One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


7. Chapter 7

*One Year Later*

           Savanna Rain Malik. She got her father’s last name; it was only fair to him. She was now 2 months old and healthy. Saying she looked like her father was an understatement; she looked EXACTLY like her father, the only difference was that she had a lighter shade of brown hair. There’s one small detail though, Zayn doesn’t know about her. He doesn’t deserve to know about Savanna.

         “What do you mean you’re getting a tattoo?” Kayla asked as I dropped Savanna off at her house. “I’m getting a tattoo.” I said. “Of what? Where?” She asked. “A saying, now I have to go, I have an appointment.” I said. “What saying?” She asked. “It would’ve been my two year anniversary with Zayn today. I wanted to get something.” I said. “Kenz are you stupid?! I thought you were done with him! A tattoo is permanent!” She said. “I- I shouldn’t have to explain!” I said. “It’s your skin.” She shrugged. “Take care of Savanni ok? I have an appointment I’m gonna be late to now.” I said. “She’s gonna have fun with Auntie Kayla! Aren’t we?” She asked the sleeping infant. “Bye!” I said giving Kayla a hug and Savanna a kiss on the forehead. “Bye! Have fun being in pain.” She said. “I’ve gone through labor; I think I’ll be fine.” I said getting in my car.


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