Imagines (1D & JB)

Imagine a reality TV show with 10 Beliebers and 10 Directioners living in the same house. Imagine the drama. THE FANDOM SHORE!
***Random Imagines***


9. DAY 4

Alice's POV 

"Because there just fans. Your something entirely new."

It rang through my hand even after we finished talking. I continued to think about when I left the van. It was on my mind all day. 

Justin's voice sounded so different yet it was like I knew it forever. 

"Why am I special?" I spoke to myself. I wasn't talented. And I wasn't that smart. I was average. Like everyone else.

What made me stand out to them. To Harry, Louis, Zayn, Liam, Niall and Justin? 

I had no clue. It was so mind blowing. So freaking confusing that I needed to push my thoughts as far way as I could. 

I lay on my bed, my eyes staring straight at the ceiling. I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't. 

With a sigh, I dragged myself out of bed and slipped on a huge hoodie and some Ugg boots. What was the point of trying to sleep for hours without succeeding? 

I grabbed my cell and house key and took to the front door. Anywhere was better then here. 

I crossed the street until I made it to the beach. It was totally pitch dark out so I decided to walk along the beach. 

Looking out to the sea, my mind started to over think everything. Justin was so confusing to me. It was like he wanted me not to understand what he was saying so I could just think about him 24/7. But he wasn't the only person I was thinking about. 

Even though Justin and I are pretty close since we talked and we may have a connection, I know there's something going on with Niall. The way he looked at me today. How he held my waist in case I fell over. We've never talked privately, but when I looked in his eyes today, I felt something between us. Nothing like what Justin and I have, but it was still special. 

My mind was racing. Why do they think I'm special? What's different about me from the other girls? What do they see in me? I don't even like One Direction that much. I don't hate them, but my idol is Justin. He always was. 

"Alice?" His raspy morning voice broke my thoughts. 

"What're you doing out here alone?" He asked. His eyes were locked onto mine as he stared me down. It was like he was trying to pull the answers out of me. 

I turned and looked at him. "I could say the same thing for you to Niall."

Niall. He looked at me with those insanely blue eyes like I did something wrong. Something that wasn't bad, just wrong. 

"What?" I spoke harshly. Niall let out a sigh of defeat. 

"I just saw you leave the house and I wanted to make sure you were alright." 

I turned back to the water, my eyes never leaving the dark waves. I felt Niall's presence beside me. 

"I'm fine Niall. You don't have to worry about me–" Niall cut me off. "Your wrong. We have to. Not just me, but all of us, especially Justin."

I wanted to ask what he meant by especially Justin but he grabbed my hand and after he took his shoes off. 

"Now lets not talk about anything serious." 

Niall dragged me into the freezing water waist deep. 

"Niall!" I screamed. "Why?" I could barley talk over all of Niall's laughter. He was laughing so hard that I was sure he'd wake the neighbors. With a smile on my face, I flicked a handful of water into Niall's face. 

He looked at me with the most serious facial expression ever. For a second I really thought he was angry, until he grabbed me by my waist and dunked me into the water.

We continued to fight with the water until we were both soaked. Both of us walked to the shore and collapsed on the sand. 

"That was fun." I laughed, my breath heavy as I spoke. 

Niall nodded as he panted quietly. "It was."

My eyes started to feel heavy so I rested my head on Niall's chest. "I'm tired. I think I'll take a nap."

I snuggled deeper into Niall's chest until I was fast asleep. 

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