Sophie is that girl who is always in her own little world. She always has a notebook and is writing or drawing something. Niall, on the other hand, is the hottest guy in school. He’s the captain of the soccer team, and is dating the cheer captain. What happens when Sophie gets hit by Niall’s car when he’s driving drunk?


1. Chapter One

I looked up from my drawing and looked over at the “High School SweetHearts” Niall and Brianna. Oh gag me! They’re disgusting. Niall is my bully and so is Brianna. I had just come to Mullingar this year, and Niall has made my first year of moving here one to remember. Not in a good way either. I heard Brianna’s high pitched giggles over at the other side of the park. She was so loud! I tuned them out, and continued to draw. I was so interested in my drawing, that I didn’t see Brianna come over behind me.

“That sucks.” she said. I jumped at her voice. “Oh..did I scare you?” she asked in a baby voice. I continued to draw, ignoring her, when she yanked my sketchbook away. “Hey! Give it back!” I said. Brianna just giggled and skipped over to Niall, showing him my drawing. I had some good drawings in there, I didn’t want to lose it! I looked at Niall and rolled my eyes. He flipped through my drawings and laughed. “These aren’t even good!” he said. I rolled my eyes. He threw my book back at me and it hit me in the face.

As they laughed at my pain, I walked away and sat where I was and acted like nothing happened. Like I usually did when they took stuff from me. “Hey Sophie!” Niall yelled. I ignored him. “I heard that you lost your V card in 8th grade!” Everyone in the library laughed. I couldn’t believe he said that! I didn’t even have my first kiss yet! I had enough. “How about you go fuck your piece of shit girlfriend!” I said. “What did you say?!” Niall yelled at me. “I said, why don’t you fuck your piece of shit girlfriend!!” I yelled.

Brianna jumped up and Niall smiled. “Beat the shit out of her, babe.” I heard him say. Brianna walked up to me. “What did you say, slut?” she asked, getting in my face. There was a group of kids around us, waiting for the first punch. “You heard me.” I said, trying my best not to laugh. “What the fuck’s so funny?” Brianna yelled. “Oh nothing...” I replied. “I just think its so stupid that you’re afraid of the truth.” Brianna’s face went from mad to shocked. “So...if you want to be smart and end the fight right now, go ahead. If you want to fight and get your ass kicked, be my guest.” I said. Brianna smiled evilly and charged at me. She grabbed my hair and I grabbed hers. What Brianna didn’t know, was that I had taken karate for 13 years. I was a certified black belt, and I wasn’t afraid of Brianna.

The crowd went wild as I beat the crap out of her. Niall pulled her away and looked at me. “What are you gonna do about it?” I asked. “If I can kick her ass, I can kick yours. So, I suggest getting your ass out of here or you’ll get your ass THROWN out!” I said. Niall picked Brianna up and drove her to his house. I walked to my house and my mother looked at my bloody nose. “Oh my God Sophie! What happened?” she asked. “Oh nothing. You gave me permission to kick Briannas ass if she started with me, and I did.” I replied smiling. “How bad did you hurt her?” my mom asked. “I didn’t kill her. I just knocked her out. She’ll be fine.”

A wave of relief seemed to wash over my mother. “Go get washed up. Dinner is in five minutes.” she said. I nodded. I walked into my room to get changed. I got changed into some shorts and a tank top. I walked downstairs and had dinner. As I finished, I got a call from my best friend Jamie. She lived back in Philadelphia, my hometown. We talked about how I kicked Brianna’s ass and stuff. We ended up talking until it was time for me to go to school.

I walked to school and as soon as I opened my locker, I heard a fight. “Brianna! You need to learn how to defend yourself!” Someone yelled. I assumed it was Niall. I grabbed my books quickly and shut my locker. I looked at the couple arguing. Brianna stormed off and Niall did too. As the school day went on, everyone was talking about their massive fight. The school day finally ended and I was almost to the corner of the street the school was on, when I heard someone peel out. I turned and saw a car coming towards me. It was Nialls. I didn’t have time to react. He had been drinking after school ended and he was wasted.

He hit me with his car and I flew about 50 feet through the air. I hit my head and thats all I remember.

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