Take Me Away

Olive Charles has had a hard life. She lost her twin sister and father in an accident when she was young, and her new step-dad abuses her. What happens when she meets a blonde Irish boy who changes her life forever?

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8. Chapter 7 - Come With Me

I kept running. I hadn’t run like this in a while. I had no idea where I was going. I just needed to go somewhere. I was done with Sean, I was tired of being hurt. The only thing I could think about was the first time I had tried running. The time I don’t remember what happened, but I didn’t get away.

I kept whispering to myself that I was sorry to my mom and Brad. They didn’t deserve to lose me. My dad and Ruthie flashed in my head as well. They must be disappointed in me, too. And poor Peter. He doesn’t deserve his dad to be like that and cause all of this.

I eventually found myself running to the nearby park. At this point, I had passed so many people, and most of them just looked at me and then looked away. Only a couple had tried to stop me to ask what was wrong. I shooed them away because I didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Luckily, the park was empty. I stopped running and looked around. It was perfect. I made my way over to the bushes I had played in when I was younger. From the outside the bushes look normal. When you crawl underneath them, it’s a giant open fort on the inside. It was nice because no adults ever found us.

I crawled under the bushes just like old times, and sat up against a tree growing right in the middle. I started to ball my eyes out. I let it all out. It needed to be done, and what better place to do it. I honestly didn’t even care if people heard me. I would shoo them away, too.

I must’ve been sitting there crying for 20 minutes until I heard a familiar voice. I couldn’t think of who it was, but I knew the voice. I tried to hold in my tears and be quiet. It was the first person to walk by in the time I was there. I listened to what they were saying between my sobs.

“No, I don’t have it,” the voice said. It was a boy.

“Maybe you left it on the bus? Who else have you checked with?” Since there was no response since the last time he spoke, I realized he must be on the phone with someone.

“I don’t know dude, call Liam.” As he said that I knew who it was. I recognized the voice. Thanks to Su introducing me to them, I knew the voice was Niall Horan. Of course this happened to be when a big sob came over me and I couldn’t hold it in.

“Hey… I uhh gotta go. I gotta check something out… Mhmm… Okay. Thanks bud, talk to you later… Alright, good luck. Bye.” When he hung up, I realized that he hadn’t moved since he walked near the bush. He was still standing there. Then I heard the last thing I wanted to hear.

“Hello?” He started to rustle the bush’s leaves. I must have been crying pretty loud for him to have heard me over his phone call.

“Is anyone in there?” I moved to the other side of the tree to avoid him. And because I have such great luck, I hit my head on the trunk of the tree.

“Ouch! Ow,” I had made more noise. Great. As a result, the bushes opened and in popped Niall’s head. I was looking into the eyes of Niall Horan. Neither of us said anything for the first five seconds or so. We were both just staring. I was staring because hello, he’s Niall Horan. He must’ve been staring because there was someone in the bushes. After a few more seconds, he came in the bushes.

“What are you doing in here?” He asked. He sat criss crossed about a foot from me. I guess he was staying. I didn’t answer, but instead wiped a tear from my cheek.

“Hey hey, why the tears? Such a beautiful girl doesn’t deserve to be crying,” he accent really stood out when he said that. I had no control over the smile that appeared on my face when he said that.

“Please tell me why you’re crying,” he said as he scooted closer to me. “Wait, I’m sorry. How rude of me. My name is Niall and I like Nando’s. Your turn?” He laughed a little when he mentioned Nando’s.

“I’m Olive,” I managed to say. My tears had let up thanks to him.

“Olive. That’s an awesome name. I like olives,” he laughed and his laugh made me chuckle, too. “It’s very nice to meet you, Olive. Now why are we sitting in the bushes?”

I looked at him for a moment. Should I tell Niall Horan of One Direction why I was crying? It’s not like he would care or anything. Why not, I decided. I should tell someone.

“My step-dad. I ran,” I said quietly.

“Are you okay?” His voice went from laughing to serious quickly.

“I am now that I’m away from him. I can’t go back there.”

“Olive, what happened?”

“He hurts me. He has for awhile. I can’t go back to him. No, it can’t keep happening. I’m done with it,” I started to cry again. Thinking about him hurt.

“Shh, hey, don’t cry Princess,” he reached out and wiped my tears. He had warm, soft hands. They were comforting. “I know I just met you, but please come with me. I can’t stand for you to be alone and upset. You deserve so much better.”

“What about the rest of my family?”

“Tell them that you’re safe and they don’t need to worry. You can go home whenever you want. Until then, come with me.”

My mom always told me that strangers were bad. Was Niall a stranger though? I knew who he was. Everyone knew who he was. He was so nice and sweet, and so much cuter in person.

“Alright,” I smiled. He stood up and reached out his hand. I took it and he helped me up.

“Thank you, Olive,” he smiled back at me.

“For what? I should be thanking you!” I responded.

“For coming with me so you don’t have to be alone!”

“Well in that case, you’re welcome. But thank you too,” I said.

“For what?”

“Saving me.”

And with that, we squeezed out the bushes and into the open park.

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