Nothing But Dangerous. ( A Zayn Malik FanFic)

Ana has recently moved to California where she meets the school's so called ' Bad boy'. His name is Zayn Malik, he gets expelled. Put into jail. Does drugs. What happens when Ana finds out his biggest secret? Will he get closer to her or is it just more trouble? but what if she hides the same secret...


4. Chapter 4.

         I woke up warm, the alarm went off and I turned then fell off the bed. " shit you ok?" Zayn asked in a morning voice. Are you trying to kill me? "I am killing you?" He grinned with him looking to me over his bed, " what?" I said. " Am I killing you?" He laughed, I shook my head. Liar, " your liar." He grinned. He fell on me on purpose, I groaned in response. His face was about a inch away from mine, " Get off of me please." I said. " Not till a get one thing." He grinned, " your already asking for wa-" He cut me off by putting his finger on my mouth. " We gotta brush our teeth first." He grinned.


         I quickly got my tooth brush, bottoms and a bra from my room then swung from the tree to his balcony, his towel was set low on his hips as I went through the window. I stumbled in and got my balance, " Just use the bathroom in my room." He said. I nodded.


         Doniya let me borrow a pair of skinny jeans after I took a shower. I slipped those on, Zayn came in. " What the hell?! you always come in when I am half naked!" I said, " You enjoy in though." he grinned getting a shirt. I sighed and pulled on a different shirt he gave me. It was huge but I like it, " you look better in my shirts then me." He winked. I turned red as I ran my hand through my hair.


         " Thank you so much for letting me stay here for the night." I said to Trisha, " Not a problem." she smiled. " Oh and Zayn," She added, he looked at her. " Get some milk on the way home." She said as I went into his car. " Alright." He said then kissed her forehead.


         Everyone gasped as they saw me in Zayn's shirt, " Damnnn! she looks good in your shirt!" Louis said. That earned him a smack from Zayn. " What's going on between you two?" One of the  'populars' named Hannah, " Nothing." I said. " Zayn." She said. He looked at her, " Let's go out." She grinned. Her teeth were straight but a bit yellow, gross. My heart ripped right in half, " No thanks, I already got someone." He smiled and glanced at me. She turned around and slapped me where my mom hit me. I winced in pain and squeezed my eyes shut, I opened my eyes in anger. This is why I don't want anyone to touch me, " Don't fucking touch me!" I shouted turning around. " What are you going to do." She said laughing then turned around to face me. " She's not worth it." Zayn whispered in my ear, I walked up to her and grabbed her arm then twisted it. She squealed in pain, " Don't fucking touch me." I growled.


         I got a warning, I was done. I cried in Zayn's shoulder, " I'm a mess." I cried.


         We ditched the rest of the day, he brought me home first. " Where the hell were you!" Mum shouted, she was surrounded in beer and wine bottles. I ran up stairs with her behind me and I locked the door. I grabbed my bag and stuffed cloths in it. I went through the window to my balcony, " Jump and I will catch you." Zayn said. I nodded, first dropped my bag to him. " you ready?" He asked, I nodded. I jumped off my balcony and closed my eyes. He caught me and I opened my eyes, " Let's get you inside. You can't go through the balcony because my mum will ask how you got in." He said. I nodded.


         Trisha got my mum arrested, " She gets to stay?" Safaa asked smiling. Trisha nodded and she jumped on me then hugged me. I smiled and hugged her back.


         I went with Zayn to get milk from the store, " We should have a movie night." I said biting on my lip. " Alright. you pick the movies and I will get the snacks." He said, I nodded. I wented to the rent box and looked through the movies. I picked the Notebook and Grown Ups, I went back inside to see Zayn in the snacks Isle. " Got them." I said setting them in the cart. I heard a familular irish accent from the other isle, " Niall?" I said. " I hear my name?!" He said scared. Zayn chuckled as Niall popped his head from the end of the isle. " Oh! hey!" He said. I laughed, " Movie night?" He asked. We both nodded, " Can I join?" He asked. " Sure." Zayn said.


         We laughed as they cut the line of the water slides, " Can we go to a waterpark?"  Waliyha asked. " Sounds like a pretty good idea." Niall said. Harry, Liam and Louis came in.


          Trisha let me move in with them, I have to live with them until I am eighteen.


          " Night." I said to them going upstairs, " Night." They all said at the same time.


          I got dressed in my pajama shorts and tank top then went into the covers. I turned to lay on my stomach to look through the window above my head. The night was clear and hot, I looked at the full moon and opened the window. I saw a few cars pass and someone laid down next to me, " We all agreed to go to a waterpark tomorrow." Zayn said playing with the ends of my hair. " Alright." I said quietly still looking out the window. I forgot it was the last day of school, damn.


          I woke up cold, " Get dressed!" The girls shouted then started jumping on my bed. " Girls." Trisha laughed, I didn't open my eyes and one was slapping my cheek lightly. " Boo!" I shouted opened my eyes. she let out a scream and fell back. Me and Safaa started laughing when she had her hand on her chest.


          This is a start for a good day.

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