The Strange Ones

9 young and extremely powerful demons roam freely upon the Earth all of them destined to bring about the end of the world. They are the Antichrists, Lucifer’s only children, and they must fulfil their purpose in exactly one year or face the consequences.
One of them is determined to avoid her destiny. Elizabeth Crawford- Beth as she was once known; she is the Princess of Violence, the seventh wheel in her demonic Father’s lust for power. Yet all she wants is her normal life back.
There are certain humans, who have been unknowingly chosen by the Enemy to fight back, and whether they like it or not this puts them on the Devil’s hit list. But when Beth’s marching orders finally arrive, she finds herself slowly falling for the one person she and her clan are meant to destroy. Even worse, he just happens to be an international superstar, and member of the world’s biggest boy band.
Harry Styles never even saw her coming until it was too late.
Full Bio included in first chapter.


2. The Girl

Harry’s P.O.V I sat up as quickly as I could, gasping for air as if I had just run across half of London. At least, it felt that way; my heart threatened to burst out of my chest, it was beating so fast. Countless questions began to cloud my mind as my dream re-entered my memory. It had been only short, but it had sent chills down my spine just from being there seeing that poor girl, whatever happened to her… The worst thing about it was that I was powerless to save her. I was watching it all happen, and following her as she left her parent’s house, but I couldn’t make myself move on my own. At points it was as if I was her, stuck in her mind, especially when she fell into the hole… I couldn’t describe what I saw from her point of view, mostly because the memory of it had gone. All I knew was what I saw down there was the reason I woke up so fast. “Harry?” For the first time I snap out of the fearful daze I’ve got myself stuck in and realise that Louis has been staring at me from the door for god knows how long. It was long enough, as I could see from the concerned look on his face. “It’s okay. Just a bad dream,” I tried to reassure him as I got out of bed, grabbing my pants from the chair where I had thrown them carelessly the night before. Louis went over to where my suitcase was standing half open against the wall and got out a clean T-shirt and a pair of jeans, before throwing them onto my bed. I start quickly getting dressed, whilst at the same time groping around trying to find my deodorant. I finally found it sitting on a small set of drawers, and as I reached out to grab it I noticed the clock for the first time. “Oh my God!” It was 12:05; we were due for a sound check in the O2 arena at 1:00 before our comeback tour started. How could I have forgotten? Louis figured out what I was so shocked about, and smirked. “Me and the rest of the lads have been waiting in the lobby for an hour, sleepyhead. Why do you think I had to go to all the trouble of getting a spare key to your room?” “Well, you could have done that an hour ago!” My best friend laughed loudly, as I struggled to get into my clothes as quickly as possible. When I was finally dressed, I only had a few seconds to check my hair and spray on some smell before he grabbed my arm and dragged me out into the hallway, closing the door and locking it behind us. He turned to me, and grinned again. “You know, Paul’s gonna really kill you this time.” *** “Seriously, have you never heard of an alarm?” “Be easy on him Paul, the poor muffin’s been having bad dreams” “Ha ha, real mature.” I laughed sarcastically and punched Louis in the leg, causing him to groan loudly. On the other side of my best friend Zayn tried to repress a giggle, making Niall and Liam who were facing us on the other side behind the front seats snicker loudly. After Paul having a go at me when I finally joined the rest of the band in the lobby (which to be honest wasted another 5 minutes of valuable time) we finally got into a hired car and, as we spent our unnaturally early morning in the middle of a massive traffic jam, he just couldn’t resist bringing up the topic again. Even better, Louis had taken it upon himself to tell Paul and the rest of the boys about my bad dream, and that’s all they’ve talked about since. Brilliant. “Aww diddum’s!” I turn round to find that Zayn’s joined in with the teasing as well. I guess that the Bradford bad boy just couldn’t help himself. “Do you wanna tell us what happened?” Niall joined in, simpering loudly in his best Irish baby impression. I ignored them and looked out of the mirror. “Go to hell.” “Ha-ar-sh!” Louis apparently recovered and started joining in with a sing-song impression; I tried to hit him in the balls this time but he was prepared and blocked me with his arm. Zayn started having a random laughing fit, and I could see Louis slowly edging away from him mockingly. “C’mon baby cakes, you can tell us.” Niall started up with that stupid voice again. I would have hit him too; except it was Niall and I couldn’t bring myself to do that. Besides, he was safe on the other side of the car and I couldn’t reach him, “Did the bad Halloween ghosties come and scare you in the night?” “I know what would have scared Niall the most.” Liam mumbled, finally deciding to join in the conversation, “Having a dream that Nandos had to shut down.” “Yeah!” Louis agreed, “Or if there was an international food shortage.” Niall twisted his face in mock terror, then buried his face in his hands and squealed. “Oh, the horror!” From the front of the car I heard Paul sigh as he turned round and stuck his head into the passenger area. “Can you guys cool it down a bit? I'm trying to listen to the radio here, and I have a feeling the driver’s starting to get pissed off.” “Okay!” we all chorused as Paul went back into his seat. Niall sunk lower into his chair. “I'm gonna get some sleep. Wake me when we get there lads.” “Good idea.” Zayn mumbled, before falling back against the car seat. Liam and Louis needed no more encouragement; Daddy Direction had been half asleep for most of the journey anyway, and Louis was now snoring loudly on my shoulder. I pushed him roughly off as the car turned causing him to land softly on Zayn’s lap, the Bradford native merely shrugging it off and falling back to sleep. I thought about trying to get some rest too, but the memory of the girl pulsed inside my brain and I decided against it, a stupid fear that if I did I might end up inside wherever she went again. So I leant my head against the car window and watched the outside world pass me by as we carried on driving through London. I listened half-heartedly to the radio as the Beatle’s single Yesterday ended mid tune in time for a news bulletin. “And now we head over to our correspondent Linda Munford for the News at 1:00…Hello and welcome to the 1 o’clock News. Tonight, our breaking news story: a teenager who was reported missing in Manchester in 2007 was seen by witnesses wandering the streets of London only two hours ago. Alexander Richards, known as Lex by both his friends and the staff at the care home where he lived, disappeared on the 31st October at approximately 12:00 pm that night, where he was last seen by a witness heading in the direction of a nearby train station. He was part of a string of worldwide disappearances of teens, commonly known as the All Hallow’s Eve Kidnappings, where nine different teenagers who all shared the same birth date all went missing on the exact same night. Police are still trying to figure out what happened to them even today, so if you are one of the people who has either seen Lex or knows where he is, please let the authorities know so that we can reunite him with social services. If you see any of the other teens who went missing that night, please do not hesitate to contact the police. In order to refresh your mind the other eight victims of this mass disappearance are as follows: missing from the states of Louisiana and Georgia in the United States are Jacob Wade and Caleb Stewart, from Minsk Nikolai Denisovich, from Munich Mark Zimmerman, from the Bay of Naples Riccardo Alighieri, from Tokyo Takahashi Myishi, and from Croydon in South London Elizabeth Crawford---” The moment that name left the buzz of the radio and hit my ears it brought a wave of terror to my mind and I froze, sitting up straight in my seat. I was suddenly sweating rapidly, my breathing shallow. Beth Crawford. Where had I seen that name before? And why had my mind automatically changed it to Beth, when the news reel had clearly called her by her full name? I frantically tried to adjust my seatbelt, which was pressed tightly against my chest, but my cold fingers wouldn’t let me and so I found myself pressing my back tightly against the car seat, panting heavily and gagging at my fear. I could hear Paul turn around; he looked quickly at my shivering form and said worriedly “Harry, are you alright?” I tried to answer, but my eyes rolled uncontrollably into the sides of my skull as I began to wail loudly… I was there, but suddenly I wasn’t either. I could still hear Paul yelling at me, and perhaps the faint voice of Louis talking frantically as well; but they were muffled, as if they were in another room or talking through a sheet of glass. I was lost, flying through a clouded mist. I was nothing. Then, almost as if it was communicated to me through a TV aerial, I saw many things at once. I saw her; she was standing with her eyes closed among a crowd of people bustling past her, on a busy high street. I knew she was in London because I could see in the distance that Big Ben was behind her, and that it read exactly 1:00. I got closer to her, and she opened her eyes. They were pitch black. She spoke, but somehow I could tell that she wasn’t addressing me. “If you think I'm stupid enough to trust you again you’ve got another thing coming” She turned and ran away from where she had been standing. I tried to run after her, but suddenly I was pulled back by something behind me that I couldn’t see. The street vanished from view, and I was alone again in the darkness.
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