(This is my sisters. I thought it was cute so I put it up.)
This story is about a girl named Porchia. She is crazy, and gets into a lot of trouble. This is a short story about one of her adventures.


2. Bad Daddy

"What are you doing," screeched her mom. Porchia turned around to see her mom's face fiery red.

"Um, dancing," she replied.

"I came to say dinner was ready. So lets go and no more of this.' Her mom screamed. Porkchop followed her mom into the kitchen, shaking her butt every time her mom wasn't looking. When they sat down for dinner, her mom told Paul, her dad, about the booty-shaking.

"Where did she get that from?," asked her mom.

"Well, I kind of did it earlier," confessed Paul. Her mom, Cassidy, took Paul's hand and lead him into the family room. They talked for a while until they came in and saw Porkchop doing something so bad.

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