not really walflowers

4 girls, 5 guys. BOOM. 2 worlds collide.Will Harmony,Zaira,Autum,Courtney fall for one direction when they meet or push them away like they did with all the other boys because of their past and only have each other? Especially will they end with a happily ever after ending like all of them wanted too? want to find out? well then read it.



1. Characters



Harmony Perri: 17, Caucasion, naturally long curly blond hair,faded blue eyes, and cotton candy colored lips, {im her in the story} super skinny, 5'6, crazy,funny,bubbly,weird,directioner, eating habit,flirt. likes reading,drawing singing, listening to music [especially Anthem Lights look 'em u:p}, and hanging out with friends. bad girl/funny in the group.3 tattoos: one on her wrist thats a heart,one on her right hip thats says forever young,and one on her ankle thats a infinitie sign. also does youtube covers. 2/25/1996


Zaira Cacares: Hispantic,black long curly hair, blood red lips,19,caramel eyes,5'9,skinny, weird,mysterious,funny,directioner. likes eating,singing and hanging out with friends. leader of the group. no tattoos. 1/19/1994



Courtney McCormick: 18,Caucasion,straight long blond hair,nude lips,auqa eyes,skinny,18, 5'7, crazy, funny, weird,directioner,EATING HABIT {bad bad habit} flirt flirter. likes singing,eating,hangoutout with friends,listening to music. flirt of the group. 1 tattoo on her upper right side of her back thats a seahorse. 12/28/1995


Autum Sterry S: 18, Caucasion,long straight red hair{naturally red},nude lips,green eyes,super skinny,5'8,sensable,funny,weird,directioner,listening to music,and hanging out with friends. sensable one of the group.   no tattoos. 12/2/1995


you know who the boys are.

Harmony and Autum are like Louis and Harry.      

SORRY I DECIDED IS WASNT GONNA BE COMPLETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i will finish it.. :p

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