Forever and Always

At the age of seven Kayleigh's parents were cruelly torn away from this world by a horrible car accident. She saw it all. The car. The skid marks. Each drop of blood spilt. Every night at her orphanage she has a flashback to that day.

In trying to make it all end the beginning starts. Louis Tomlinson changed it all.


1. It Has To End

Kayleigh's POV:

Mum reached her hand out for me to take and I did. My hand bundled in her warmth. Dad smiled down and took my other hand. We walked to the park and I saw my friend Isobel, I ran to play with her and left my parents. They sat down on a bench nearby and watched as we played tag. Suddenly they saw a friend of theirs across the road and told me they'd be back in a minute. They never did come back though. They never saw that van. Speeding towards them. I saw it though. It was all my fault. 


They lay on the road, surrounded by a crowd, red blood dripping from their broken bodies. I ran towards them screaming and people tried to hold me back. The tears spilled from my eyes like rain from the sky as I struggled to get free. The ambulances came and took away my parents. Forever.





Like most nights I woke up in cold sweat and tried to calm to calm down my breathing. I shook my head and laid my head down on the pillow. I'd had enough of it all. I'd been at this orphanage since I was 7 and now I was 17; I've had 10 years of sleepless nights. It had to stop. I sat up and got out of bed. I pulled on some leggings and a large jumper and slipped on some trainers then I walked to the main office. I searched around for the front door key until I found it. Then I unlocked the door and walked into the cold night. It was about a 10 minute walk to the river but when I got there my hands were blue and I was shivering violently.

I took a step towards the river anger looked in. The water was dark and murky, deep and threatening. The current was strong and could probably pull me down in a second. There would be no going back. Goodbye world, after you happy now? Hello mum, hello dad, can't wait to see you. 3-2- "Stop!!"

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