(This is my sisters. I thought it was cute so I put it up.)
This story is about a girl named Porchia. She is crazy, and gets into a lot of trouble. This is a short story about one of her adventures.


4. Porkchop in Time-out

Paul opened the bathroom cabinet and looked inside. There she was rolled up in a ball, in a corner. Her parents grabbed and pulled her out. Then they walked upstairs, pulling Porkchop behind them.

"bad Porkchop," screamed her father.They pulled her up to her room and locked her in.

"No!," Porchia screamed. she banged hard against the door. But no matter how hard she banged, she wasn't let out. So she grabbed a bag and stuffed the book Pete the Cat, rocking my School Shoes and her stuffed bunny named Robbie inside and climbed on her bed. Then she opened up her window and climbed out.

A/N: It's Bailey, Quinn's sister! I wanted to thank you all for reading my story. Porchia's actually my best friend, but no one really calls her Porkchop. Anyway, my sister said I could add this author's note. she types the story for me, but makes me write the notes. It's sort of stupid. but whatever1 Byeeeee!!!!

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