Imagines (1D & JB)

Imagine a reality TV show with 10 Beliebers and 10 Directioners living in the same house. Imagine the drama. THE FANDOM SHORE!
***Random Imagines***


13. lillydirectioner

Here's your imagine. :)

Lilly's POV

It was a cold winter day and Harry and I decided to go on a walk through Central Park. We walked hand in hand, side by side, trudging through the thick snow. As we walked some girls recognized Harry and asked for pictures and autographs. I took this as my chance to get way. With an evil smirk on my face I hid behind a hill of snow and started to make a bunch of snowballs. I watched carefully as Harry said goodbye to the fans and looked around for me.

"Lilly?" He called out. His cheeks were bright red against his dark brown hair and dark jacket. I giggled before standing up.

"Over here!" I waved my hands. Harry turned around and jogged over to me. When he was only a couple feet away I bent down and grabbed two snowballs and flung them at his chest.

"Hey what're—" the snowball hit him perfectly making him stagger back. I laughed and jumped for joy as I reached for another snowball but Harry beat me to it. He grabbed me making both of us fall onto the ground. I lay under him breathing heavily.

"Having fun?" Harry smirked. I tried to push him off but he wouldn't budge.

"Harry," I said. "Get your fat ass off of me."

"No can do babe. I think I'll just stay here. You're quite comfy." I let out a sigh but not an angry one.

After a while of Harry sitting on me he got off and pulled me up.

"Learned your lesson?" He asked.

I shook my head. "Nope!" I had a handful of snow in my glove and shoved it down Harry jacket and ran off while laugh so hard.

I turned around to see Harry frantically trying to get the snow out and all I could do was laugh.

"Lilly!" He screamed and started running after me.

I ran as fast as I could until I made it back to my apartment. Harry was close behind but I had just enough time to find a hiding place.

"Lilly." He called calmly.

I couldn't help but giggle. He turned around and saw me hiding behind the countertop.

"You are so gonna get it." He mumbled darkly. I squealed when he lifted me up onto the counter making me his height.

His green eyes pierced into my brown eyes. I could feel my heart rate pick up.

"Lilly, you drive me crazy." He mumbled. Harry tugged on my jet black hair with a sigh. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let my fingers run through his damp curls.

"Is it a bad thing?" I asked.

He shook his head before pressing his lips to mine.

"You make me feel alive."

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