Run Away Saviour

This is a story about a girl named Holly Foley who lives with her abuse mum and brother. Her dad died in a skiing accident when se was 12. She hated her life. At school she got bullied because of a scar on her neck. She finally runs away and runs into a charming young lad during the run.


1. What they do to me...

What they did tooMe is something people could only have nightmares about. Some people haven't even heard of the thing they do. They where so cruel to me. So abusive. They used to be fine before dad left us, although I always felt hatred from my mum. My brother, at the time he was different. I loved him, he was kind and protective over me. Now he uses me as his slave in every kind of way. My room is down in the basement. My bed is the floor, with the tiniest blanket you could imagine, jut enough to cover my top half. I always wore this green T-shirt which had some band on it named 'one direction' and some blue jeans that had holes in all over. I bath any time I want. There is an old bath which is always filled with water. I had to use the same water every time. When I washed my hair I was aloud to have a hose t hat came down from the ceiling, the same hole where my food came down if there where any leftovers afterdinner. My toilet is a bucket in the corner with a Plastic chair over it woh a hole in the middle. They did bad things to me down there. My brother raped me so many times I'm used to just laying there and letting him do what he wants to do. My mum on the other hand. Well, where do I start? Once she made me drink a mixture of things I don't think I should drink. She makes me do stuff to her you don't want to know. One time she had left a rope down here and I tried to hang myself from the ceiling. She walked down on me just after I jumped. She left me there, just smiling. She then gently pulls me down like she was going to regret it. She had no choice but to call 999, I had stopped breathing. She said that I was playing around with her when I slipped and fell over and hurt my neck to the police and hospital. I tried to escape during the hospital stay, I thought I was going to make it when I collapsed to the floor and started having a fit.  I was in hospital for a week after that . then I got discharged. I went back to the basement, but this time I took something sharpe with me. 

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