Nothing But Dangerous. ( A Zayn Malik FanFic)

Ana has recently moved to California where she meets the school's so called ' Bad boy'. His name is Zayn Malik, he gets expelled. Put into jail. Does drugs. What happens when Ana finds out his biggest secret? Will he get closer to her or is it just more trouble? but what if she hides the same secret...


3. Chapter 3.

  My mum rang the doorbell, " Come in!" His mum smiled. I saw two girls sitting on the sofa then one coming downstairs. " Zayn! Come downstairs dear!" His mum shouted by the stairs, " I am Doniya." the oldest one smiled. " Ana. Nice to meet you." I smiled, " So your that Ana Zayn talks about." she grinned. " The famous Ana aye? I am Waliyha." One of the smaller girl's said. " Safaa is on the couch, sorry if she doesn't say hi. She is watching a movie and won't look away from the tv." Waliyha said.


          " You and Zayn in the same grade?" Trisha asked, I nodded drinking my water. I felt someone's hand on my thigh, the only one next to me was Zayn. He slid his hand under my dress and I bit my lip, "Does he make trouble?" Doniya asked grinning at him. His hand was by my panties and I slapped his hand away. " Nope." I said eatting my salad. Liar. " Trisha, I am sorry we gotta go. Something came up for me at work." Mum said. Oh, Zayn your in for war.


         I pulled up to the parking with my car, I killed the engine. I stepped out with the boys watching and grabbed my stuff from the side. " I missed you!" Louis screamed hugging me, " You yelled at me and now you miss me?" I asked amused. " I am sorry." He said kissing my cheek, " Get off of me." I said pushing him off and wiping my cheek with my sleeve.


         He was sitting right next to me,  from the corner of my eye I saw him stare at me. I licked my lips and he moved a bit in his chair, clearing his throat. We had to get out our books, I slowly moved my book bag to his side then ducked a bit to get it. " It won't work." He whispered in my ear, he then bite it turning me on a bit. " I am not even doing anything." I whispered taking out my book.


         He pinned me against the wall of lockers, " If I really wanted you, I could have to right now." he said. " Really now?" I said, " Do you know how it feels to have people scared of you? Having the one you love just fucking ignore you? not even fucking pay attention if you do something right?!" He asked. I nodded, " I grew up without a dad. My best friend won't even fucking talk to me now, my mom doesn't care about me unless I really need her. I hadda take care of myself since I was ten." I said. He took his hands off of me, " I am not used to having someone take care of me or even like me. That's why I don't even let people touch me." I said. He looked down to his feet, " I am sorry." he whispered. " It's fine." I said putting my hand on his cheek, " Oh you let her touch you!" Louis jokingly said crossing his arms. " Leave them alone." Harry saidd pushing him back into the class room. Zayn looked up and me and pulled me in a tight hug. " If you need anything, just know I am here for you alright?" He said then kissed my forehead. I felt safe in his arms.


         Mum then came home drunk, she slapped me as hard as she can. " you are the reason your dad left us!" She growled in my face. My face was soaked with tears, I ran through the open door and straight to Zayn's house next door. I rang the doorbell and ran my hand through my hair still crying. " What's wrong?" Doniya asked, Zayn popped up in the door. " What's goin-" Trisha paused and looked at the blood on my cheek.


         Zayn cleaned my cut, " she came home drunk." I said as more tears came out of my eyes. He wiped them away, " You can stay with us tonight." He said as I got off the bathroom counter. I nodded.


         I pulled one of his shirts of over my head, " You can sleep on my bed and I could sleep on the floor." He said getting a pillow and blanket. " You sleep on the bed. I will be on the floor." I said.


         He ended up sleeping with me in the bed, he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. " Night." He whispered. I didn't answer back, all I did was fall asleep soundly.

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