(This is my sisters. I thought it was cute so I put it up.)
This story is about a girl named Porchia. She is crazy, and gets into a lot of trouble. This is a short story about one of her adventures.


3. Bad Porkchop

"What the?" Her mom was speechless. Her mashed Potatoes spelled out porkchop on the table. With her mac and cheese, she made five exclamation points. Porkchop turned around and ran downstairs. Her brother, Tyler, followed. She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut.

"We play hide and seek!" Tyler screamed from inside the room.

"Yes,' said Porchia. "You hide in the shower, and I hide in the cabinet, but don't let mommy or daddy see you." They squeezed and squished into their hiding places. Five seconds later their parents came in. They opened the shower and saw Tyler.

"where's Porkchop?" Cassidy questioned.

"Not in the cabinet," he answered with a grin. That's when they knew where she was.

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