The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


10. The Love Letter from Peeves

After Lea had gotten dressed the next morning, she went and looked for someone. She asked Sir Nick if he knew where Peeves the Poltergeist was. "Charms corridor, I believe," he said and floated away.


Lea headed to the corridor. Peeves was humming a song as he loosened the chandelier on the ceiling. She watched him for a minute and cleared her throat.


"Ooh, ickle firsty. What should I do? Hmm," peeves pondered.


"I would like your help Peeves," Lea told him.


"Why should I help a firsty?"


"I can pay you. And you get to disrupt the whole school, while they are eating. Of course, it would also humiliate one student and make so many others tease him. It would also give you ammunition for that particular student," Lea explained.


"Pay me with what?"


"A bottle of ink."


Peeves thought it over for a minute. He agreed. Lea gave Peeves the details and went off to eat breakfast.


In the Great Hall, the mail had just been delivered and Lea got a letter. It was from her mother just asking what she had done for the first for days. Snape came up to her and handed her a second year schedule.


Suddenly there was a loud noise. Everyone looked up as Peeves flew to the Slytherin table. He looked for someone and found her. Lea looked startled as Peeves hovered in front of her. He was waving a paper in his hand.


"Looky, looky what I have!! It says 'My dear Lea, I must tell you this. From the moment I saw you I knew I loved you. Your hair sparkles and is as bright as fire. Your eyes are soft and loving. I wrote this poem for you!'" Peeves looked around as did  Lea. Draco was smirking at her. Everyone was looking at Lea and Peeves.


"'You are perfect in every way. Please be mine.' Okay not much of a poem, sorry. I do want you. Your ever loving..." Peeves paused for dramatic affect, "Draco Malfoy."


Everyone gasped as they looked at Draco. Snape and Dumbledore both smiled, but Snape's was faint.


Lea, cheeks burning with a fake blush, skipped to Draco and kissed him on the cheek. His cheeks were a bright red with embarrassment and anger.


Lea went out of the Hall and down a side corridor. Peeves soon followed. She paid him with the ink that Draco dumped on her.


"Yay!!," Peeves cackled and flew off.


Lea went to her first class, Charms, with the Hufflepuffs. She barely listened to Flitwick and decided to answer her mother's letter. Lea was the first person to do the stocking charm, but she had already done it.


Next was DA with Ravenclaw .Lea was still writing her mother back. In both classes, she sat alone in the front of the class. It was in Transfiguration that things started to get interesting. McGonagall told her to sit next to a boy with red hair, freckles and a taped wand. Apparently his name was Ron Weasley. He and Harry Potter had driven to school in a flying car.


While they were trying to turn a mouse into a tea cup a big blast of smoke came out of Ron's wand. It was green and made Lea gag. McGonagall told Ron to get a new wand after she cleaned the air with a flick of her wand. Behind them Draco was laughing. He was told to stop or he would have detention.


The last class of the day was double Potions again with the Gryffindors. She took a seat at the front of the class and waited for Snape. He came in and looked at her then at Malfoy. He turned to the board to hind a small smile.


"You will be working in pairs today while trying, and most likely failing, to create a numbing potion. The instructions are on the board. I have the pairs on the board as well. Begin," he said and began to walk across the room.


Lea looked up and saw that, thankfully, she was not paired with Draco. Rather, she was paired with Harry. She heard him groan as he came to sit next to her. He got out his cauldron and lit a fire underneath of it.


"No!! Don't pack the powdered root," Lea hissed at him as he tried to do the first step. "It has to be loose or the potion will begin to spit white sparks at us." Lea grabbed his hand as he tried to put the root in the potion. She yanked the cup out of his hand and remeasured the powdered root.


Behind them a girl who was working with Ron jumped as white sparks flew and burned them. Lea hissed in sympathy. "She packed it."


Lea focused on their potion and began to measure out the ingredients. She had just added them in when Snape came around. Harry was still watching the girl.


"Potter, I suggest you stop worrying about Granger. You should be focusing on your potion. Or do you plan for Miss Talbot to do this alone?" Harry jumped at Snape's voice and turned around.


"No, I wasn't, sir," he said back, his voice filled with anger and undisguised hatred.


"Well, you seem to be doing a poor job of helping her. Talbot, how much has he done with the potion," Snape asked Lea. She felt odd about telling him not much even when it was the truth.


She but her lip nervously trying to decide what to say. "I can tell if you lie," he whispered so only she could hear him.


"Harry lit the fire and tried to put in the powdered root," Lea said, admitting defeat.


"Tried? Explain."


"He was about to add the root when I stopped him because he had packed it in. If I hadn't, there would be two cauldrons spitting sparks out," she explained.


"Yes, there would. Potter because of your lack of participation, you will get half marks and finish the potion. If it does not come out perfect, you will get a zero. Miss Talbot, you are excused for the remainder of today with full marks. You may go," Snape said and turned away.


Lea gathered her things and went to the Library. On her way out she saw Draco glaring at her with a deep hatred. In the Library, lea finished her homework and went to the Great Hall for dinner.


The classes had just gotten out. No one sat any closer the three seats away from Lea. She was delighted to see that Draco was getting the same treatment. Even his thugs were no closer than two seats away. Her plan had worked perfectly.


That night, Occlumency was started with a change in her schedule. Instead of getting weekends off of classes, she had an extra class. As it turned out transforming into animals and talking to them all was never known to have existed before.


After Lea understood what was going on during the weekends, Occlumency began. She had improved, but only a little. Again the lesson was stopped at 9. Lea left and went to bed leaving Snape to marvel at how fast Lea was taking to Occlumency. Usually it took a month before they made any improvement at all. Usually they also can't shape change or push you out on the first day of practice, Snape thought to himself. This was indeed going to be an interesting year.

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