Run Away Saviour

This is a story about a girl named Holly Foley who lives with her abuse mum and brother. Her dad died in a skiing accident when se was 12. She hated her life. At school she got bullied because of a scar on her neck. She finally runs away and runs into a charming young lad during the run.


2. The get out

I heard my brother walking down the stairs, I gripped the scapol in my hand as he walked through The door "hey babe, take your pants off, now!" He asked "no" I say, kind of in a whisper but loud enough for him to walk over to me and yank my hair "why did you just say to me you price of scum?!" He screamed in my ear " I said No!" I grabed the knife out from under the blanket and put it in his shoulder  He gave out a sort of dog howl, I knew mum, no, Jamie would be down any minuet. I took the scapol out of his shoulder  and whispered "if you move, I will kill her" .  He stood up, asif he is just about to charge at me, but he fell back against the wall and passed out, he was loosing a lot of blood. I could here Jamie coming down the stairs. Calling for Damen . I leaned against the wall just next to the door, Jamie walked straight into he room and ran to Damen, I walked behind her and stuck the knife in her back. She fell next to Damen and they were both out cold. I ran. I ran straight out he house and into the street, I ran left. I didn't care where I was going, all I cared about was getting away from them beasts. 

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