One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


2. Chapter 2

          “Zayn?” I asked. “Yes love?” He asked. “Why do you love me?” I asked playing with his hands. “Depends, how much time do you have?” He asked laughing. I smiled. “Babe, you had me at hello. I knew it was love at first sight. I want to be able to explain why I love you but I can’t explain it. It’s like an addiction I can’t get enough of. I’d have a relapse if I didn’t have you. In fact, I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t have you. I need you. Plain and simple.” He said pecking a kiss on my lips. “God dammit Zayn, you always say the right thing!” I said kissing him. “It’s right because it’s true.” He said.

           We laid there until dusk. “We should get back, yeah?” He asked. I yawned and nodded. “As much as I don’t want to, we should.” I said. He grabbed my hand and led me back through the empty meadow. “Well, this was really fun babe.” I said skipping alongside him. “Yes it was!” He said giving me a kiss. “I am so tired.” I yawned. “Here babe!” He said crouching down for me to get on his back. “No I am not having you carry me all the way back!” I said. “Get on.” He said. “Nope.” I said running away. “I’m gonna get you!” He said, sounding like he was talking to a small child. “No!!!” I screamed, running faster. The car was a little farther so I picked up the speed, jumped in, and locked the door so Zayn couldn’t get in. “Ha ha ha!!!” I said when Zayn got to my door. “Kenz! Let me in!” Zayn said knocking on the door. “No!” I giggled. “Please! It’s dark out!” He said actually scared. I unlocked the door and Zayn jumped in. “Sorry about that babe.” I said giving him a kiss. “It’s ok cause I have you.” He said kissing me. I laughed and rolled my eyes. “Too cheesy?” He asked laughing. “Just a little!” I said patting his cheek.

            “Are you excited for the party Jade is throwing tomorrow?” Zayn asked. “Yes and no. I don’t want to sound like ‘the jealous girlfriend’ but Perrie will be there.” I said. “Babe! Why are you so intimidated by her?” Zayn asked. “She’s gorgeous and talented. Well, I mean more like flawless.” I said crossing my arms. “And you aren’t? Babe, you are perfect! I mean are you kidding??? How could you be jealous of Perrie?!” He asked. “How about we drop the conversation, yeah?” I asked. “Sure thing babe.” He said. “You were amazing today by the way.” He said winking. “Wha- ooohhhhh. Wait, Zayn!” I said smacking his arm. “What it’s true!” He laughed. I shook my head and laughed. “Let’s just get home.” I said.

            “I am exhausted!” I said walking in mine and Zayn’s shared house. “Well babe, it is 11:30 pm.” Zayn said yawning. “I’m gonna go change.” I said walking to the stairs. “Me too!” Zayn said following me up the stairs. “I’m changing first!” I giggled running up the stairs. “Why don’t we just change at the same time?” He asked laughing. “No!” I said. I walked into the room and Zayn grabbed me by my waist. “It’s nothing I haven’t seen babe.” He whispered in my ear. I turned to him. “You better not look!” I said tapping my finger on his nose. “Ok!” He said raising his arms in surrender. I skipped to the closet and picked out my clothes. This usually consists of one of Zayn’s shirts and a pair of my yoga pants. I turned around to make sure he wasn’t looking but he wasn’t. He laughed and turned around. I slid off my shirt and grabbed the one off of the bed. I looked over and saw Zayn staring at me and biting his lip. “Zayn!” I said covering myself. “You’re so beautiful though!” He said. I rolled my eyes and finished getting dressed after I made sure Zayn was not looking. I climbed into bed and snuggled next to Zayn. “Goodnight babe, I love you.” Zayn said placing a kiss on my lips. “Love you too.” I said drifting off to sleep.

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