One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


3. Chapter 3

           “Babe, Kenzie! It’s time to get up!” Zayn said tickling me. “Zayn! Stop it!” I squealed. “I made breakfast for you too!” Zayn said. “Aw, thanks babe.” I said giving him a kiss. “Come on then! You don’t want it to get cold!” Zayn said picking me up and carrying me downstairs. I buried my face into the crook of his neck. The table was set up with our breakfast. He set me down on the chair in front of him. “Yum!!” I said. I ate my breakfast and so did Zayn.

           “What time does the party start?” I asked taking a sip of orange juice. “6 o’clock I think, but Jade wanted us to come at 4.” Zayn said. “I haven’t even picked out what I’m gonna wear!” I said getting up and taking our dirty dishes. “You’ll look hot in anything so it doesn’t matter.” Zayn said. I rolled my eyes and began to put the dishes in the dish washer. I felt his arms snake around my waist and he kissed my neck. “Zayn, what are you doing.” I asked melt at his kiss. “I need you.” He said. “Zayn, yesterday was enough.” I said. “Plus, I don’t feel very good.” I said. “Ok babe.” He said kissing my lips. “But I’ll finish the dishes.” He said pulling me away. “You wash, and I dry?” I asked. “Deal!” He said smiling.

            “And we are done!” I said putting the last dish away. “Finally!” Zayn said hugging me. “I have to go take a shower its 12:30!” I said slipping from his grip. “We don’t have to be there till 4 though!” He said as I scurried out of the room. “Exactly!” I said running up the stairs. I went into our bedroom and in the bathroom. I turned on the warm water and stripped off my clothes.

*skipping boring shower*

              I got out and threw on my pink robe. I went to my closet and picked out two dresses that I couldn’t decide on. “Zayn! Can you help me?” I shouted for him to hear. I heard footsteps come up the stairs and into the room. “Yes babe?” He asked. “Which dress should I wear?” I asked holding them up. “Hmm, I have no idea babe. Set them down on the bed, close your eyes, and pick a random one.” He shrugged. I did as he said and picked the black one. “Eh, I think I want to wear the blue one.” I said setting the black one down. Zayn busted into laughter. “What?!” I asked. “You went through all that trouble just to end up picking the other one!” He laughed. “Oh well.” I shrugged. “Now get out so I can change!” I said shooing him out. I got the dress on and curled my hair. “Babe! I got to get ready now!” Zayn said knocking on the door. I walked over and swung the door open. “You look amazing!” He said giving me a kiss. “Thanks babe!” I said. He walked over to the closet and picked out his outfit. “I’ll be taking a shower!” Zayn said walking into the bathroom. “Have fun!” I said laughing.

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