Stay Together & Here Comes Forever

Austin needed time to think now he's coming back to Ally but will Trish make him think Ally doesn't love him anymore


2. Truth & Traders

Adam runs into Austin 

Adam: sorry.. Austin? 

Austin: Adam

Adam: why are you crying?

Austin: Ally doesn't love me anymore 

Adam: who told you that 

Austin: Trish 

Adam: yesterday Ally told me she missed you a lot c'mon we're going back to your house 

Austin: okay 

goes to Austin & Ally's house 

Adam knocks on the door

Trish opens the door 

Adam: let me in there 

Trish: Austin can't come in 

Adam: yes he can its his house 

Austin and Adam walk in 

Austin: Ally! 

Ally runs down stairs 

Ally: Austin! 

They hug 

Adam: Trish I think you need to tell Ally something 

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