Stay Together & Here Comes Forever

Austin needed time to think now he's coming back to Ally but will Trish make him think Ally doesn't love him anymore


3. Fights & Fits

Trish: Ally I told Austin you didn't live him anymore because I saw how hurt you were when he left and hated seeing you so sad so I was just trying to protect you 

Ally: I can't believe you! Leave right now! 

Trish: fine! I hate you! 

Ally: I hate you too! 

Trish leaves and slams the door 

Austin: Ally... 

Ally starts crying 

Austin walks over and hugs her 

Abby wakes up and starts crying 

Adam: I got her 

Adam goes upstairs 

Ally: I don't hate her 

Austin: I know you don't she said it first 

Adam walks down with Abby 

Abby: daddy!

Austin: Abby! 

Austin goes over and picks her up 

Adam; Ally I'll go talk to Trish

Adam leaves 

Abby: I missed you 

Austin: I missed you too

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