Imagines (1D & JB)

Imagine a reality TV show with 10 Beliebers and 10 Directioners living in the same house. Imagine the drama. THE FANDOM SHORE!
***Random Imagines***


5. DAY 2

Alice's POV

I bobbed my head as I danced around my room to the beat of Demi's amazing voice. She's like my drug. Her voice is awesome. 

I was currently listening to Really Don't Care featuring Cher Lloyd, which I also love. The song finished going onto the next song. The beat was mellow and I instantly knew it was Yellow Raincoat by Justin Bieber. 

I grinned as I sung along to one of my personal favorites by him. It was so meaningful. People don't understand how much his music influences his fans, but I do. 

I lay down on my bed letting the music take over my body. As the guitar picking slowly made me fall into a slumber, someone banged on my door. 

I let out a frustrated groan finding that my privacy was wearing thin in this household with nineteen other girls. 

Dragging myself over to the door and swinging it open, I was met with one of those blonde bimbos from the other day. She gave me a stank face when she heard my music.  

"What?" I spat harshly. Blonde bimbo rolled her eyes as she crossed her arms over her flat chest. 

"We have to meet in the living room and you were the only one left. Sorry to bother you." With a swift movement she flipped her hair in my face and walked away. 

"Bitch." I cussed under my breath. She didn't even look back but I knew she heard me.

Making sure that I had my music off I was ready to leave my room. I jogged over to the leaving room and found an empty bean chair and took a seat. 

Everyone was sitting in front of the TV waiting. I wonder what was going on but I didn't really care at the moment. My mind wondered back to that letter Justin had given me. It freaked me out that he would warn me like that bout the girls in the house. It freaked me out that I had gotten a letter from Justin in the first place. 

My eyes flickered back to the TV to see that it was turned on and it looked like someone had a channel on where there was a sofa just sitting there. Wow what kind of show is that? I laughed to myself as I stared at the funny show. 

Suddenly voices sounded from the weird show making me furrow my eyebrows. Soon the TV went black and suddenly there in front of us were the boys of One Direction AND JUSTIN BIEBER.

I blinked a couple of times trying to get a sense of what was going. Was this real? I was so confused. Was this prerecorded? I gulped down trying to stay calm. 

What if they can see us. What if it's not just us looking at them and they can see how stupid I look sitting in the huge beam bag. 

Ugh. I. Hate. Myself. 

"Hello!" Niall's voice echoed through the speakers. I felt my stomach tighten. This was real time. Oh my god. 

"Hey ladies." Zayn spoke with a cheerful voice. My eyes landed onto Justin's. He looked like he was staring right at me. But I couldn't tell since there was so many people around. 

"You're probably wondering what is going on so let me answer your questions." Louis chirped making us all shut up. 

"Every week we'll video chat you guys too see how y'all are doing. And yes this is Skype so don't freak out." Harry laughed. I smiled as I thought about how all of us will get to know them. 

"So since we're on our together it'll be easier to get together and talk to you guys and answer your questions." Justin's voice broke my trance with Harry's face. I looked over at him to see that he still had that same eye contact going on. 

We continued to talk to the boys as if it were something so normal. It wasn't though. I tired my best not to be an overly crazy fan but I couldn't help it. It was hard not to fangirl over the most sexiest boys on earth. 

I didn't really say anything throughout the whole thing. I'm pretty sure I'm still in shock just sitting and staring. I just listened to all the girls show off to the boys. I don't know why I got so nervous. 

After the boys said goodbye, I went back to my room and I decided to check out the laptop that was in my room. It was pretty nice compared to the one I had at home since it wasn't broken.  

I was about to turn it off when suddenly I got a notification from a Skype call.  Without really thinking, I clicked accept. 

At first the screen went black but suddenly I saw that same couch from the Skype call with the boys.  My mouth fell open when I saw Justin come into view. 

"Hey." Justin smiled sweetly. Without thinking I closed the lid of the laptop halfway so he couldn't see anything. 

"Hey wait don't do that." Justin's voice was heard through the speaker. I gulped trying to contain my excitement. 

I slowly pulled the lid of the laptop back up seeing Justin's face again. He gave me a warm smile, his hazel eyes looked even more amazing than usual. 

"Hey Alice! How are you?" Justin asked me like it was a normal question. It felt like my eyes were the size of golf balls. This isn't normal. First off, the first Skype call wasn't normal. And now Justin's Skyping me. ME.

"Ummm- I-I-" I stopped when I didn't know what to say. I felt my cheeks flush into a dark shade of pink. I hate when I blush. I just look like a tomato. It's ugly and I hate it. 

"Did you read my letter?" Justin leaned forward making me lean back. "Uh ya, I mean yes." My voice cracked as I spoke. My nerves were building up ready to explode. 

"You don't have to be nervous around me. I'm here to help you. I want to be your friend." His smile was perfect. I felt butterflies explode in my stomach and my head starting to feel a little dizzy. 

I decided that I wasn't going to fangirl over Justin and listen to what he says. 

"Okay. And ya I did read your letter. Thanks for warning me about those girls." My voice was now confident and it seemed like I was talking to a old friend, not Justin Bieber. Justin's face looked shocked at how quickly I changed. But he shook it off and smiled back. 

"That's good." Justin and I stared back at each other without saying a word. I cleared my throat feeling nervous again. 

"So why'd you Skype me?" I've been wondering why he would Skype me and not anyone else. Justin shrugged. "When we were talking before it looked like something was bothering you so I wanted to make sure that you were okay." I felt my heart swell up from Justin's honest words. You'd never ever think this would happen to me, but like Justin always say; never say never. 

"Oh that's sweet, thanks Justin." I looked around my large room feeling nervous again. I still can't believe this is happening.

"Do you like your room?" Justin's voice spoke, pulling me away from my thoughts. "The boys and I weren't allowed to design any of the rooms but I begged them to let me design yours." I felt my cheeks heat up. 

"T-thanks. I really l-like it." I bowed my head feeling even more embarrassed. Justin gave me a wink making me blush even harder. 

There was a voice calling Justin in the background of the call. I watched as Justin turned to the voice and nodded his head. 

He looked back and gave me a small smile. "I have to go. I'll talk to you okay?" I nodded my head feeling a bit upset. "Ya soon." Justin gave me a wave before disconnecting the call. 

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