Run Away Saviour

This is a story about a girl named Holly Foley who lives with her abuse mum and brother. Her dad died in a skiing accident when se was 12. She hated her life. At school she got bullied because of a scar on her neck. She finally runs away and runs into a charming young lad during the run.


4. Struggle

I woke up in the blonde ones arm. I struggle and he almost dropped me, but he didn't "whoa, someone's awake!" Cried the blonde one "where am I? Who are you ? Who are they? Am I away from Masefield road? " I say panicking, I can't breathe, i jump out his arms. I fell to the ground and  I felt to arms wrap around me and say "shhh calm down, you are safe an that's all that matters at the moment" said another boys who hasn't spoken to me yet, he had black hair and he was quite attractive. I manage to rip out of his arms and fall to the floor "please leave me alone, I just want to die!!" I snapped, I felt rude, but I couldn't  go on. " you what?" Asked a brown haired boy, hovering over me. He picked me up like a bride and looked at me straight in the eyes. His eyes where beautiful, perfectly green and his smile was so cheeky. "I just want to die, my life is one big black hole"I screamed, I just wanted to go to my dad. He started walking and for some strange reason I fell asleep, not knowing where I was going or who these people where.

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