The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


11. The Quidditch Field

The rest of the week passed with out much happening. Draco kept his distance and tried to tell everyone that the letter was fake. Everyone believed him, but kept their distance just in case.


It was on Saturday morning that something unexpected happened. Lea was walking around the grounds because she had nothing better to do. She found herself on a field with three hoops on either end.


She heard an odd clicking noise and ignored it when she found the source. Other people must have heard the noise because they all came to look. The thing that was different about them was that they were on flying brooms.


Lea heard something behind her and turned to see seven green clad Slytherins coming onto the field. The Gryffindors landed and started walking over to them. They looked angry.


Ron and the girl from potions, something Granger, came and wee talking with the group. Draco came into view and showed them a black broom that the whole team had. Lea walked over to them and, being the artist at invisibility that she is, listened without once being looked at.


Draco was talking and Lea was only half listening, looking instead at the brooms that they held. She was quite interested in them until she heard the word "Mudblood" come out of Draco's mouth.


Lea knew what it meant and was not in the least bit put out by it. She actually like being called a mudblood because it was just another name that people thought would hurt her. It just made her stronger.


Lea did, however, have a problem with people calling others that. Especially if they did not think the way she did. The Granger girl obviously knew what it meant and didn't like it. It was time to intervene.


Lea willed herself to be seen and just after Ron's wand backfired, was noticed. She came skipping up to Draco with a huge smile on her face. She leaned in to kiss his cheek. (Draco was frozen with surprise at this point.)


Lea whispered in his ear. "That was quite rude, my darling. Don't do it again or it may make me mad. You wouldn't want another one of your 'love letters' to get into Peeves' hands do you," and pulled away. Draco was a pink that showed that he was furious. He had nothing to say.


Harry, Ron and Granger walked to a near by hut. A giant man with black hair covering his face let them in.


Lea walked back to the castle. While she was walking in she heard Peeves laughing. She asked him to do a favor for her and, after the last time he had said yes happened, was eager to help.


That night during dinner, Peeves came in and poured all the ink Lea had given him on top of Draco's head.


Ten minutes later, Lea was a ginger cat with bright orange spots. She felt herself changing back to human form and forced it down. It only succeeded for a minute before she was human again. "Again," came Snape's order and she changed again, this time trying to change back to human form.


At this she succeeded. She was panting by the time they stopped for the night. Snape was again impressed with her accomplishments. Lea quickly excelled at her transformations of animals. After three weekends, she had total control and only had the classes of animal training once a month.


That left Dumbledore and Snape a little light headed. None of the other teachers knew about this ability. Not even McGonagall knew. Lea never mentioned it, as told by Snape.


Snape quickly became Lea's favorite teacher. In return, she became his favorite student. They share a special bond. The kind found in a father and daughter. During the Occlumency and Legilimency lessons, Lea learned about his past. Including his love of Lily Evans and hatred for James Potter. By accident. He always remembered to take out his memories and put them in  a pensive after that. Lea couldn't look at him for a week. Then she apologized and they moved on.


Soon Lea was calling him by his first name when only other teachers were around, as he did called her Lea all the time now. Snape never took his classes easy on her though. She was ecstatic about that. She knew just how good she was.

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