Run Away Saviour

This is a story about a girl named Holly Foley who lives with her abuse mum and brother. Her dad died in a skiing accident when se was 12. She hated her life. At school she got bullied because of a scar on her neck. She finally runs away and runs into a charming young lad during the run.


3. The run

I kept on running and running as long as my legs could carry me. I saw a group of people round about my age, I decided to stop and ask them where I was. But then as I got closer I realised that they were five boys and I didn't want to stop just in case they hurt me. I got closer and closer to them and I looked at there faces and they were really of hem asked of I was okay, but I ignored him. As I tried to run past them a blonde one grabbed me round the waist and forced me to stop "let me go!!" I screamed, I was kicking and punching the air trying to get away. "What's wrong?" Asked the blonde one, in the lost adorable Irish accent I have ever heard, which calmed me down a bit, " I need to get away from this street, I need to get away from someone" I said crying uncontrollably " don't worry your with us now, nothing will happen to you" . I started to hear sirens in the distance and then cried so loudly I hurt my throat. "What have you done?" Asked one of he boys, I didn't reply as all I heard where sirens and questions and I felt so dizzy. I fell to the ground and everything went dark.  

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