The Slytherin Scandal: Year One

A girl named Lea was always the odd ball. She remembered everything she ever read, could make things move and even speak to animals. Her parents thought it was just her imagination. Soon Lea Talbot finds it is more, it is magic. When she gets to Hogwarts she is still the odd ball. Lea can read minds when hers wonders and she is a hundred by all the students. being the only ever muggle-born Slytherin, she must find a way to stay alive in a house that hates her and wants her dead. Not to mention all these killer...things.


17. An Interesting Day

That night Severus saw the whole meeting. He had agreed that it was unnecessary to tell the three about her other powers. He did, however, strongly disagree with any of them trying to discover The Chamber of Secrets. Severus believed that it was too dangerous.

Lea then pointed out that they were going to do it with or without her help and that it would be easier with her along. Also, that she would do it whether Severus liked it or not.

It took a second for Severus to digest this information.

"Very well, if you insist on this I will help, but only for as long as I am sure you will not be killed. After that I will force you, if I must, to stop. Is that understood," Severus asked Lea. He was grim about the thought.

"Yes, if you can," she replied with a mischievous smile on her lips. He would help her as long as she needed help. Lea had no doubt that Severus would force her to stop if he could. Especially if it was to save her from pain or death.

The next day dawned much more interesting than many before. Since the parseltongue incident, Dumbledore had had to explain to the staff about her ability to talk to all animals. He did not tell them about her shape shifting and he had asked Hagrid to keep that to himself.

When Lea entered Charms that morning, Professor Flitwick called her up to his desk. He was sitting on a pile of books and gave her a note. Flitwick told Lea to open an read it at his desk.

It stated that she was allowed in the forest (Hagrid had told Dumbledore about her adventure after the staff meeting that night, after everyone had gone) as long as she checked in with Hagrid. She was to tell him where she was going, when she was going and when she would be back. If she was late without a good reason, she would be banned from the forest like all the other students. Above all, she was not to tell anyone else about this, especially the twin Weasley brothers.

Lea went back to her seat. All the Hufflepuffs backed away from her while all the Slytherins tried to get on her good side. They would get her things, say nice things, ask if they could do her homework and even asked if they could hang out.

This increased as the day wore on. When she got to lunch every Slytherin tried to get close enough to compliment her or they tried to make themselves unnoticeable.

Harry seemed to have the opposite going on. The Slytherins were making gabs at him and the others were staying as far away as possible. Lea wished that that was happening to her. She hated large crowds.

Draco was on the opposite side of the table and on the far side. He was part of the extremely small group that were acting like the whole snake-talking thing had never happened. Lea bet that he would still call her a mudblood.

Lea was exhausted by the time Legilimency lessons. She was so tired that she fell asleep when she sat down to rest after the first try of getting into Severus' mind. She was unsuccessful.

Severus had to wake her up three times in seven minutes. By the last time Severus sent her to bed. He followed her to her dorm to make sure that she didn't fall asleep on the way there.

Lea slept undisturbed for the whole night. She barely had enough time to eat before Charms started. She broke a huge rule and turned herself into a mouse and used their passages to get to Charms in time.

During Occlumency, Severus found out. He didn't care. He sent her to bed early again. Severus had decided that he would make an announcement to the Slytherins tomorrow and he did.

"There will be no treating someone differently because of a different power. You are in Slytherins, nothing should scare you," Severus told them.

From then on, Lea was treated the same way she was before the whole mess started. At least by the Slytherins, everyone else kept their distance. Lea had no problems with anything else until the next attack.

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