One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


8. Chapter 8

          “Hello, I have an appointment with Karah Jackson.” I said to a man covered in tattoos. “Karah, your 1 o’clock is here!” The man said. I saw a girl, about my age walk over. She was covered in tattoos but they were all beautifully done. “I’m Karah! And you?” She asked. “Kenzie.” I said smiling. “Well Kenzie what do you want to get today?” She asked. “I want to get ‘Forever In My Heart Z.J.M’ on my forearm.” I said pointing to my ink-free skin. “Give me a couple minutes to get the sketch.” She said. “Ok!” I said sitting in the chair.

          My phone rang, it was Kayla. “Kayla? Is everything ok?” I asked worried. “Well, I have to go to a meeting to do the interior designing for an office building.” She said. “Um, I guess you can bring Savanna here then. You know where the tattoo shop is right?” I asked. “Yep! Got to run Savanna is crying!” She said hanging up.

          After a few minutes Karah came back. “So, is this your first tattoo?” She asked. “Yeah.” I said. “This is gonna hurt like hell you know.” She said laughing. “I’ve given birth; I think I can stand a small tattoo.” I said. “Single mother?” She asked. “Yeah. How did you know?” I asked. “First, I’m a tattoo artist; I read people. Second, I’m a single mother too.” She said. “Really?” I asked as she got the ink ready. “Yeah, his name is Deon. He’s 4.” She said. “I have a little girl named Savanna; she’s only 2 months old though.” I said. “Precious!” She said. “She’s my world.” I said. “Same with Deon. How old are you?” She asked starting the tattoo. “Oh I’m 19!” I said. “I’m 21!” She said. “Kenzie?” A familiar voice said. My head shot up. Zayn.

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