The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


1. Lea

An 11 year old girl was reading in the library again. She always did during lunch. Some said that it was depressing, but she liked being alone. She had gotten use to, and started to like, being alone when she turned five. She also learned to love peace and quiet. At the same time she learned to block out all the loud noise that came from those immature kids.


Her name was Lea Talbot. She had straight, knee length, fiery red hair. Her eyes were a hazel green. She had green glasses on and silver ones at home. Her favorite color was purple and lime green. 


Lea was always odd. She could understand animals and make things move by looking at them. Her parents thought that it was her imagination and their's when she showed them what she could do.


Lea's parents were college professors so she spent a lot of time with adults and learned at an early age about how they talk and how to talk to them. She had a photographic memory and love to read anything and everything.


Suddenly there was an announcement on the PDA system. Lea was called to the office. Her parents were here and needed to talk to her.


When she got to the office, Lea's parents were sitting in two of the empty seats. They were sweating, w hitch was normal. After all it was the end of July. Lea went to an all year school.


"We are taking you out of school, Lea. You have been accepted to a prestigious new school in Scotland," Lea's mother said without much emotion. "You start on September 1st."


There was no further discussion and Lea returned her books and headed home.

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