Ellie's Story

This is a sad story about too sisters keep moving to different children homes after Ellie's mother dieds


2. Care

I Screamed in one of the doctors face "WHERES MY SISTER??" The nurse tried to calm me down but they couldn't i ran out the room and there was my little sister sat on her bed drinking a hot chocolate with a little scratch on her head, I was so happy to see her.

The next day we got put in care. I hated it so much so did my sister. I couldn't got too my school i had too start a new school, That was horrible to! I got bullied on the first day because i was different. Molly didn't like school to, She didn't fit in to anyone of the groups she was crying her eyes out and i came in and sat on her bed "Molly don't cry we are in this together" "But no one likes me" she said "Lots of people like you i love you now give me a hug" and she fell asleep

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