolling into mine at the same leisure pace as his fingers.

Harry wraps one of his arms around my waist and accelerates his pace. I cry in pleasure as he thrusts three fingers inside me, immediately finding just the right spot to cause my body to convulse in pleasure. I lose all control over myself as my body fills with a massive feeling of a mix of pleasure and pain.

My head lolls on his shoulder in exhaustion as he finally takes me off the hook. He puts me down, holding me with his body and unties my hands, his thumbs sliding on the surface of my tender wrists.

“Are you alright?” He asks, his eyes searching mine.

“I hate you,” I retort with a slight lack of confidence.

“But you love the way I fuck you,” he smiles, picking me up bridal style.

He lays me down on the bed carefully, before rummaging through his bags at the end of the bed. I close my eyes as he comes back to me with objects I don’t wanna think about in his hands. He puts them on the bed and lifts my shirt over my head but I don’t have the strength to fight back.

“Pleas I just...I wanna sleep!” I groan, snuggling into the bedding.

“Oh no. We’re not done yet,” he denies, pulling the duvet cover off me. He pauses for several seconds, looking down at me in thought. But then he grabs my hands again, and handcuffs them to the bed. To my great surprise, he tucks me in my bed.

“I’ve changed my plans. I’ll let you try to sleep,” he whispers, getting in beside me.

“Then why handcuff me?” I whisper back, voice pained.

“I did say try to let you sleep,” he chuckles, making me whine. I suddenly feel his cold hands on my chest, making me flinch and squirm. He lightly bites my earlobe, his curls tickling lightly the inside of my neck. One of his hands begins groping my right breast while the other one leaves and grabs an object on the bed.

I don’t see it as he passes it under the sheets, but I feel it as soon as it presses against my center.  I dig my face in a pillow when I feel Harry pushing it inside me.

I gasp in the pillow, squirming as he thrusts it fully in, and leaves it there. Harry nips at a specific spot on my neck, both of his hands resuming their work on my chest. I writhe again in discomfort.

“Harry, take the thing out,” I whimper, but he tunes me out, biting my skin.

“Not yet,” he mutters, taking it in his hands and driving it in and out a couple of times.

I feel his erection coming back to life, probing me.

“You’re so slick love. Don’t even need lube. Your body was meant to please mine.”

His hands hook in the insides of my thighs. He changes the angle a bit and gets my left leg farther away before he presses himself inside me, beside the toy. I bury my head in the pillow to scream.

I feel too full, about to explode. Tears stream down my face while Harry nuzzles in my neck once more. Keeping me immobilized, he rams himself in an out of me at a slow but harsh paste. The lower part of my body is throbbing painfully from the unusual position it has to suffer through.

“This is for standing up for Niall,” he mumbles in my ear, his thrusts hitting as deep as possible. “Just to remind you that this is the reason I don’t like to share,” he pauses, and drives inside once more, “it hurts.”

He groans after a few minutes, and empties himself inside me. I shudder at the thought and hide my head in the pillow once again as he pulls out. He stays close to my body.

Harry makes no move to retrieve the inanimate object inside me, panting softly in my ear.

“Can you take the thing out now please?” I ask in a quiet voice. I feel it move inside me as I writhe.

“No. You’re in for a restless night since you kicked me where a boy shouldn’t be kicked,” he replies tiredly. He places his hands back on my breasts, hugging my body to his in a spooning position.

 He takes one hand off, and snaps his fingers, once, then twice. He huffs in irritation, and does it again.

“Why don’t your lights close?” he fumes after a couple tries.

“Mine are manual, for your information,” I retort softly.

He grunts, stands up, and shuts them off, before resuming his previous position with me in the bed.

“Goodnight,” he finishes huskily. “This situation could’ve been a whole lot different if it hadn’t been for your escape attempt,” he chuckles.

I kick his legs under the sheets, but he laughs, pulling me closer.

“That’s why I like you Soph. You’re feisty even after a good, hard fuck.”

“Shut up,” I groan. And he does. He even gets to snore, right before I begin crying.

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