Sophie is that girl who is always in her own little world. She always has a notebook and is writing or drawing something. Niall, on the other hand, is the hottest guy in school. He’s the captain of the soccer team, and is dating the cheer captain. What happens when Sophie gets hit by Niall’s car when he’s driving drunk?


5. Chapter Four

Yawning, I smiled at Niall. “Wow, we’ve been talking for two hours.” I said. Niall nodded. “Well, I’m gonna go. You get your sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said. “Sweet dreams babe.” I smiled. “Night.” I said. Niall kissed the camera and then disconnected. I turned off my laptop and light, and went to bed. I fell asleep thinking about Niall and what would happen at school tomorrow.

The next morning, I woke up early and got out of bed. My mom drove me to school and Niall was waiting for me and he smiled when he saw me. I got out of the car and made my way to him. He kissed my cheek and grabbed my schoolbag from me. We walked to my locker and he got my books for me. We walked to our homeroom and Brianna was sitting there, pissed off. “So, you left me for that skank?” she whispered to Niall. Niall rolled his eyes and looked at me.

I shrugged. Niall smiled at me and earned a kick to the back of the seat from Brianna. “Look, I’m not trying to fight. Just stop.” Niall said to her. She scoffed and rolled her eyes. I smiled and shook my head. The bell rang and Niall grabbed my books and we walked to our first class together. I could feel Brianna’s eyes watching me the whole time. I shook it off and we went to Math class. Math was my favorite. I was really good with numbers.

We sped through the class and we went to lunch. Niall bought me my salad and we sat with his friends. I got to know them, and Niall told them I was his new girlfriend. Lunch soon ended and we went to English class. The last two classes of the day went by so slow. As the last bell rang, signaling school was over, Niall walked me to his car, and we drove to his house. I was supposed to meet his parents.

We drove to his house and Niall helped me out of the car. I made my way to the door and his mother opened it. “Well, you must be Sophie.” She said. I smiled up at her. “Yes ma’am.” I replied. She let us in and we sat on the couch. Niall went to go get us something to drink. “I am so sorry for what happened. Niall told me as soon as he got home. Did he say that we’re paying the hospital bill?” his mom said. I nodded.

“Oh, where are my manners, I’m Maura.” His mom said. I smiled at her. “Its very nice to meet you.” I said. Maura smiled at me. Niall brought back three cups of lemonade. Niall handed me my cup and gave me a kiss on the cheek, making me blush. “Aww Ni, you made her blush!” Maura said. That just made me blush even more. His mother was so nice. We talked until it was late, and Niall drove me home.

He walked me to the door and kissed my cheek. Since it was the weekend, all of the kids that lived on my street were out. I never set my foot outside when they were out, so they all crowded me. Niall helped me in my house, and then walked to his car. I watched as he drove off. He honked the horn as I waved. I shut the door and walked up the steps. I smiled at my mom, who was on the computer.

“So, are his parents nice?” my mom asked. I smiled and nodded. “Well, his mom is. I didn’t meet his dad.” I replied. It was about 10 at night when I had finished my shower and walked into my room. I was absolutely exhausted. “Tomorrow is the last day of Junior year.” I said to myself as I got into bed. “And one last day to deal with Brianna.”


I am so sorry for the sucky chapter!! I have had massive writers block all weekend and I had no idea what to write. If it’s really bad, please tell me so I can make the next chapter better! Again, I am so sorry!!  

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