Middle school love!!!

Just like the song fall by Justin bieber this is a story that goes with it but in middle school (2 bestfriends Selena and Miley) boy Justin bieber ***extra girl demi


1. First day

"Mom hurry up I'm going to be late for my first day" Selena said were here my mom yelled I walked out happy as can be finnally I get to see my new friends meet new people. The cute boys!! My BESTFRIEND had just walked in the hate we had been Besties since 3rd grade but this yet it's 6th. Homeroom was boring I only have three friends I knew in there first period p.e ewww third period history and last science ... Oh how I loved to go to science alright there's this cute boy in that science class I don't know his name though after a few classes I learned it Justin me and Justin started off as and oh Hi friends but looking in his eyes wow and his hair and his personality was amazing of only 5th period was all day well whatever my friends had invited me to this mall and he was going my friend she could take me you know Miley well. I called and called but she left me obviously since I howed her and told her about Justin she wanted him ugh it's like run away now well whatever it's a mall but the next day at school she starts to like him to obviously DRAMA starts and me yelling at her cause I really liked him but ugh whatever's so I went up to him and said Justin I really like you and he said I really like you to so ofcourse blushing I skipped away and smiled 😍

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