The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


9. Lessons and Occlumency

Lea hurried down the winding stairs after she asked directions from a ghost named Sir Nicholas. She turned left and found herself in front of a slouching man with yellow eyes, holding a brown cat with the same color eyes.


"You should be in class missy," he said with glee. "You'll have detention for sure. I'll ask if you can clean the silver for the feasts."


Suddenly McGonagall came out of the door behind him. "There you are Miss Talbot. I assume that you have spoken to Professor Dumbledore? Yes, good. I will give you the notes and you must take it from there. You will be working during one of the older classes. Third year, I think," she bustled the man away while she was speaking.


Lea was pushed into an empty classroom and handed some notes. Transfiguring a match into a needle. She took a match and didn't even glance at the notes. Silently she cast the spell and the match was a needle.


McGonagall noticed the lack of speach. "Why didn't you say the incantation," she asked Lea after looking at the needle.


"I never have. Should I," she asked, a bit scared that she did something wrong.


"Most pupils must say these spells then learn to stop talking while casting spells. You seem to do it naturally. That is all," McGonagall said and gave her the next assignment. By the time an hour was up, Lea had gone through almost all of the first year lessons. In the next hour she had passed the exam and was working on second year lessons. It was harder for Lea than first year, but she enjoyed the challenge. Almost forty-five minutes earlier than in her schedule, Lea was walking to Defense Against the Dark Arts.


The same thing that happened in Transfiguration happened in DAD and she was let out early again. She had read all of Lockhart's book back to him from memory. The rest of the day went on in much of the same way. Lea passed all her exams and went on into second year studies.


Secretly, Lea was ecstatic that she had decided to study at home, and buying some of the books she though she might need next year.


When Lea went to dinner it was 7. She took her time eating and went to the common room until it was time to go to Occlumency. Most of the other students were at dinner still.


At five to 8 Lea left to go to class. On her way out she met an unwelcome guest. It was Draco. Lea "accidentally" bumped into him. She was still annoyed at what had transpired at breakfast, so Lea decided to get a little revenge. "I'm sorry," she mumbled like a little girl being scolded by her parents.


"Out of my way, mudblood," Draco hissed and pushed past her. This is going to be good, she thought.


Lea made her way down to the dungeons and stopped at the Potions room. She knocked and was told to enter.


The room had been changed since she last saw it. Last time there were long tables all around the room with two seats at each table. Now there is one seat in the middle of the room and all the tables were no where to be seen.


The only things that stayed the same were Snape's desk and the walls. The desk was black with potion books and ungraded papers. The walls were covered in shelves. On them were jars of animals, potions and animal organs including eyes, hearts, livers, and stomachs.


Snape was standing beside his desk facing Lea. Lea sat in the chair as he started talking.


"Occlumency is the protection of one's mind from another. It is difficult to use and harder to master. Legilimensy is the practice of getting into and seeing another's mind. It can be unpleasant and very painful to the mind that is being attacked. Only through Occlumency can one protect your mind from Legilimency.


"To master Occlumency one must strengthen their mind and let go of all  emotion and memory." Snape explained. "We will be starting your Occlumency training today and your Legilimency next week.


"You will practice Occlumency when ever you can and Legilimency only when I say, is that understood?"


"Yes, sir," Lea said. This was serious, judging by Snape's tone. She made a mental note not to disobey him... unless it was necessary of course.


Snape then walked to stand right in front of Lea. "We will begin." Snape raises his wand and said "Legilimens!" Suddenly Lea was seeing her memories in her mind's eye.


She was five and she was going to kindergarden. She was seven and crying silently in a corner of the classroom. Lea had just been teased. Lea was ten, she was overhearing a conversation about her. Being called a freak, weird and creepy. She felt pride and happiness.


Lea was listening to Snape talk about Occlumency that had happened minutes ago. "To master Occlumency one must strengthen their mind and let go of all  emotion and memory." Let's try, Lea thought to herself.


Lea let go and started to float. She let her memories overflow. She could see and hear everything that she could remember. It all stopped in an instant.


Lea was now floating in a dark abyss, seep rated from herself. She saw a light and followed it.


Lea opened her eyes and found herself on the floor to where she had sat. She was panting.


"Very good, for a first try at least," Snape complimented. Lea felt a flush of pride. She knew that Snape was not open to compliments. "You could have gotten me out sooner, if you had been more aggressive. Or if you had remembered what I had told you."


Lea took a breath to calm her heart and asked "To be a master at this, do you have to be able to do things while doing Occlumency?" She was trying to buy some time to recover.


"Yes," Snape stated. "We will go again. Legilimens!"


So it went on for an hour. Lea cut herself off when she felt his presence in her mind. She could only do so after Snape had seen at the least three of her memories that varied in length.


At 9 Snape called a halt to the lesson. "You will clear your mind before bed each night and take at least 20 minutes a day to practice. That is all, you may go," Snape told her. Lea could have sworn that his voice was a bit horse, but it was gone in a second. She must have imagined it. "Go to bed."


Lea put her pajamas on in her dormitory and fell in bed. She added a few protection spells around her bed, added the some spells  to her things, put her wand and her glasses by her bed (of course she had put protection charms around the table) and cleared her mind. It didn't really change her routine. Clearing her mind was how Lea learned to fall asleep.


Meanwhile, in Dumbledore's office he an Snape were talking about Lea. "There is more to her than either of us expected. In the last few minutes of our session that just ended, I saw her transform. He became a snake, to hide from a student who had bullied her. Another time she became a cat so that she could follow it. I do not believe that her connection with animals is limited to speech. She is able to transform into the animals," Snape told Dumbledore.


"It would seem so. When she transforms, do you know if it's like an animagus," Dumbledore asked curiously.


"Yes, it is, except that she can change into multiple animals. Lea also didn't need to study to change to my knowledge," Snape informed him. "That is not the point. Lea needs to learn to control this... power. It may be as important as her Occlumency," Snape snapped.


Dumbledore smiled to himself. He had not missed that Snape was now calling her Lea all the time now. "Your right. How well can she control that power now, Severus," Dumbledore asked him.


"Enough so, that she can choose when and what she will transform into, but not for how long. Why do you ask?"


"I think that we may need to change her Occlumency schedule. On the weekends, she will go down to the dungeons and you will try to help her with her transforming. The week is devoted to her Occlumency and Legilimency," Dumbledore said.


The next thing Snape knew, McGonagall, Flitwick and Lockhart entered the office. They were all saying how Lea had done in their classes.


"She has passed into second year," Flitwick said.


"Indeed. I gave we the final without her realizing it and Talbot passed with better marks than Granger did," McGonagall told them, with an air of awe.


"Did she pass in all of her classes," Dumbledore asked them. Everyone but Snape said yes at once.


They all turned to Snape for an answer to the question. He stood there for a moment and then, slowly, nodded.


"Severus, please give Miss Talbot a second year's schedule-," Dumbledore began.


"In two days," McGonagall said interrupting Dumbledore. Both turned to look at her. "She has to get into the habit of speaking the spells out loud. Right now she says them silently. The other students will not be kind to her. They will think she is showing off," she explained.


"I'll give it to her tomorrow Professor McGonagall. I'm sure she can handle it," Snape sneered at her. "If it will keep you calm, I will instruct her to speak the incantations. At least at a whisper."


That seemed acceptable to them all. They went to bed after that. The next morning Lea found a note for her by her wand. She read it and complied with the note and spoke incantations unless she was by herself.

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