Imagines (1D & JB)

Imagine a reality TV show with 10 Beliebers and 10 Directioners living in the same house. Imagine the drama. THE FANDOM SHORE!
***Random Imagines***



So this isn't the first chapter or whatever. It’s just how I will be explaining my imagines and how you’d give me the info if you want me to write one for you!

Alrighty…here are the rules!

·        ONLY submit your imagine information in this chapter. It’ll make it easier for me to find what you guys want and don’t want, but you can comment as much as you like in the “imagine chapters”

·        Give me the character(s) you would like in your imagines whether it be Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall or Justin! You could also be in but you’d have to tell me your name and a little about yourself so it makes sense.

·        If you want all of them to be in it then I’m okay with that but it but it may take longer than the rest of them.

·        If you could, give me a setting or a mood so I could base it off of that. I don’t want to be clueless cause I haven’t done this before. If you want me to continue any of the imagines just comment on THAT imagine.

The next chapter will be the imagine from the summary :)

I think that’s is it for now if I have more rules make sure to check back here to see if I updated anything

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