The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


12. The Forest and Voices

Before she knew it, a month had passed and Lea still had no friends. She had knew some of the other students, but not well. They only talked to her out of manners. That was fine by her, there was more time to read. Draco was still being a prat, but didn't do anything too bad after the thought of a love letter finding its way to Peeves. Everyone had forgotten it in two weeks.


October had come and with it a cold frost and orange leaves. Lea spent most of her time outside still and had come to see several interesting creatures.


There was the giant squid in the lake, black bony horse things and unicorns that came out of the forest to see her. Lea knew the forest was forbidden ( hence its name: The Forbidden Forest), but she could not help herself and after classes one day, walked into it.


She started walking on a path and soon found herself in a large clearing. In it were a hundred centaurs, all magnificently powerful. She kept out of sight, not wanting to bother them and slipped away. Soon, Lea found another clearing and it was empty.


She sat down and waited for an animal to come to talk. After a moment's hesitation, a small young unicorn came to her. His name was Gelli.


They just looked at each other of a while. Finally, Gelli asked "Can you run with me?"


He was such a sweet creature that Lea couldn't refuse. Saying it will take a moment, she changed into a beautiful blue unicorn with a startling bright pink horn. She tried in vain to change her color. (She found out that, while Lea can change into different animals, she cannot change her size, color or anything else.)


The two unicorns ran for almost a mile. They stopped by a creek to drink. There was a tussling behind them, but since Gelli wasn't worried, she soon calmed down.


Then the giant man from the hut near the Quidditch field came into view. He looked at Lea (still in unicorn shape) and raised his crossbow.


"What are you," he asked as he edged closer and prepared to fire in self defense.


Lea started to back away not wanting to make a sudden movement. Gelli put himself in front of Lea. The man lowers the bow slightly.


"It may be best for you to turn back to the shape I found you in," Gelli told her. Lea did as he suggested and became human again.


The man stared at her during the transformation. He then glared at her when she became normal again and walked up to her.


"Who are you? What are ya? And by God, why are ya even 'ere? This place is dangerous an' forbidden for students," he yelled at her. "There are them creatures that'd kill ya on aright!"


Lea stumbled back at the harshness of his words. "No there isn't," she said calmly. "All creatures are kind in their only way. And, for your information, I'm human. My name is Lea Talbot."


Recognition startled his face. "I thought 'at ya did the mind thing," he said.


"I can. Professor Dumbledore asked me to keep my other power a secret," Lea explained. "You aren't mad, are you? No animals have ever harmed me. This place is as safe the Hogwarts castle."


The man thought this through for a moment. "Na', I won't tell 'im. Just tell me if yer want to go inta the forest. M' name's Hagrid," Hagrid said to Lea. "Go back ter the school."


Lea left the forest right after and headed to nowhere in particular. She found a staircase that lead down. At the bottom as an indoor courtyard like thing. She began to hear singing and followed the sound.


Behind a fountain there was a girl with blonde hair, bright blue eyes and pail skin. She wore Ravenclaw robes and had no shoes on.


With her was a beautiful female ghost. She had long brown hair and a sad gleam in her eye. They were singing together.


The girl noticed Lea first and smiled. "Ae you here to look for me," she asked in a singsong voice. The ghost turned and began to glide away.


"No," Lea said as she turned and walked away.


She went to the library for a while then went wandering again. She was turning a corner when she heard a voice.


"Kill... Eat. Let me tear you... Let me look at you.... Time to kill...Mudblood.. Not allowed..." The voice slithered off as if it were a snake. This left her quite shaken and so she did something that she swore she wouldn't do. Lea went to the Slytherin common room while there were people in it.


No one spoke to her as she sat next to the fire on a chair. She was so withdrawn from the world that she didn't go to dinner. Lea sat there and thought.


It was at nine that she knew that she had not moved for some time. That was only because Severus had come to look for her. She had skipped her lessons and didn't notice when he came into the room. He came to stand by her and Lea just kept looking at the slowly dying flames.


He had to shake her to get Lea back out of her thoughts. She looked up in surprise as things came into focus. "Come with me," Severus told her and walked out of the room. Lea followed.


They went to his office. "Why did you not come to Occlumency?" Lea looked around the room and tried to find the right words. She spotted Dumbledore in the corner. Severus had called him in when Lea had not come.


"I don't know how to say this," she began, looking at the pair of them in turn. "I was... thinking about something I heard," Lea said a little airily.


"What did you hear," Dumbledore asked her. "Why did it trouble you? You seem to take pride in insults that are yelled at you."


"It wasn't human and it sounded like no animal I ever heard before. Kind of like a snake, but bigger and more dangerous," Lea said remembering. Dumbledore nodded for her to continue. "It said it wanted to kill. And something about mudbloods not being allowed."


Severus was more pail than normal. Dumbledore was a bit grave and he was looking at her interestingly.


"I see. I will look into it. Go to bed," Severus told her. When she had gone he took a deep breath. "The monster is back. The Chamber has been opened," Severus said shakily.


"That may not be true. I will look into it, Severus. Keep your eyes open," Dumbledore said, sounding like he was trying to convince himself.


Lea lay awake in her bed thinking of the voice. It may come after me, she thought. Oddly enough, that didn't faze her. It made her just a tad bit more curious.


Lea was awake until dawn. She finally fell asleep. That day Lea looked up everything she could find on magical snakes.

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