Imagines (1D & JB)

Imagine a reality TV show with 10 Beliebers and 10 Directioners living in the same house. Imagine the drama. THE FANDOM SHORE!
***Random Imagines***


3. DAY 1

Alice’s POV

I muttered cuss words under my breath as I pulled my suitcase further up the steep stairs. I hate stairs, they just piss me off! As I neared the front door of my new home for the summer, the door swung open revealing to blonde skinny girls with makeup caked on their faces. They looked like real life Barbie dolls and it was disgusting. I hated fake people. I think I hate them.

As I pushed my way through the girls I could hear the last bit of the conversation as the stepped onto the sandy beach below.

“Must be a Belieber.” The first dumb blonde whispered. They both laughed but I chose to ignore them and proceed into the house.

Stepping into the living room I spotted a couple of girls whispering in low voices with their heads looking away from my direction. What the hell is with the whispering around here? I didn’t make any contact with the girls as I walked down the hall in search of my bedroom. After walking around for at least five minutes I had found my room with my name on the door. Pushing the door open, the first thing that caught my eye was the lovely shade of purple the walls were painted. Right in the middle laid a queen sized bed with a lavender comforter and gray pillows. I immediately dropped my suitcase and dashed for my bed. It was so comfy and relaxing that I totally forgot to unpack my suitcase.

With a sad sigh I pulled myself off the comforting bed back to where I had left my suitcase and dragged it over to my bed to open it.

After I finished putting everything in its place I decided to look around my room to see what else had come with it. I noticed a book shelf with a ton of books and DVDs. On the other side of the room laid a desk and a laptop. I hurried over to check it out when I a noticed an envelope with my name written on the front. I quickly grabbed it and sat down on the bed.

My nerves were going crazy. I had no idea what this letter could mean or what it was worth. What if it wasn’t for me and there was another Alice Macy Williams in this house? What if I wasn’t meant to be here? I quickly pushed those thoughts aside as I ripped open the white envelope.

Dear Alice Macy Williams,

I’m so excited that you decided to join me and the rest of the girls’ for the summer! I know you’ll have a wonderful time with them but I want to warn you before anything happens. In this house lies the most dedicated fans. Some of them are Directioners and some Beliebers. You have to remember not to trust any of them, especially the other Beliebers. If they ever feel like you’re getting close to me, they may hurt you. Don’t ever and I mean EVER get on any of the Directioners bad sides. They can be evil and horrible to you if you make any of them pissed. I’m telling you this because I want to protect you and I love you. Thank you for supporting me and believing in my dreams. So be careful don’t get involved in any of the drama.

Good luck Alice

Justin Bieber


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