One More Chance

After losing something so precious, would you try to get it back?


13. Chapter 13

      “What do you say we go out to dinner for our two year anniversary?” He asked grabbing my hand and kissing it. “I’d love to but who will watch Savanna?” I asked. I looked over to the guys and saw them huddled around her. “Never mind! We have that settled!” I laughed. He smiled and led me over to the guys. “Hey guys?” Zayn asked. “Yeah?” They said in unison. “Kenz and I were gonna go out to dinner for our two year anniversary, will you guys watch Savanna?” He asked. “Uh duh! We’d love to!” Harry said.

       I heard Savanna start to get upset and cry. “Uh oh, Savanni! What’s wrong?” Louis asked with a pouty face. “She’s hungry.” I said walking to her bag. I pulled out the bottle and formula and got it set up. Savanna was screaming now. I jogged over and took her from Louis who had a worried look on his face. “Sorry guys!” I said tucking her in my arms. She instantly stopped crying as I rocked her back and forth. “Don’t worry about it, she kind of looks like Niall when he gets hungry too!” Liam said. “Hey!” Niall said crossing his arms over his chest. “Zayn, can you make her formula? I’ll tell you what to do.” I said. “Of course babe!” He said following me into the kitchen.

        “Alright, just put some formula in the bottle, and then add water up to that line!” I said pointing to the pink line. “Alright!” He said getting it ready. “Done!” He said screwing the cap on. “Now, shake it up and put it in the microwave for 45 seconds.” I said. He shook the small pink bottle and then placed it in the microwave. “45 seconds!” He said pressing start. He smiled walked over to me and Savanna who were sitting on the counter.  He bent over and gave Savanna a kiss and tilted my chin up to give me a kiss. I smiled and kissed him back when I heard the sound of a camera go off.

         “I thought you said the sound was off!” I heard Niall whisper. “So-rry!” Louis sassed back. “Niall? Louis?” I asked laughing. “Abort mission! Abort mission!” Niall said. Zayn and I laughed, causing Savanna to set off into giggles. The microwave beeps to signal that the formula was ready. “Ok, take Savanna and I’ll finish it.” I said handing Zayn, Savanna. I pulled the bottle out of the microwave and tested to see if it was too hot. “Perfect!” I smiled and walked over. “Here, I will take her and we can go into the room with the guys.” I said taking Savanna in my arms. “And thank you for the help babe.” I said giving him a kiss.

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