An Awards Ceremony With Taylor Swift


2. Preparation

We had been back at Taylor’s house hardly even ten minutes when the doorbell chimed through the house, announcing that the stylists had arrived. I felt the excitement building inside me and a big smile spread across my face. I had been watching the Grammy’s award ceremony for as long as I could remember and I had never felt this excited. I couldn’t actually believe that I was going to the Grammy’s until I arrived at Taylor’s house to get ready. I thought that it may have just been a fantasy that I had created in my head. A tall, young brunette woman greeted us by saying, 'Hi, I’m Liz, that is Jesse,' she said pointing to another young woman who smiled warmly back at me. 'And this is Max,' she said, stepping aside allowing a tall, handsome man pass through with arms full of bags. He placed them on the ground and shook our hands. Before we could begin, Liz talked to us about her plans and showed us photos of what they planned on doing. It all looked so amazing what they had planned for us. Once they finished, Tay and I were off to the shower… Once we gathered back downstairs, they had their make-shift salon set up and we were told to be seated so that they could begin. Firstly, our hair was blow dried and instead of trying to straighten and control the mass of curls, they worked with them. Taylor’s cat Meredith hopped up on her lap, then decided that she would rather me and curled up on my lap to sleep and be cuddled. She began to purr as my hair was being plaited intricately over the top of my head. Tay and I were to have practically the same hair style except for a few minor differences. I closed my eyes and relaxed, enjoying the slight tugging and gentle work of Liz’s hands… I was shaken awake by Jesse and heard laughter as I opened my eyes. I wiped the drool of the side of my mouth and realised that that’s what they had been laughing at. Typical of me to embarrass myself in front three strangers. Tay found it extra funny and was laughing uncontrollably at me and as she did, a snorting noise occurred. This made me laugh and everyone else laughed even harder at it which only made her snort more. After we all settled down, Jesse began my make-up and half an hour later, we were ready for the Grammy’s… I slid into the long, purple vehicle and the first thing I noticed, other than the fresh smell of vanilla and chocolate, was the purple felt seats. I ribbed my hands over them as Taylor slid in beside me. 'Isn’t it just awesome?' she asked and I replied by saying, 'Yeah, is this the same car you had before or is it new?' 'It’s the same car, I just had it redecorated,' she replied, looking around at her marvellous design. It looked seriously cool! There was a small disco ball hanging from the roof of the car and a sun roof made of glass to look out. We received a drink, then the car started as we were driven to the Grammy’s. I felt butterflies in my stomach but also a thrill. A thrill because I was in this car with my best friend, because I was going to the biggest award ceremony in the world and because I was afraid of what people would think of me. Yeah I had been out in public with her before and we featured in gossip magazines together, but never anything as big as this. I’m not as pretty as Tay and my hair isn’t as nice so of course I was worried about having to impress people after they had seen her. As there is no way that I could ever live up to the standards of Taylor Swift… The car stopped and through the tinted windows I could see the constant flashing of cameras capturing every moment. The door opened and I was blinded instantly. I felt my way across the seat and reached for Tay’s hand, which she offered and led me along the red carpet. Our arms were linked as I looked across at her and saw her beautiful smile. I figured that I should smile as well and did my best to keep a smile on my face until me reached the opening at the end. When we reached the end we stood for a few minutes to allow plenty of opportunity for photos then made our way into what seemed like a dark auditorium, but was actually a fully lit theatre. We had an official photo taken and Taylor checked in for her performance later on in the show and to confirm her nominations. We were lead through the crowd to our seats at table 13. I said hello to Tay’s mum and brother then we sat patiently, mingling with other nominees and chatting amongst ourselves until the lights were dimmed and the hosts took the stage…
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