Prisoner of My Own Body

*Being Edited
16 year-old Sophie's in for more than she expected when she meets One Direction. The boys, Harry especially, take a liking to her body and feisty attitude immediately, and kidnap her to be their own little toy. But then they tell her her mom sold her to them? She's in constant confusion, blindly trying to foresee what will happen to her next as the boys are bi-polar most of the time. The worst part is that Sophie is starting to develop feelings for her kidnappers, and some of them also start developing feelings for her.....


10. Airport

The vehicle halts to a stop, making me wince. The door behind me slides open, and the boys jump out.

“Come on Sophie! We don’t have all day babe!” Liam sing-songs from outside.

I roll my eyes in disgust and slowly crawl out of the van, the sex toy still inside me making my movements intolerable.  I gasp in shock as Louis grabs me and stands me up on the pavement. We’re in a covered parking lot, the type that has many decks. I hear the sound of a plane engine that comes from the east. They weren’t joking. We were really gonna take a plane to I don’t fucking know where, isolating me from the country I knew.  If I manage to escape, I’ll probably end up living in the street wherever were going.

Suddenly, I frown, feeling the texture of the pavement.

“Guys, I don’t have shoes. I’m barefoot.”

“And?” Harry shrugs.

“I could step on glass for all I know and then we’d have to go to the hospital, therefore miss your oh so important stupid fucking flight.” I spit out angrily, crossing my arms over my chest.

“Tsk tsk, no fowl words Sophie,” Liam scolds while Harry gives me an angry look. I pull my tongue out at him childishly.

“Fine. I’ll carry you,” Niall offers, before picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder.

“Hey!” I protest, hitting his back with my fists. He responds by spanking my ass, making the butt-plug move once again. I gasp and squirm in his arms. His hand descends on my butt again, and I groan, giving up fighting.

“That’s settled. Now let’s go.” Harry ends. We walk up to the elevators, and Niall puts me down on the carpeted-floor of the lift. The boys shuffle, and put on some sunglasses. Great disguises guys. Wow, I’m impressed. You’re signature outfits are so not gonna tell you off. Note the sarcasm of my thoughts. Louis hands me a scarf, no, puts the scarf around my neck. Fucking love bites. Zayn hands me a pair of Ray-Bans. I hook them on the collar of my shirt, not feeling the necessity of putting them on now. Somehow, Harry produces a bra and some very lacy underwear from his jacket.

“Here. Put these on. You’re for our eyes to appreciate only,” he says, looking at my white t-shirt. I look at it myself, and realise its pretty see through.

“Umm. Where do I change?” I can’t help asking, dangling the underwear from the tip of my fingers.

“Here.” Harry responds as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. My eyes grow big, and I look up at the numbers indicating how many levels are left. Not many.

 Liam sighs, before pressing the emergency stop button of the elevator. It screeches to a stop.

“Now, you can change without being afraid of someone seeing you naked. Problem solved,” he explains.

“You’re my problem.” I spew irritated.                                                                                     

“You decide. Either you change in front of us, or we undress you at our own pace,” Zayn fumes suddenly. I back up a little at his outburst.

“I vote for neither of the above,” I mutter under my breath, but I start taking off my shorts anyway, feeling very self-conscious as all their eyes glue themselves on me. I turn a soft cherry color in discomfort. I take them completely off, and I hurriedly put the panties on, before brining my shorts back up. I moan a little as it bumps into the sex toy.

“May I take it out please?” I whimper, my hand reaching to pull it out. Liam slaps it away.

“No. Were not finished with that yet.”

“But were gonna be on a commercial plane yeah? You won’t be able to do anything there!” I complain.

“No, but this plane ride isn’t supposed to be comfortable for you. You need to learn your lesson. A little turbulence would only do you good,” Liam continues.

I puff in frustration.

Putting on the bra is less embarrassing, but I find out I needed help halfway. The thing is, I tried taking a short cut by sliding my arms out of the shirt to put them in the straps of the bra, but then I end up not being able to tie it in the back.

Niall was the first one to realise this as he went behind me and tied it for me. I slide my arms back inside the sleeves, trying to act indifferent about what he just did. He did kidnap me. He did break my trust. He lied to me. But he didn’t treat me like an object. Thoughts about him are a jumbled mess in my mind as our eyes cross.

“All set?” Harry asks a little dazed by my undressing session.

“No. I’m gonna walk barefoot in an airport? You can produce underwear from your jacket but shoes wouldn’t have been possible.” I protest.

“Well I would’ve brought my Kevin slippers but―” Louis starts.

“Forget it. I don’t even wanna hear it,” I grumble.

 They all chuckle and Harry presses the speaker button.

“What was your emergency?” A lady with an annoying voice answers. “You have to press the speaker button as soon as you press the emergency one.”

“I’m terribly sorry. My friend here had hit the button by mistake.” Harry replies, his voice seeming genuinely sorry.

“Be careful next time.” She sighs.

The elevator starts moving again and I put on my Ray-Bans with an annoyed sigh, much to everybody’s amusement.



Niall and I had stopped in a little café for breakfast while Harry and the others went to get our tickets, some clothes and some other stuff. We were sitting face to face on the little table, none of us saying a word. I munch hungrily on my blueberry muffin while Niall takes bites of his pancakes, looking at me once or twice between his mouthfuls. My eyes separate from my muffin for a few seconds to gaze at the Irish-boy. His eyes meet mine and something twists inside me.

“Thank you,” I say, breaking the uncomfortable silence.

“For what?” he responds, his Irish accent strong.

“For not always treating me like the other boys treat me. Like a fuck toy,” I explain.

Something melts in his eyes, but it’s gone as soon as I see it. He stays silent, and takes another bite of his pancakes. I huff, and finish eating my muffin as Louis arrives toward us, a cheesy smile on his face and a couple shopping bags in his hands.

“Sophie! I’ve got something for you!” he announces proudly.

“What?” I roll my eyes. He pulls out of one of his bags a pair of carrot slippers. I can’t help laughing as he hands them to me. I put them on, a warm tangy feeling spreading through me. My feet are finally warm and fuzzy. I jump up and hug him tightly, ignoring the sex toy rubbing my insides. Louis seems a little taken aback by my actions, but returns the hug anyway.

“Thanks Lou,” I smile, breaking the hug.

“Shhh. Not too loud! People will recognise me and mob me till I accept to bang them,” he whispers in my ear.

“Ugh. You totally screwed the moment,” I groan, pushing him away.

Soon enough, Harry, Liam and Zayn are also coming back, their hands full of bags just like Louis. Harry though, had a big smile on his face. This couldn’t be good.

“Lads, I’m pleased to announce that our commercial flight has been changed to a private jet!” he exclaims happily. Holy Shit. Crap. Crap. Crap. I’m going to be used in their games once again. I doubt our last game had ended, the object inside me proving me right. The guys cheer, especially the three that didn’t get their go with me. I’m in deep shit again.

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