Take Me Away

Olive Charles has had a hard life. She lost her twin sister and father in an accident when she was young, and her new step-dad abuses her. What happens when she meets a blonde Irish boy who changes her life forever?

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11. Chapter 10 - Niall Likes Nandos

“Oh crap,” Niall said as his face fell.

“What is it?” I asked with a questioning look.

“Your phone rang while you were in the shower. It was uhh Susanna.”

“You answered my phone?” I asked loudly.

He looked at me with a sad look. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that bothered you. I was just trying to help.”

I stayed quiet for a minute. I wasn’t mad at Niall. How could I be? He was only trying to help. I just wish he would have told me sooner.

“I told her you’d call her back when you got out of the shower,” he said quietly.

I nodded at what he said and reached for my phone. I checked it, and saw there were no new messages or missed calls. I opened up my contacts to text Su, and I noticed there was a new name listed. It read ‘Niall likes Nandos’. I let out a small laugh. I didn’t let Niall know I saw it, though. I reached Su’s name and made a new conversation.


hey, niall gave me the message. i cant call but i am fine. im sorry. ill talk to you soon. love you x

After I hit send, I turned the phone off. I didn’t want to be bothered.

I looked up at Niall. “It’s okay, thank you,” I said, forcing a small smile.

“Alright then,” he said, smiling back. Gosh, his smile was so cute and perfect. And his lips. Oh my.

*Ding Dong*

“Yes! They’re here!” Niall basically yelled as he got up to get the door.

“What? Who?”

“The boys! They can’t wait to meet you!”

“Niall I don’t even have clothes on! I mean my clothes!” I yelled back.

“They won’t care, we walk around each other naked,” he said as he opened the door.

“But I’m…” I gave up.

“NIALL,” Louis screamed picking up Niall as he walked into the room.

“Where is she man?” Zayn asked, pushing past Louis and Niall.

“Yeah, I want to see if she’s as beautiful as you say!” Harry said.

I could feel my cheeks turning red. Niall told Harry I was beautiful? Luckily, none of them could see me from how the couch was angled.

“Oh, hello there!” Zayn said, seeing me after a minute. He was standing to the side of the couch. I smiled when I saw him.

“Hi,” I said as I stood up. “It’s nice to meet you, I’m Olive.” I looked down at what I was wearing. Niall’s sweats weren’t the most attractive thing to wear to meet the boys. I didn’t have any makeup on either, and my hair was still in the process of drying, so it wasn’t the prettiest sight.

“I’m Zayn, but I bet you already knew that,” he said as he laughed and hugged me.

I looked at the rest of the boys. Louis was still holding Niall, Liam was standing by the door, and Harry was staring at me.

“Please put me down Louis. I can’t breathe,” Niall managed to say as Louis put him down. Niall walked over to me.

“Guys, this is Olive. She’s staying with me for a little bit.”



Olive was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her eyes sparkled, and her skin was perfect. She didn’t need any makeup; she was amazing just the way she was. I guess I had been staring at her for awhile, because Liam came up to me and pinched my arm. Olive was busy talking to Louis, so she didn’t see it.

“She’s beautiful,” I whispered so only Liam could hear it.

“Go talk to her then,” he said pushing me in her direction. I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt her and Louis talking, so I waited until they were finished.

“Hi Olive,” I said. I hope I wasn’t about to make a fool of myself.

“Mr. Harry Styles. Hello to you, too,” she said as she pulled me into a hug. She was so warm.

“How are you?” I asked.

“I’m alright, thanks to Niall,” she said, as she pulled out of the hug.

“Well I’m glad we have a new friend,” I said. Geesh. I was so lame.

“Yeah, I’m really glad I could meet all of you,” she smiled.

“What are your plans today?” Maybe she would want to go do something.

“Niall said we were going to get clothes today, because as you can see, I’m wearing his,” she laughed.

“You still look incredible,” I said, taking a good look.

“Yeah, Olive and I have plans today,” Niall said, butting into our conversation and snapping me out of my gaze.

“Thanks,” she managed to say.



What was Harry doing?! I knew that look. He liked Olive. Normally I’d let him go after a girl, but not this one. Olive was mine. What if she was into Harry though? I had to get her away from him.

“You should bring her to the next group hangout, Niall. It’d be fun,” Harry said. His voice changed from what it had been before. I could tell he knew she wasn’t available.

“I will,” I said, standing closer to Olive.


The washing machine. I forgot.

“Your clothes are ready for the dryer,” I said to Olive, nodding my head for her to follow me.

“I think we’re gonna go, Niall,” Liam said, heading towards the door.

“Yeah, I promised a Livestream and need groceries,” Zayn agreed.

“Alright, text me guys! Bye,” I said, pulling Olive to the laundry room. I’m never that rude and short with the guys, but I wanted to be alone with Olive, especially after Harry.

I opened the washing machine and she took her clothes out.

“Can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said as she looked at the dryer. I took the hint and opened it.

“What do you think of Harry?” I asked as she put the clothes in the dryer.

“What do you mean?”

I shut the dryer door and turned it on.

“Do you like him?” I asked bluntly. I didn’t mean for it to come across like that.

“I barely know him. We talked for like two minutes,” she stated.

“Well from those two minutes?”

“He seems nice. I really don’t know anything else, Niall,” it sounded like she was getting aggravated.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” I said quietly.

She looked into my eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“Harry. He’s hurt previous girlfriends. I don’t want you to be next,” I took her hand. I didn’t feel a spark this time.

“Thank you for watching out for me. I don’t think I’m interested in Harry like that though,” she said as she looked down at our hands. I smiled the biggest smile.



I could tell that Niall cared about me. It really showed when he asked about Harry. To be honest, I was never interested in Harry. Even before I met the boys, I had always been a Niall girl. I mean, I liked all of the boys, but Niall was my special snowflake. He really didn’t need to worry about me falling for Harry. Harry could be a great friend.

This is when I knew. It wasn’t a question anymore.

I liked Niall.

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