Nothing But Dangerous. ( A Zayn Malik FanFic)

Ana has recently moved to California where she meets the school's so called ' Bad boy'. His name is Zayn Malik, he gets expelled. Put into jail. Does drugs. What happens when Ana finds out his biggest secret? Will he get closer to her or is it just more trouble? but what if she hides the same secret...


2. Chapter 2.

          I got out of the shower and dropped my towel. I put on my bottoms then my bra. My phone started vibrating.


From: Unknown Number

Thanks for the show Xx


          I looked through my window and saw him smirk. He was leaned again his camaro, in a flash he was on my balcony. I grabbed my towel and clutched it in front of me. He climbed through the window and smirked at me. " Get the hell out." I growled, " What are you going to do?" He asked. His eyes glowed a golden color and his chest was against mine, I pushed him away from me and he hit the wall. " Your going to be late!" My mom shouted from downstairs, " What the hell was that for." He growled. " Get out of my damn face and out of my room." I said.


          " Just get in the damn car." Zayn said, mine wouldn't start. " No." I said irritated, I went towards the curb and he turned to get right in front of me. " I am not going into the damn car." I spat, " Why?" He asked. " I don't even know you." I said, " Just this once." He said. " Fine." I growled going into the other side, " Ello!" A voice shouted behind the seat. I jumped back, " Louis." Zayn said. " fucking scared me." I said sitting in the passenger seat, " Sorry." He said with a smile.


          I closed the door and went straight into the building. My head hit a hard chest and I stumbled back into someone's hands, " Why is everyone bumping into me today?!" Harry said. I opened my eyes, holy shit. He was towering over me, bright clear green eyes and curly hair. I just kept looking at him and then he winked at me. " Get her away from him." Louis laughed, I was still staring at him. " Yea..." Zayn said still having his arms around me. " Is there something on my face?" He asked in a raspy voice, " Get her out of here." Niall laughed. " Say bye!" Louis said, I gave them a wave before walking off with Zayn.


          I coughed as I breathed in the smoke, " You alright?" Zayn asked. " She can't breath because of the damn smoke." Niall said pulling my away from them, " That bitch of a teacher let me out late." Harry said sitting down next to me. " You hate her that much?" I asked, " She is after me, she tries to touch me." He said shaking his head. There was a kid talking to Liam, Louis and Zayn. " Don't even waste your breathe talking." Zayn growled at him, I got up but Niall held me down by the shoulder. I walked in front of the poor kid when Zayn was about to punch him. His stare softened, " Ana move." Liam growled. " No." I said crossing my arms. I turned around seeing the little freshmen shaking, " Run." I whispered. He went running inside, " what the hell was that for!" Liam shouted in my face. " What the hell did the poor kid do! You about to make him shit his damn pants!" I said. " Let's just go." Zayn said.


         Zayn drove me home, " Why did you fucking do that!" Louis shouted at me. " Why are you fucking yelling!? the poor kid was gonna get his ass beat just for talking with you guys!" I said, " Get out." Zayn said. " What?" I said, " Just get out." He said then stopped the car. Tears flooded down my cheeks as I opened the door, I closed it then he drove by fast. I was two blocks away from home, I wiped my tears but they still went down my cheeks.

         " Why are you so late? Didn't Zayn drive you?" Mum asked, " No." I said going up the stairs. " We are having dinner with his family tonight." She said. I went quickly in my room, slammed the door and cried sitting on my bed, " I'm sorry." his voice said in front of me. I looked up from my knees, " I got really mad, I shouldn't have done that." He said sitting on the bed in front of me.

         I put on my tight dress, it was the only one I had. I held my head in my hands. I'm so confused.

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