Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


5. Backstabbing

The song I Want is thumping loudly in my ears as I wake up groggily.

“Could somebody please shut that off?” I say in a hoarse voice. I have a huge headache. I rub my temples with both hands slowly, the events of a couple hours ago cloudy in my mind. I’m still backstage. That would explain the music, I think, recalling a few important details from earlier. I look around, noticing the room is a little different. A small snack table, with Harry’s concert clothes here and there.

Then it fully hits me: I’m the only living soul in the room. Now would be the perfect time to escape, don’t you think Soph? I get up wobbily. Trembling, I head for the door that looked like a possible escape.

My heart skips a beat as I grab and turn the handle slowly, glad but surprised it wasn’t locked. Harry wouldn’t be that inconsiderate wouldn’t he? I mean, he keeps claiming I’m his so he wouldn’t possibly give me the chance to escape. Or maybe he’d think I’d sleep the whole way through... I deliberate inwardly, believing there was actually a trick in all this. Bah. The worst that could happen is that he catches me again, and fucks me all over. I shiver at the unpleasant thought, my thighs agreeing that it wouldn’t be enjoyable if he caught me.

Taking my courage with both hands, I peek outside the door. I look on both sides of the long corridor, getting a little excited when no one appears to be in sight.

I carefully close the door of my “prison” behind me, before tiptoeing my way to an exit sign at the end of the right side of the hall.

My entire body is practically bombarding me with spasms of pain and muscle aches, but I have to continue my escape and ignore all the painful throbbing.  I hear the dim ending of their song. Oh fuck! I boost myself and run down the rest of the hallway before bursting inside the exit door. The walls around me are throbbing with the cheering of the crowd, as well as One Direction’s cheerful goodbye. The sound of a door opening fills my ears. I panic as their voices get clearer and closer as they get off the stage.

I stumble down a very narrow staircase, my heart beating erratically in my chest. The inevitable happens; I trip on my own feet, which sends me flying off the stairs and to the floor. I close my eyes in fear, bracing myself for the impact, but someone stops my fall, catching me with both arms.

“Oomph.” I open my eyes in surprise and shock. They lock with mesmerising blue ones I would know anywhere. 

“What the he—” I cut Niall brusquely, kissing him passionately to silence him. I feel him relax slightly in my arms and respond to the kiss. “Aren’t. You. Supposed. Ugh. To be upstairs?” He asks between feverous kisses.

“Shhh please!” I whimper, looking around worriedly. Maybe he’ll help me.

He removes my scarf and starts kissing my neck, trying to latch his lips everywhere he can. I hear him groan, before he pushes me into the wall. His hands grab my waist, his pelvis pressed against mine. I feel his arousal through his jeans.

“You are such a naughty girl Soph, you know that?” He moans, grinding harder against my body.  I only pull him closer to body, praying that Harry wouldn’t appear at the top of the staircase. Out of the blue, Niall stops touching me altogether, panting softly. “I should bring you to Harry, right now.” He says very quietly, as if reading my thoughts.

“Please don’t! He’ll kill me for trying to escape. I’ll do anything!” I plea.

He sighs, passing his hands in his hair. He carefully grabs my face in his hands; looking in my eyes with a feeling I couldn’t quite put my finger on. “Fine. I won’t tell him. But you’ll have to take care of another problem for me.”

“Which is?” I ask hesitantly. He presses his body to mine once more, and this time, I feel his hardness poking my stomach.

“Let me make love to you.” He whispers, tossing a strand of hair out of my face. I am astounded.

“What? No, no, no―” I beg wide eyed.

“I don’t want to fuck you Sophie like the boys did it yesterday. I want it to be gentler.”


“It’s either that, or I’ll go get Harry and watch him fuck you to shreds.” His voice takes a slightly angrier tone. Seeing he had scared me, his features soften, and he takes me by the hand. “Come,” he ushers, pulling me with him. He drags me back through the door where he came in, and we are faced with another corridor filled with dull grey doors. He opens one, pushes me gently inside and closes the door behind him.

It looks exactly like the room where I was earlier, except Niall’s stuff was sprawled everywhere.

Without wasting any time, the Irish boy crushes his lips on mine. I can’t help responding to his soft lips, moaning and rubbing my hips against his.

Niall takes his time undressing me fully, kissing sweetly every revealed spot. He keeps kissing me passionately, and I don’t have the will to stop him.

“Fuck,” Niall grunts, his hands cupping my ass as I push him into the wall desperately.

 I hook my legs around his hips, locking our bodies together in a tight embrace and he moves, his knees hitting the couch and making me fall over him. I break the kiss to breathe but his mouth attacks my neck, making me moan and groan in approval.

He nips and bites the skin, marking me as his over the previous hickeys. Niall licks the sensitive skin, making me grab his head to bring him even closer.

His hands grope my breasts and I grind my hips with his, arousing him. Rapidly, his clothes become a source of annoyance since I’m the only one naked. I pull lightly at his shirt and at the rim of his pants. He gets the message easily, breaking the kiss to undo his belt with shaking fingers.

 I resume kissing him, and he groans on lips as my hands go to his lower body, helping him undo his belt and get out of his pants. Once done, Niall throws them across the room with the rest of his clothes. The Irish boy then proceeds to take off his shirt, revealing his upper body. I stare in wonder, seeing him fully in the light for the first time. He smirks and breaks my frozen state with a languorous kiss.

His clothes taken care of, Niall’s hands head between my thighs, tracing slow, sensual circles on my skin. His head gets breath-takingly close to my clit. He kisses the inside of my thigh before shyly licking my center with his tongue. I shudder and grab the leather of the couch tightly in my hands.

“Again?” he asks, voice raspy.

I nod. My face twists in pleasure as Niall repeats his action, this time shoving his tongue inside me.

“Nialllll,” I whine, head lolling backwards as the blonde continues tongue-fucking me while his hands rub my clit roughly.

 All of a sudden, I can’t help feeling that it isn’t right to enjoy what he’s doing to me and I stop moving and breathing altogether, closing my eyes tightly and hugging my arms to myself.

Niall clearly feels me tense up because his head lifts up and his body presses itself against mine, before he kisses me. I don’t respond to the kiss and I can almost visualize his confused face in my mind.

“Come on Soph….. I want you to like this.” He insists.

“But it is wrong!” I can’t help sobbing.

“Something’s scaring you right?” He asks. I open my eyes and nod. “Your eyes are just so beautiful when you cry…” he comments, wiping a tear with his thumb.

I look away, uneasy.

“Sophie…. Love. What’s scaring you?”

“Niall, it hurts! You boys clearly aren’t the ones who receive the pain when it happens! You’re getting all the pleasure! ” I whimper, melting at his worried look.

“What if I promise you it won’t hurt at all?” he proposes with his accent while turning my head to face him, making me fall into his eyes again.

“How can you promise that?” I whimper.

“Do you trust me?” he shoots back. I nod my head yes carefully.  “Then focus on the pleasure, and only the pleasure, as I do this.” He carefully inserts two fingers inside me.

The first thing I do is moan. He’s right: I didn’t see his fingers coming so I didn’t think about the pain they would do to me. My body rapidly starts buzzing with need, and my instincts kick in, making me buck my hips and groan again.

“Want more?” His voice drips with lust and desire. I whine and nod. “Keep your eyes closed,” he advises. I feel him move and curl his digits inside me, but unsteadily, as if he were doing something else with his other hand. I whimper softly as another finger enters me, feeling aroused all over.

“Niall…. More…. Please”

My desires are rapidly fulfilled as he thrusts his entire length in me. I’m shocked, to a point where the pain becomes dull and absent.

“Look at me love,” he murmurs, pressing a soft kiss to my lips.

My eyes meet his bliss-filled ones.

“There you go,” he whispers. “Focus on me. On us.” I sigh in pleasure as Niall rests inside me motionless, kissing me and whispering tender words in my ear. “Tell me when you want me to move.”

“I’m ready Niall,” I say without hesitation, feeling nothing but delight.

He smiles and kisses me languorously again before pulling out and pushing back in. His thrusts are slow and passionate, putting everything he can into each of them.

My high approaches hastily, making me tingle everywhere as Niall keeps joining our hips in ragged but controlled motions. The blonde kisses me, and I finally orgasm hard, grabbing onto him like he’s a lifejacket holding me above sea-level. His movements get sloppier, and he kisses me again before releasing with a grunt inside me.

He holds me against him for a few seconds, before pulling his cock out.

“So… Did I break my promise?” He asks, panting.


 He smiles genuinely, and gets off the cum covered couch. A feeling of well-being invades me and I can’t help smiling back to him.

He gets dressed and helps me with my own clothes, throwing me the pieces. I look back at the couch.

“Isn’t the management going to say something about this?” I enquire.

“They won’t give a damn.” He shrugs, before giving me a quick peck on the lips and pulling me outside of his ‘room’. He walks down the silent corridor, opening the door where the stairs I tripped over a few minutes ago were.

“Where are we going?” I ask, worried.

“I have to bring you back to Harry,” he says reluctantly.

“But you said….”

“I don’t care what I said. I have to give you back to Harry, and keep the band a band. If I don’t, the guys are all going to be cross at me and then One Direction will probably split. It can’t be a girl’s fault that a boyband is torn apart,” he retorts harshly.

I feel like I have been slapped, and all the building kindness I had had for Niall disappeared. The urge to run away from him fills me, but he reads me like a book and grabs me before I fully turn around.

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