The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


8. Fawks the Phoenix

As Lea walked up to her bed, she was already the freak accident of the sorting hat. No one looked at her and they started whispering so that she could just barely hear.


"How did a mudblood get into Slytherin?" "She should go back where she came from." "There must be a mistake." One boy, with fair blond hair, loudly told her, "There must be a mistake, mudblood. You should be with the muggles. Why not make it easy on everyone here and go live with them?"


This was followed by "Go Draco" and  "Here, here." Along with one "Yah, go play with the Granger mudblood!"


Lea walked straight to her four poster bed. She didn't run or try to walk slow, she ignored the comments and calmly walked up the stairs.


When Lea got to her bed she took out her wand and started casting spells to protect her bed, property and her while she sleeps. Lea really needed to watch herself and stay out of the common room as much as possible unless she was alone.


The next morning Lea walked up to the Great Hall and sat at the end of her table. As one of the Slytherins passed her he dumped ink on her head. "Sorry, but it's a good look for you and it covers that smell." It was the blond boy from last night, Draco.


"I can't imagine it would make a difference. You couldn't smell me over your stench. You must shower, what, once a year? Less if you go by your hair grease. If you want my advice it's to shower more," Lea said with an absolutely straight face, making two fifth year Ravenclaw boys laugh.


It was at that point that Snape came up to them. "Not fighting, I hope," he said with a little sneer.


Draco opened his mouth to speak, but Lea spoke before he got a word in. "No, just giving fashion advice. Draco, ink black is not my color," she said turning to him. With that she undid her braid and ran her hands through her hair. The ink ran down in her hair and into a flask that she took out of her bag. "Thank you for the extra ink, Draco. I did need some," Lea said as she stored the ink away.


Snape, who had watch this, was amused to see Draco turn a shade of pink with anger. Without a change of expression, he handed Lea two sheets of parchment and walked away.


Draco, not wanting to get in trouble for fighting, stalked away. He sat next to two thugs that looked as stupid as they did huge. Lea allowed herself a small victory smile and looked at her schedule.


On the first sheet of parchment there was a note. Come to my office after breakfast and before your first class.-Albus Dumbledore. P. S. The password to get there is 'Lemon drop'. Ask a portrait if you need help to find it.


Lea put the parchment under the second and began to read her schedule. At 7 she had Transfiguration with McGonagall, 10 she had Defense Against the Dark Arts with Lockhart 1 was Charms with Flitwick, then lunch from 2 to 2:45. Then there was potions at 3 with Snape. She must be being taught during their free periods and possibly during upper classes. Finally there was another class at 8, unmarked except that it was taught by Snape.


She finished eating quickly and walked out of the Hall. She asked directions from a portrait of a little girl with a pail dress and brown hair. Lea walked up to the stone gargoyle and said the password. It jumped aside and Lea walked up to a spiral staircase. She stepped on and it began to turn.


About a minute later she was standing in front of a huge oak door with a gold handle. It opened noiselessly, without help from anyone. Lea looked out in the room and found it empty except for a bird.


The bird was huge with red, orange, gold and black feathers. Its beak was fire red with a black tip and was razor sharp. It sang at Lea and it was instantly calming and almost brought tears to her eyes.


"Hello, who are you, you beauty," Lea asked a bit breathlessly.


"My friend calls me Fawks. Who are you? No human has ever talked to me in my tongue," the bird said.


"I'm Lea," and Fawks was right, lea was speaking in the same song like calls that he was making. "What are you? I have never seen any bird as noble as you before."


The bird ruffled his feathers at the compliment. "I'm a Phoenix." His voice became excited then. "My Burning Day is coming, just before the winter, too! I can't wait. I always feel better after a burning."


"What is a Burning Day," Lea asked a bit confused. By this time she had let all her walls that kept her distant from humans down.


"It's the day I die and burn," Fawks sang. Seeing the worrying crease on her face, he said "then I am a chick again. I grow up in a few days and I'm as big as I was before! It's fun, I don't understand why humans don't do this too."


Lea grinned and explained how that when humans burn they die and aren't reborn. That seemed to confuse the Phoenix until Lea explained that humans have only one life.


"What do you eat, Fawks?" He looked at her as if it were obvious. After a pause he told Lea that he ate mainly fish.


"My favorite is salmon," he sated. Fawks' mind started to wonder to food. "Next time I go hunting, I'll bring you one!"


"You don't have to. I'd probably give it to Raven anyway," Lea told the bird.


"Why give it to another bird," Fawks asked offended.


"Raven is the name of a kitten I take care of. I don't eat fish, but she loves it."


Suddenly there was a slight cough behind Lea. She turned and saw Dumbledore standing there watching her.


"That's my friend! You'll like him," Fawks said and then flew out an open window.


"Hello Lea. If I may, what were you and my Phoenix talking about? Nothing bad about me, I hope" Dumbledore asked. He seemed extremely curious.


Lea blushed. "Mainly about him," she mumbled.


"He must have liked that. They are a proud race," he said.


"He's very nice," Lea said trying to find something to say


"Yes. You are no doubt wondering why I asked you here. Well, your curiosity must wait until we are joined by Severus, I'm afraid," he said as he sat behind his desk.


Moments later, Snape walked in. "I do hope you hurry, Dumbledore. I have a class to teach in 10 minutes," he said as if he was late for it already.


"Ah yes. Lea, we came to notice that you have certain," he searched for the right word, "abilities. They can become very dangerous if you don't learn to control them."


"What abilities," Lea interrupted when Dumbledore took a breath.


"You can put your thoughts into someone else's mind, possibly see into that persons mind and could easily be in danger of someone entering your mind and learning other people's secrets." This time it was Snape that spoke, in a cool and calculating voice.


"Yes and for this reason the staff and I thought that the best course of action would be to give you an additional subject to study. You have no doubt seen the time set aside in your schedule that would be taught by Severus." Lea nodded at that. "You will be taking on a study called Occlumency. Severus is a very apt Occlumens. You may not tell the other students about this. Many would not understand."


"If they inquire to you about what is going on you will say that you either have detention or are taking on extra Potions lessons," Snape said.


"That is all. I suggest you get to Transfiguration." Lea made her way to the door after Dumbledore stopped talking. "Oh, and Lea, all of the staff know so you may speak to them about it, if it were to interfere with any of your school work. Have a good day," he said and she left.


When she had gone, Snape was about to leave, too. "Wait Severus. I must tell you something." Snape stopped at the door and looked back. "You were correct about her attachment to cats, but also wrong. I believe that Lea has an attachment to all animals. I caught her talking to Fawks. She was singing like him. Keep a close eye on her. That is all," Dumbledore said dismissively. Snape made his way down to the dungeon to teach.

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