Nothing But Dangerous. ( A Zayn Malik FanFic)

Ana has recently moved to California where she meets the school's so called ' Bad boy'. His name is Zayn Malik, he gets expelled. Put into jail. Does drugs. What happens when Ana finds out his biggest secret? Will he get closer to her or is it just more trouble? but what if she hides the same secret...


1. Chapter 1.

          I stepped out of my 66' chevelle, this car was like a child of mine. It was painted black, a lot of boys back home in New York would do anything to at least drive it. I closed it, " Nice ride." Someone said behind me. He took a puff from his cigerate and dropped it to the ground. " Thanks."  I said getting my stuff from the trunk, " I got a 66' camaro." Someone said behind me. I turned around and met chocolate brown eyes. " Nice." I said closing the trunk.


         I felt holes being burned through me, I turned to the side seeing someone stare at me. " Can I help you?" I asked locking eyes with him, he smirked crossing his arms then sat back. " Well?" I asked a bit annoyed, I gritted my teeth together and turned back around. I needed a pen, well fuck. I looked through my bag, " Here." Someone said in my ear. He handed me a pen, what the hell?! " Thanks..." I said slowly taking it.


         I learned his name is Zayn Malik. The next few months is gonna be hell of a ride.

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