Middle school love!!!

Just like the song fall by Justin bieber this is a story that goes with it but in middle school (2 bestfriends Selena and Miley) boy Justin bieber ***extra girl demi


2. Will you go out with me

So the day went on I had him for class that day we couldn't keep our eyes of eachother. No the like turned into loved he didn't know how much I liked him but ofcourse Miley wanted him ugh I wanted to pound her face cause I waited but whatever so me and Justin became bestfriends then 12-12-12 came and he asked me out FINNALY but I forgot to ask Miley whatever well I said yes and we hugged for so long :) well then we got in arguments she was trying to break us up people said I never liked him but I did so he broke my heart and oh did I cry I was angry at everyone I wanted to sit in my room and just stay forever under covers and ughhh worst feeling ever. So then 2-2-13came Justin asked Miley out I knew she said yes that made me want to rip her up and ugh through her away but ok she's just so grrrrrrr after that me and him where brother and sister and I saw him right in his notebook j+a=<3 I almost died but I told Miley and he flicked me off Miley never treated him right she would make him feel bad all I would sing to myself all day was nothing like us or that should be me he knew I was angry but he didn't seem to care I wrote him long texts and he answered OK ... "Ok" are you serious ok would you like me the punch your girlfriend OK .... Well FINNALy he listened at my schools movie thing he sat next to me but they were dating she was out of town so ummm... Yeah he leaned in and kissed me in the cheek I was so happy and then he said does that answer your  question If I like u I said yes and he held my hand I felt bd cause Miley wasn't her but yeah

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